1. RS

    FS GLoomis IMX Pro 7wt “short spey” rod

    G Loomis IMX Pro 7 wt 11’11” 4pc spey rod. New in plastic, never fished, comes with sock and case. Make me an offer! I bought this for a trip but never ended up using it, and I have too many rods in the closet....check out the reviews of this rod online or the g loomis website for info. The...
  2. retreive

    FS Clearing Brand New Spey Lines (“Old Stock”)

    Ok, Here Is the second bunch of SPEY LINES, which I have amassed during the years of my love of Single Hand and Double Hand fly fishing. Again: pease note, everything you see in boxes is new, untouched and stored for the day that never came :) I have taken shots of a lot containing 4 lines...
  3. D

    FS Sage Z-Axis 6126-4 (two-hand)

    Lightly used in very good condition. No damage, some soiling on the cork. This is a great rod for swinging summer steelhead. Unfortunately, I just don’t have time to use it. Asking $350.
  4. Perry Azevedo

    Switch + Centerpin Rod build. Thoughts?

    TLDR: I’m contemplating the idea of building a Switch rod that would double a Centerpin rod for float fishing. The primary target species are Chinook & Coho. And now for context: I have two, small local rivers that usually get salmon runs each year that I regularly fish. The better runs tend...
  5. dpt

    FS SOLD Lamson Guru HD 3 New

    This is new, never used reel for 7 or 8 weight. Never even had tag taken off. $155 plus shipping.
  6. fishin_magician

    FS FS: G Loomis Short Spey Setup - Rod, Reel, OPST Head & Tips - Ready to Fish

    Rod, loaded reel, and every tip you could want from OPST. This setup has only seen the water once, is in like new condition and super fun to cast. Will consider selling rod or reel with all tips separately. Details below. G Loomis IMX-PRO 51111-4 Redington Grande Reel 5/6/7 with OPST Commando...
  7. Perry Azevedo

    Advice on Swinging for Kings

    I've been trying to hook a Chinook, swinging out on the Columbia River, unsuccessfully so far. Granted, I know that this is not going to be easy. However, since I am also relatively new to spey as well, I was wondering if anyone has some advice. It’s a big river, but I've found a few sections...
  8. treefrog

    FS Winston Spey, BIIMX, 12'3", 7/8 wt, $550

    I have had this for 4 years but it hasn't seen much action, It is in excellent condition. It comes with an Airflo Skagit Compact, 540 gr, 25' head; and, a Rio Switch Chucker, 8 wt, 520 gr, Integrated line. A sort of "do all" line.
  9. treefrog

    FS Scott Spey, T3h, 13'3", 6wt, (1356/4) - $650

    I have fished it a couple of seasons. It is in very good condition. It comes with the following Airflo lines: Rage Compact, 420gr, 29'; Skagit Compact, 420 gr, 23', Scandi Compact, 320gr, 31'. It is 13'6" long. The title is incorrect.
  10. treefrog

    FS Scott Spey, T3h, 7wt, 12'8" (T3h1287/4) - $650

    I have fished it a couple of seasons. It is in very good condition. It comes with an Airflo Rage Compact, 480gr, 30"
  11. I

    FS Rods | Lines | Gear

    Closet clean out time!!! All listed has been used. RODS >Sage Method 6126-4 - 6wt- $650 >Thomas & Thomas DNA TroutSpey 1163-4 - 3wt - $750 >Orvis Recon 103-4 - 3wt - $325 > SOLD - Moonshine Rod Co. The Epiphany 2wt 10’ - $150 LINES >SOLD - OPST Commando Smooth 225gr - $80 >Rio Intouch Rio...
  12. T

    FS Echo Spey rod and Lamson guru

    Echo tr 13 foot 7 weight Spey rod with lamson guru reel and airflo running line an skagit shooting head and 10 foot t14 sink tip, like new bought this year just don’t use it enough. Awesome setup paid 750 new
  13. naaagz_

    Cabela’s Vector two hander?

    Just noticed they have these listed in the “trout spey” sizes for $159, while I don’t need one... it seems like a great deal... has anyone fished one? Or better yet does any one out there own one? Thoughts?
  14. k-roc

    FS Scott T3h 1106-4 Switch Rod

    Excellent condition, 11 foot 6 weight switch rod. Pm me for pics. $450 shipped.
  15. T

    FS Echo Spey rod

    I have a echo tr Spey rod that I bought a month ago from pacific fly, been fished two times and I have another rod I seem to fish more so I’m selling it for 300. It’s perfect condition like new. 13’ 7 weight
  16. Drew Peklo

    FS Burkheimer 8139-3

    For sale used 8139-3 burkheimer spey rod. This rod is a real joy to fish. I however have limited use and time for this rod currently. Will ship free in continental US. $680 Cheers Drew
  17. Perry Azevedo

    Skykomish River Chinook

    Anyone want to go swing for Chinook in the Skykomish this weekend or next?
  18. Perry Azevedo

    Euro nymphing with a trout spey?

