1. J

    FS Speyco Reel

    FS- Speyco Reel Like New Condition 3.75in, Lead Finish, Lines not included $350 Shipped to Lower 48 or Meet in Seattle Please send a PM. Thanks
  2. K

    FS 3wt Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey + SGS Skagit head and OPST Sink Tips

    Up for sale is a 11'3" redington hydrogen trout spey. More or less a new rod, used it for about a month and went back to my 3wt Classic trout. The spey is just too much rod for what I need. Casted it a few times, but haven't actually caught any sizeable trout on it. Comes with a custom 215g 13'...
  3. Aussie fly

    Trip Report Skagit River outing

    I continue to dream about catching my first Steelhead so the lure of the Skagit was too much to ignore on Friday afternoon. River levels had been dropping & the day was mild...Perfect! Jumped in the car and drove an hour and a half to Marblemount, geared up and slogged 15 min through the...
  4. J

    FS Rio Skagit Max Short 300

    Only cast a few times, so basically new. With original spool and box. 40$ shipped in the US. Thx. Jonny
  5. Tim Ihle

    FS/T AF comp Skagit 540 grn

    I would love to trade this line for either a 510 Switch or comp Skagit. My line is in perfect condition wither very little use, it’s just a little too heavy for my likings on my new rod of which a 510 would be perfect.
  6. tyeoneon

    Skagit head system

    I just purchased a Skagit shooting head system from OPST for single handed rods and love it! I just would like to hear your thoughts/ experiences with it! I'm using mine on lakes and rivers, and the shooting head system is the slickest thing on the planet, imho! I have all three sink tips as...
  7. Gregobr

    FS Godshall Integrated Skagit lines

    Both built for a Meiser S2H11179CX-4 rod. Essentially a 11'1” 8 wt switch rod. 1 intermediate 26.6' head integrated line. Head 513 grains. Never used, I stuck with my separate head/shooting line setup. 1 floating head integrated line. Unsure of exact specs, but should be same grain weight...
  8. scifidelity

    FS Airflo Skagit Compact - 600 grain

    $35 New. Includes original plastic zip lock binder sleeve. One of the best shooting heads made, if not the best. Retail was $60. I'll pay shipping to CONUS. Paypal only for shipped, local pickup available in Seattle.
  9. Concrete Angler

    FS AFS 10/11, Skagit 375, Skagit iFlight 600, Wonderline type III long-belly 10wt

    Four lines need to go. The three heads are all brand-new never spooled. The Orvis long-belly was cast, but never stretched (no joy). Shooting Head Rio AFS Spey 640gr/42g 10/11wt 40' F A+ coiled+new+orig box Forrest Green/Straw/Forrest Green Shooting Head Rio...
  10. XP

    WTB 600gr Rio iFlight Skagit Head

    Looking to buy this exact line in Excellent shape to new. PM me if you have one
  11. F

    FS Airflo Skagit Compact Shooting Head 450g NEW

    This line was purchased a couple years ago. It has been in my closet, out of the sunlight, since that day. Asking $40. Will pay shipping to West Coast locations.
  12. Gregobr

    FS Airflo Skagit Compact 540 grain Head

    $30 shipped in conti US. 25 foot length, used but very good condition.
  13. jfilip85

    FS Airflo Skagit 540

    First generation Airflo Skagit 540. I inherited this line but have never fished it. The loops show no signs of use from what I can tell. $25 Shipped
  14. Riversidecountydrive

    FS 270 Skagit scout. Single hand spey

    $30 shipped cont us. Fished once. Basically brand new. 270 grain Skagit scout. Very close to the opst style single hand spey head. Works great.
  15. Riversidecountydrive

    FS 400gr Skagit head

    $30 shipped cont us. As pictured. J36 SA SKGX 400gr . Skagit head
  16. Ame

    WTB Skagit FIST 600

    Looking for a Skagit FIST or Rio iflight 600 grains. If anyone has one laying around let me know.. thanks
  17. Phil Fravel

    FS Or wtt 480 for 450 Airflo Skagit

    I got a buddie who would like to trade a Airflo 480 for a 450 Skagit. Im sure he is also willing to sell the 480.please pm
  18. Southsound

