1. C

    Where to go tomorrow 11/23 - New to Seattle area

    Hello everyone! I know this is super last min. I am new to the Seattle area (coming from South Texas). I have my second child on the way soon but have managed to get a last min. hall pass to explore some fishing in the area tomorrow. I am mostly interested in exploring cool areas while...
  2. TheAngler

    WTB Rod rotator/dryer they want to get rid of in the Seattle area?

    I am planning to take a shot at building a rod this week, but I forgot to purchase a rod dryer.... Let me know if anybody has an old one they want to sell. Thanks, Benjamin
  3. T

    Seattle Layover

    I'm in the process of relocating to Washington. Work has me commuting to Seattle every other week. I finally have the opportunity to stay over the weekend and get away from work. I've had the amazing opportunity to fish the sound for cutties on occasion. Now that a have a full day, I'd like to...
  4. Irafly

    West Seattle Garage Sale Update Please see the above thread for an update. Also, please feel free to advertise this to any other groups that you know who might be interested.
  5. Irafly

    FS Fly Tying and Other Stuff West Seattle Garage Sale 2 and Options

    So the inventory was vast and after two days of guys literally walking away with boxes of materials, there was still way too much stuff to lot out, so the family has decided to do the same next weekend. Saturday and Sunday 9:00 AM-3:00 PM See bottom thread link for address. Trust me, there...
  6. Irafly

    West Seattle Garage Sale

    In case you missed it in the classifieds:
  7. Greg Price

    fishing report dead in Seattle times

    I sill get the newspaper. I used to look forward to Thursdays breakfast because I turned to Marks fishing report in the sports section first thing. Now it is gone. sad...
  8. Stonefish

    NFR Seattle Area Landscape Co

    Sorry for the NFR post. Anyone have a referral for a Seattle are landscape company? I have a repair I need done that involves some wall blocks and asphalt. Not a huge job, but one I don't wish to do myself due to the asphalt part. I've called a number of places without much luck. The few that...
  9. mcoomer

    NFR What? Seattle Has A Soccer Team?

    Congratulations to the Seattle Sounders on winning the MLS Cup. I was trying to watch on a Fox feed on the internet from Riyadh and the damn thing froze right before the last penalty kick. When the feed started again the Sounders were running around on the field so I figured something good...
  10. 4sallypat

    Puget Sound & Seattle - Personal Safety Question

    So I'm traveling to Seattle to attend a UW college tour/orientation for my son next week and have a question about personal safety. I have been checking out PS beaches to fish from while I was there and hearing on various review / peer forums that there are druggie / unscrupulous folks causing...
  11. Jmills81

    IF4 Seattle April 7th at Tiny Bigs and Hula Hula

    Boom. Get your tickets for this year's event. Dont be on the outside looking in Here's a little write up of the event via Seattle Times This year's event benefits the Puget...