1. Eroksolfe

    WTB Lamson Guru 2.0 Extra Spool

    Pretty self explanatory. This Forum has peaked my interest in single hand Spey and I already got the line. Now just need the extra Spool to make changeover easy. Only looking for the new version. Thanks!
  2. saltmarshflytyer

    WTB Nautilus reels CCF X2 10/12 Spool

    I'm looking for a used Nautilus reels CCF X2 10/12 spool. Thanks
  3. dekartes

    FS Sage 4560 Carbon Fiber Spools - 50$ each shipped

    I have 2 - 4560 Carbon Fiber spools. These are very rare now. If you need them, jump on this! I stocked up to a ridiculous level and I think 4 years without a line attached means it is time to let them go.
  4. R

    FS Lamson Speedster 3.5 reel + spool

    Selling Lamson speedster 3.5 and spool. Reel was lightly used a few times, looks and functions like new. Some lettering came off the back which is common with these (see pic). I want to keep these together as set. Not interested in trades. Comes with the backing on both the reel and spool and...
  5. Limnos

    WTB Redington Rise 5/6 Black Spool

    Anyone have an extra Redington Rise 5/6 black spool they want to sell for less than retail? I’m looking for one. PM me with the price is you have one you’re willing to sell.
  6. P

    WTB Nautilus XL or XL Max spool

    looking for a spool in black. Thanks
  7. outlaws33

    WTB Hatch 5+ Large Arbor Spool

    Anyone got one laying around they want to part with? Would prefer black, but open to other options.
  8. the_grube

    WTB WTB spool for Sage 4210 reel

    Prefer black but will buy any color if the price is right. I'm in the Roseburg or area.
  9. W

    WTB Nautilus CCF X2 8/10 spool

    Looking for 8/10 spools, ideally in black for Nautilus CCF X2.
  10. Squamishpoacher

    FS Shakespeare spare spool - free!

    I know this is off a Shakespeare but can't recall which one. It's missing the retainer and latch spring mechanism. I'll mail it anywhere for the cost of postage. I'm in Canada at postal code V9P 1A8. The packed weight would be about 5 ounces or 145 grams and 7x5x 2 inches in dimension so use...
  11. joelals

    FS Ross CLA 2 Spool

    Brand new Ross CLA 2 spool-$70. Will ship in original box.
  12. Art Milaca

    WTB Spool for Scientific Anglers Mastery 1011

    Looking for a spare spool for Scientific Anglers Mastery 1011. This is the original not a series 2. Will buy a whole reel if I have to....
  13. T

    FS Sage SP 589-5 with Ross Canyon 1 reel and extra spool

    Here is a custom Sage 8'9" 5 wt with a Ross Canyon 1 reel and spare spool in excellent condition: - entire outfit $400 tyd - rod only $225 - reel and extra spool $225
  14. B

    FS Abel TR3 Fly Reel + Spare Spool

    Abel TR3 Stealth Black(Guide Finish) Fly Reel with spare spool Both are new $525 CAD obo Box, pouches, warranty card and extra clicker wire included Located in Vancouver, B.C.
  15. T

    FS Sage XP 8100-4 & rare Orvis Battenkill Large Arbor IV, spare spool

    Here is a custom Sage XP 8100-4 built to Sage specs with a Sage 4 pc rod case and a rare gold Orvis Battenkill Large Arbor IV reel, plus a matching spare spool. Reel loaded with WF 8wt floating line (I think) and the spare is loaded with shooting line. I can do the XP rod and Sage rod case for...
  16. T

    WTB Wanted- Lamson Litespeed 3.0 spool

    Looking for first generation or hard alox spool for Litespeed size 3.0. Let me know if you have one to part with. Thanks
  17. Mark DiOrio (Mike Melfa)

    FS 50 Years old / New Hardy Princess and Spare Spool Exc. Condition

    50 Years old / New Hardy Princess and Spare Spool Exc. Condition Selling my Oldie But Goodie this 50 year old + ( + plus) Hardy Princess 2 screw line guard fly reel with a New mint Spool. Both Reel and Spool are in their Protective pouch......$285 & $14 shipping from East Coast Priority Mail 3...
  18. yellowlab

    FS Two Galvan Torque 8 + Spare Spool

    Green T8 with backing, no fly line, original neoprene pouch. Lifetime warranty and I'd rate it 9/10. $300 ]164838[/ATTACH]
  19. MikeyP

    FS Winston BIIIX 10' 4wt and Nautilus FWX 3/4 with Spare Spool in Black

    The Winston has 6 trips out on it, and the Nautilus reel is practically new. I have the 9'6" 5wt in the same series, and find I do not use this rod as much as it should be used. It is a great nymphing rod, but it can also cast as well. I had an 3wt Echo Shadow and a Sage One 10' 4wt, and after...
  20. Ryan Janos

    WTB Lamson Radius 3.5 spool black

    Shot in the dark here! Please PM if you've got one. Thanks.
  21. daveontheline

    WTB 3-Tand TF-70 spool

    I'm looking for a 3-Tand TF-70 spool. Would be interested in multiple if available. Silver or black is fine but would prefer black.
  22. Kilmer72

    WTB Lamson arx 3.5 spool

    Looking for a spare spool. Pm me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  23. G