    FS NIB Lines - SA GPX WF6F; SA 360g Integ Scandi Extreme; Rio Powerflex 0.30

    These are still in the box, as purchased at various stores. Scientific Anglers GPX taper WF-6-Floating - $38.50 Scientific Anglers Skagit Extreme @ 360 grains, integrated floating line - $33.50 (NOTE: the listing title is incorrect - this line is the Skagit Extreme, integrated, not the...
  19. Jason Decker


    i saw this on FB and due to the hearing being held Feb 2, we don't have much time to act, please make an effort to help. As this is a call then decision, there is no time for public input or comments so this is the best way (from what i've heard) I have very limited personal knowledge of this...
  20. M

    FS Echo TR2 4113 and Airflo Skagit Scout 330

    Bought this pair for when I had plans to put some hours in trout speying early this year but new plans have been made that won't need a two hander. Had the outfit out no bs one time last fall, paired with 30# mono and a T8 tip I was throwing streamers a ways rather easily. Condition is like...
  21. M

    WTB 360 grain Skagit Scout

    Looking for a 360 grain Skagit Scout for my 51111 Loomis shortspey. Other options considered.
  22. TroutHustle

    Mill Creek Skagit Steelhead Meeting

    I just got back from it. The Department is saying that they only have enough money to live up to the monitoring requirements in the Proposal to NOAA for 14 days. This is to be spread out over 2 months as of now. I believe the Department said they are 110k short of what they would need to pay for...
  23. Bob Triggs

    WDF&W 2018 Skagit Steelhead Meeting

    Just in: WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 January 4, 2018 Contact: Edward Eleazer, (425) 775-1311, ext. 109 WDFW to host public workshops on proposed Skagit Basin steelhead fishery OLYMPIA – The...
  24. MikeyP

    FS Airflow Skagit Switch 480g

    $25 plus shipping.
  25. Phil Fravel

    WTB Airflo 480 skagit

    I got a buddie looking to get a Airflo Skagit 480. Perferably with bag/box and with grain wt and length printed on line. Please pm
  26. J

    WTB SA integrated Spey Lite Skagit 240 grain

    For my 6wt rod. Usually can't overhead cast very often where I fish, so wanted to give this line a try. Just looking for the integrated line version.
  27. fireroad

    FS Airflo Skagit Intermediate heads

    I have for sale the following Airflo Skagit Intermediate heads: 510gr brand new in box - SPF 540gr spooled but never fished - SPF Paypal prefered but not required. Shipping is for lower 48 and not shipping to Canada.
  28. Nathan Weston

    FS Rio Skagit max 525 long

    Lightly used for one season and in like new condition. $38.00 including shipping to Lower 48 and PayPal fees. Thank you
  29. Bob Triggs

    Skagit Spring Steelhead Season, 2018!

    From the Occupy Skagit Facebook page, just now: Occupy Skagit 2 mins · EXTRA! EXTRA! BREAKING HOT NEWS! According to Jim Unsworth, Director of WDFW, we will have a spring steelhead season on the Skagit and Sauk Rivers this spring, Feb 1 - Apr 30, 2018.
  30. jfilip85

    WTB Skagit max or long 525

    Looking for a Rio Skagit max or skagit long 525 gr Thanks
  31. C

    FS Sage Pulse 7114-4 and lines

    $275 firm - Sage Pulse 7114-4. Only used once, perfect condition. $30 firm - Rio Skagit Max Short 500gr. Used once, perfect condition.
  32. sroffe

    Skagit River Flows???

    For you guys that know the Skagit River, I have a observation and question? Noticing yesterday that the river in Concrete was flowing at 100,000/cfs. Looks like it took about 24 hours for that surge to reach Mt Vernon today. Am I reading the graphs right? Does it take that long to see the...
  33. Ame

    FS Skagit short 550,575,600 or 625

    If anyone has either of these laying around let me know.. thank you
  34. Ame

    WTB Rio Skagit max short 550

    New or used let me know if you have one... Thanks
  35. jfilip85

    WTB Skagit max long 600gr

    Looking for a new or lightly used 600gr skagit max long.
  36. Ame

    WTB Rio Skagit max long 550

    Looking for a Rio Skagit max long 550 let me know if anyone has one... Thanks!
  37. hirstjn

