skagit river

  1. Aussie fly

    Trip Report Skagit River outing

    I continue to dream about catching my first Steelhead so the lure of the Skagit was too much to ignore on Friday afternoon. River levels had been dropping & the day was mild...Perfect! Jumped in the car and drove an hour and a half to Marblemount, geared up and slogged 15 min through the...
  2. _WW_

    The Skagit River to open on Saturday

    See you there.
  3. emily

    Empty handed

    Been fly fishing for a few months now & haven't caught a thing. I go every weekend, get in my kayak or wade. I have fished lakes on Whidbey island (pass, cranberry) & the skagit river. I have been wet fly fishing because I think it's to cold to dry fly and I never see fish surfacing. I have a...