1. Jeremy Floyd

    Good possibility of zero commercial netting in the Skeena this year
  2. S

    FS Skeena River Journal

    I have 3 Copies $35 each plus $ 5 shipping.
  3. rapido101

    FS Patagonia Skeena River Waders MARKDOWN!

    WILL SELL for $275. Shipping not included, sorry no trades. Men's size Medium Regular. In the box and just as new - not a mark on them. My son wore these for about 4 hours - that's it! Too small for him. $300, no trades. Pickup in Gig Harbor, or payment via PayPal and you pay shipping. Girth...
  4. Jeremy Floyd

    First Skeena chrome

  5. Big Tuna

    Skeena Country Help

    My brother and I are taking my dad to Terrace, BC, the last week of September, 2017, to celebrate his 80th birthday. This is a DIY trip. We have access to a truck and a raft. None of us has ever been there before so I'm trying to gather some beta on the area. I'm not looking for anyone's...
  6. HormanOmorman

    Skeena Anyone??

    Fellow fly anglers! I'm driving up to the upper Skeena with a friend on a self-guided trip leaving next Friday, but we've had a few people in the party cancel last minute. I'm looking for up to three people to join us for a week of fishing, based out of Banner Moutainlodge south of Smithers...
  7. morningfog


    Early morning Sustut fog from the jetboat, 9/04.
  8. castinginjunction


    Yellow spey rods show up great in pictures. 9/04.
  9. martins3417a


    Guide Simon holds another beautiful hen, 9/04.
  10. martins37519a


    Girthy Sustut buck caught on a long line, 9/04. Measured at 37.5 x 19.5 inches.
  11. lookout3417d


    Dime bright Sustut hen despite traveling 290 miles from saltwater. 9/04.
  12. union39520


    A massive Sustut buck (39.5 x 20) that refused to stay still for the picture. Oh well.
  13. junction3417


    Classic Sustut hen, 34 inches by 17 and bright. Caught on the Sustut at the junction with the Bear River, 9/04.
  14. fullmoonatdawn


    A 25 degree morning with a full moon. Sustut River, 9/04.
  15. deweys3517b


    Dry fly steelhead on the Sustut, 9/04. 35 x 17 inches; he came completely out of the water to take the skated fly.
  16. dougs3417


    Steve Holt with a beautiful Sustut hen caught on his green butt spey pattern at dusk, 9/04.
  17. deweys3517a


    Dry fly sustut steelhead, 9/04.
  18. conception3718b


    Large (37 x 18) doublestripe Sustut steelhead caught 9/04.
  19. conception3718


    Large Sustut doublestripe steelhead caught on a cerise and purple articulated leech (the "mojo"). 9/04.
  20. boulder3718b


    Big Sustut steelhead that hit three times on the same swing before it finally hooked itself. 9/04.
  21. 3192915


    Beautiful Sustut hen that nailed a black leech in the 319 pool, 9/04. Smallest fish I have seen on the Sustut (29 inches).
  22. boulder3517


    Nice Sustut buck that hit a black leech on a cloudy morning,9/04.
  23. boulder3718


    Nice Sustut doublestripe buck (37 x 18) caught Sept 04.