    Is anyone euro nymphing with a trout spey? I’d like to start experimenting with euro nymphing and one of the rods many have suggested is the Redington Hydrogen 3110-4. However, I have been eyeing the Hydrogen 3113-4 Trout Spey for some time as I really enjoy fishing with spey. So, what I am...
  19. Perry Azevedo

    Yakima Chinook

    So, they opened the lower Yakima for Chinook on May 18th. https://fortress.wa.gov/dfw/erules/efishrules/erule.jsp?id=2129 With the higher-than-normal flows, I skipped trying to fish the opening and stuck to fishing the lakes this weekend. However, it seems that the flows may be dropping now...
  20. K

    FS 3wt Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey + SGS Skagit head and OPST Sink Tips

    Up for sale is a 11'3" redington hydrogen trout spey. More or less a new rod, used it for about a month and went back to my 3wt Classic trout. The spey is just too much rod for what I need. Casted it a few times, but haven't actually caught any sizeable trout on it. Comes with a custom 215g 13'...
  21. Perry Azevedo

    Salmon Spey multi-line setup…

    This is going to be my first year chasing salmon on spey. I have a Sage One 8136-4 and am currently trying to figure out what line setup(s) I need to prep. My local rivers are: Columbia Rock (Island to Wells Dam) Entiat River Wenatchee River Without getting into what may/may not be open this...
  22. Jonnytutu

    WTB Trout spey

    Hey folks, Looking for a reddington or echo 4 weight trout spey set up.....anyone trying to get rid of one of those? Fin
  23. S

    WTB Sage one trout spey 3110-4

    looking for a Sage 3110-4 one trout spey. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks, Estes
  24. B

    FS WTB Winston Micro Spey 4wt

    Looking to purchase a winston micro spey 4wt
  25. ttas67

    FS Tibor Spey 8-10 Reel

    Tibor Spey 8-10. Excellent condition. No box or case. Comes as pictured. $400 shipped. NO TRADES, NO LOW BALL OFFERS, please.
  26. Perry Azevedo

    Central WA Salmon on the fly

    I just recently moved back to Wenatchee after a decade and a half away. Though I didn’t really get into fishing until I first picked up a fly rod 4 years ago, I do know several local hotspots for the various salmon runs. Trouble is, most all my fishing experience has been trout and bass (though...

    WTB Spey blanks

    Looking for any 7wt spey blank Thks
  28. F

    FS Tibor Spey 8-10 Reel-New

  29. B

    FS FS Orvis Battenkill Spey IV

    New battenkill spey IV 140$ shipped
  30. Mike22

    3/4 or 5/6 Spey, Skagit Head Recommendations

    Looking to mix up my streamer fishing, and I heard that Angler's Roost (ARE) make cheap spey rods for those who are unsure about two-handers. This will be for trout on medium/large rivers, casting 2-3inch sculpzilla type flies. I use 5 and 6 wt single handers on these rivers, but I am not sure...
  31. A

    FS TFO BVK 13’ 7wt Spey

    Selling a very lightly used (2 days on the river) TFO BVK Spey 13’ 7 weight (450-650gr). The BVK Spey series is the newest Spey line from TFO and it’s lightweight, pretty fast in action, and can really huck! I own the 6-8 in this series and the 7 hasn’t gotten enough play. I’d call it a 9.5/10...
  32. Sean West

    FS Winston 8140 BIII TH

    Up for sale is a used Winston 8wt 14' BIII TH Spey rod. It is in good shape. Used it for a season. The blanks are in good shape, a few light scratches from use. The cork is a good shape as well. Most of the filler is still intact. The only blemish is a small indentation from a rod holder when I...
  33. C

    WTB 7wt spey setup

    I got a prince of Wales alaska steelhead trip planned for April and am in the market for a 12'6 or 13' 7wt setup. Budget for rod reel line is around 500
  34. kootenay

    WTB 3/4WT Trout Spey

    Before I pull the trigger on something new, does anyone have a great deal on something used? It's a long shot as I can get a pretty good price on new, but just thought I would ask in case someone was trying to unload some gear for some new gear for themselves. Would be looking for a rod and...
  35. Klickrolf

    FS Couple CND spey rods.