    FS Assorted Skagit heads

    Rio Skagit Max 425 (brand new still in box) - $35 shipped Rio Skagit Max 550 (brand new still in box) - SOLD Airflo Skagit Switch 480 (fished twice) - SOLD Airflo Skagit Compact G2 510 (very lightly used) - SOLD Airflo Skagit Compact G2 480 (very lightly used) - SOLD Airflo Skagit Compact...
  38. ChristopherJ

    Skagit River Speyapalooza

    Spey heads and fly fishers of all types are invited to come out to the Howard Miller Steelhead Park on Dec. 2nd from 9am-3pm to rally with others, demo rods and other gear from prominent fly fishing vendors, learn tips and tactics surrounding all things spey related, enjoy fly tying...
  39. coo2

    WTB WTB a 175 or 200 grain Trout Max or OPST Skagit head

    I am interested in buying a 175 or 200 grain Trout Max or OPST Skagit head for my single handed 5 weight bamboo rod.
  40. wstcstbob

    FS Airflo skagit heads

    Hi and thanks for looking. I have four Skagit heads for sale. Price includes shipping (to CONUS) and PayPal fees. 1)Airflo Skagit Scout 360gr. Test cast only and in excellent condition. Comes with Airflo Ziploc and box. Price: SOLD 2)Airflo Skagit Switch V1 360gr. Used and in good shape...
  41. A

    FS [WTT] Airflo Skagit Scout 360 for Airflo Skagit Scout 330gr or OPST 325gr

    Just like the title says. I found the 360 gr Airflo Skagit scout to be a little too heavy for my Echo TR so I'm looking to trade it for a 330gr or a OPST Commando 325gr. Let me know if yall are interested.
  42. Downtown Brown

    WTB Rio Skagit Max Short 350

    Seem to have lost or otherwise misplaced mine - hoping you have one you can part with... PM me if so!
  43. Ame

    WTB Rio Skagit max long 550

    Looking for new or used.. thank you
  44. scifidelity

    FS OPST 275g Commando Skagit Head - $35

    Used twice. Perfect Condition. Shipping included to CONUS. Paypal and shipping only, no local pickup.
  45. Gregobr

    FS Scandi, Skagit heads

    All lines/heads lightly used while learning and dialing in rod setups. Price includes shipping by USPS in continental US Rio Scandi Short 300 grain $32 Airflo Scandi Compact 240 grain $32 Airflo Scandi Compact 480 grain $32 Airflo Skagit Compact float 540 grain $32 Sold OPST Commando 300...
  46. MikeyP

    FS Skagit Heads

    I have three heads for sale that I do not have rods for; 1) Airflow Skagit Compact 510 2) Airflow Skagit Compact 420 3) Skagit Switch 480 $30 Canadian each Plus shipping if required.
  47. KerryS


    Drove over the Skagit this morning. The river is running low and is a beautiful emerald green. Looking more closely at some of my cutthroat spots I know a few fish are there. Might spend more time finding fish than catching them but the lower Skagit is a gorgeous place to spend some time even if...
  48. W

    Video - Seeking Wild Steelhead on the Skagit River

    Matt Wibby here with The Flfyish Journal - based in Bellingham, WA. In collaboration with Trout Unlimited, we just released a fantastic video on Steelhead x The Skagit River. Thought the WFF members would like to see our latest project...
  49. 4sallypat

    Help with Tip ID - 10' floating - light blue - no info ?

    I need help to identify a tip I found in my single hand box. Looks like a tip for a skagit - 10' long - light blue w/ loops - weighs 9 grams - see photo. It tapers short & heavy on one end and light & thin on the other end.... I can't remember if this was a Rio product as I remember buying...
  50. Andrew Shoemaker

    FS Airflo Spey Skagit Compact Line, Frogg Toggs wading jacket, misc tying equip, net

    Airflo Spey Skagit Compact 27ft 630gr line for sale $25 Frogg Toggs Mens Small Cascade wading jacket. $35 White River rubber fishing net $10 Brown paper bag full of misc fly tying equip. Prolly $100+ worth of stuff Selling for $40 If interested in anything PM me