    1st. CND Expert 13' 8/9, 3pc with internal (spigot) ferrules. I've never fished it, a little too soft for me. I bought this rod from a guy named Juro who was pushing CND rods when they first started out. The rod is in as new condition but has a cork edge break-off, see pic. $230 delivered to...
  36. fireroad

    FS 3wt Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey 3113-4 w/warranty card

    For your consideration is a gently used 3113-4 Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey with blank warranty card. Nice medium fast action and very light. I found an Airflo Skagit Scout 270gr to be a great match. Would keep but have two other 3wt trout speys and this one is not getting used. Asking SOLD...
  37. Drewski10

    FS 7wt spey setup Redington Dually 13ft 7wt and Ross CLA 5 with extras

    I have a Redington Dually and Ross CLA #5 reel for sale. I also have some braid backing on the reel, rio slickshooter running line and 500g Rio skagit head with a type 4 or 6 (cant remember) sink tip on it. I used this setup twice since it was a spare. I'm cleaning the house and this needs to go...
  38. Anil

    NEW ECHO SWING PACKAGE DEAL! 6,7, or 8 WT's Spey and Switch

    We are offering a ready to fish Spey or Switch package for $399!! Seriously, all you need to do is string it up and tie on a fly. Everything is BRAND NEW with warranty. Rod tube and sock included. You have the option of choosing 6,7, or 8 wt. configuration. Here's what is included: ECHO...
  39. A

    FS Airflo Delta Spey II 8/9

    Used 1 time, in brand new condition with box. $50 shipped OBO.
  40. Skip Goetz

    FS Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey Fly Rod 11ft 2 wt

    Like New Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey Fly Rod 11 ft 2 wt SOLD shipped
  41. spfd jason

    FS Abel Classic Spey

    Up for sale is this beautiful Abel Classic Spey in ported titanium finish. Purchased from Poppy last fall and fished a hand full of times. One tiny micro-scratch on solid side of reel. Other than that in perfect condition. Running line and shooting head not included. Asking $400 paypalled and...
  42. W

    FS For sale Orvis Spey Rod and Loop Evotec Reel.

    For pictures see: https://yakima.craigslist.org/spo/d/for-sale-orvis-spey-rod-and/6511024871.html For sale Orvis Spey Rod and Loop Evotec Reel. Both are unused, Rod was only taken out of tube to photograph, has never been joined. Reel is cast/not fished, in pouch, it was mounted on various 8W...
  43. T

    FS Sage Spey 7141-4: looking to trade for single handed similar quality Sage?

    Hi, I have a Sage 7141-4, 14'1' spey rod, very lightly used. After a few tries I prefer a traditional single-handed rod. Would anyone be interested in trading for a similar quality, condition Sage 7 or 8 weight rod?
  44. Anil

    Spey and HEAVY Saltwater Rods - G. Loomis and ECHO

    Have a few rods sitting here looking for new homes. Rods are new with the exception of the one noted below. Includes sock and tube. Spey: G. Loomis Stinger GLX - 13' 500 gr. 4 pc. - Retail $875 SALE $450 SOLD ECHO GLASS SPEY - 6124-4 - 12'4" 6wt. 4 pc. - Retail $299.99 SALE $175 SOLD...
  45. Paaka

    FS FS: Patagonia Stormfront, Sage XP, Spey DVD's

    Up for sale: 1) Patagonia Stormfront Waterproof Hip Pack 10L: SOLD - used on one trip and essentially new 2) Sage XP 696-4 9ft 6 inch 6 weight 4 piece (no fighting butt): $375.00 - great condition with minimal soiling on the cork - comes with rod sock but NO rod tube 3) Spey Daze DVD: SOLD...
  46. SalterLee

    FS Airflo and Rio Spey Lines and Tips

    Lines are all lightly used, well cared for with nice loops. Prices are via PayPal and included shipping CONUS and fees. RIO Skagit Max 525 - 32 USD SOLD Airflo Skagit Switch 540 - 32 USD Airflo Skagit Switch 480 - 32 USD SPF Airflo Rage Compact 390 (NIB) - 40 USD SOLD Airflo Skagit Compact 450 -...
  47. SalterLee

    FS Burkheimer 7134-4 Classic Spey Rod

    7 wt 13' 4" rod from Burkie. A true do-it-all-stick. Winter and summer ready. Classic build. Downlocking reelseat. Throws 525 - 540 skagit / 480 - 510 scandi / rage IMHO. This rod is fished, but in good shape. I'd say 7 or 8/10 overall condition. Comes with Burkie sock and tube. Pictures show...
  48. coo2

    FS Redington Dually 8136-4 Spey Rod

    Like new (only been practice cast) Redington Dually 8136-4 Spey Rod. This is a 13’ 6”, 8 weight rod. Line recommendations are available on Redington’s web site. I know it is rated for a 575 +/- 50 grain Skagit head. This rod comes with the original tube and rod sock. No damage or blemishes...
  49. Riversidecountydrive

    FS 270 Skagit scout. Single hand spey

    $30 shipped cont us. Fished once. Basically brand new. 270 grain Skagit scout. Very close to the opst style single hand spey head. Works great.
  50. Aadaboy

    Recommended skykomish river guides?

    Been fishing the river for a few years, picked up spey, love it, but hard to find non-private access to water without crossing tracks or engaging in combat fishing. Looking to go on a guided trip, or find someone to go spey fishing with for steelhead/coho/chinook this next season. Any thoughts...