    FS ROSS CLA 5 plus Extra Spool Black

    Reel used in park a few times to test-cast heavier rods/lines... All like new. (bad) pictures will follow if needed. $250 for reel Plus EXTRA spool. Shipping USA .. I think $10 will cover Priority more or less. PM me if you are interested.
  24. J

    FS Mint Hardy Bougle MK IV 4 Inch Spey Reel With Mint Spare Spool

    So these two pieces of fishing tackle have been kicking around in my basement from when I bought them probably 7 years ago. They are both brand new. Never fished. In the boxes. I'm not sure I'll every become the spey fisherman I once dreamed I'd become. Figured they should be offered up to...
  25. Mfish

    FS Waterworks purest 1 Spool

    Lamson Waterworks Purist 1 spool, 100.00 Excellent condition
  26. B

    FS Lamson Speedster 4 Spare Spool

    Lamson Speedster 4 Spare Spool New in box Located in Vancouver, B.C. $120 cad plus shipping
  27. Fishcat57

    WTB Redington Behemoth 9/10 spool

    Looking to buy an extra spare spool or two of the Redington Behemoth 9/10 reel. Any color would be fine.
  28. Slimy Deck

    WTB Ross Momentum 4 LT Spool

    Looking for a spare if you have a spare. Thanks kindly! Slimy
  29. G

    FS Hatch Finatic 4 Plus Large Arbor Spare Spool - Black/Silver

    I have a new Finatic 4 plus large arbor spool for sale. It has been spooled with backing for LHW but never fished. Black/Silver color it comes withbacking shown and its original Hatch neoprene pouch. This is a Generation 1 spool that is fully interchangeable with the newly released Generation...
  30. grady blk

    FS Hardy St John & spare spool

    Back up for sale Excellent condition for its age, Hardy St. John & spare spool Comes with backing only. Not a PayPal guy so asking 350usd, shipping on the buyer
  31. C

    WTB Sage 3100 spare spool or reel

    I am in search of a spare spool for the Sage 3100 reel. I will consider purchasing the spool with reel if the price is right. Thank you.
  32. HamidS4fe

    FS Abel Pt. 5 Spare Spool w/ Backing

    Abel Pt. 5 Spare Spool & Pouch Spooled with Backing /Bimini Loop Excellent condition $150
  33. Bubaka

    FS Ross CLA#5 reel and spare spool

    The reel comes with the box and pouch, the spool with pouch only. The reel has some minor rash on the bottom, otherwise very clean. $230 for both shipped in CONUS. SOLD
  34. N

    FS Charlton 8450c with 5/6 spool and extra 5/6 spool

    For sale is this beautiful Charlton 8450c in excellent condition. This reel doesn't need further intro. Excellent, used condition with only very minor signs of use. Runs smoothly. Both spools are the 5/6 size. No box or papers. $1500 + $50 shipping from Norway. Payment with paypal.
  35. MRKbass

    WTB Lamson series iv spool

    Litespeed Size 1.5 and 2. Let me know what you've got and how much you need for them. Thanks everyone
  36. G

    WTB Alpha III spare spool

    Looking for a spare spool color not important
  37. Squamishpoacher

    FS Spool I think for a Shakespeare Speedex -- FREE

    This spool was in with some stuff I bought. A piece of paper with it said "Speedex". Its 3.5 x 7/8 inches. If you want it it's yours for the cost of postage. I tried to upload a picture of it but I'm not having success.
  38. J

    FS/T Orvis Mirage I Spool

    I have an extra Orvis Mirage I spool. Trade or for sale. Black. Never used. With pouch.
  39. C

    Spare Spool

    I need a Lamson Litespeed 3 Hard Alox spool. Any out there?
  40. jim52

    WTB Sci angler system 2 67 spool , anyone want to sell one ?

    I need of a spool if anyone has one kicking around. Not the 67L. The regular 67. Many thanks. Jim
  41. grady blk

    FS Hardy St John & spare spool

    Excellent condition for its age, Hardy St. John & spare spool Comes with backing only. Not a PayPal guy so asking 350usd, shipping on the buyer Cheers
  42. S

    FS hardy marquis 8/9 spool

    dark face. good cond. 50$ plus actual shipping cost
  43. jfilip85

    WTB Sage 3600D Spool in silver

    Looking for a gently used/like new Sage 3600D silver spool. Thanks
  44. Bob Smith

    WTB Lamson Guru 3.0 spool - 1st Generation

    I'm looking for one or two Lamson Guru 3.0 1st generation spools. The Lamson Guru Series II spools won't work... unfortunately. If you have one you would like to get rid of - please send me a PM. Thanks! Bob
  45. spfd jason

    T WTT Lamson Guru 4 HD and Extra Spool

    I purchased this reel three years ago to put on a spey rod. Decided I like clickers instead so re-purposed for salmon fishing with the 9 wt. It's a little big/heavy for the lightweight rod its on. Looking for a Guru 3.5 or similar Lamson. Open to other brands in this category. Would like reel...
  46. J

    FS Abel No.4/Super 10 with Spare Spool

    Looking to sell a near mint condition Abel No.4 with full cage frame (perfect for mono running lines). The reel comes with two different spools: one regular arbor No.4 spool and one large arbor Super 10 spool. This is a late model reel with both out and incoming clicks and teardrop shaped...
  47. Big Tuna

    FS Marquis Salmon 2 w/ extra spool

    English made, older silver faced Marquis Salmon 2 w/ an extra spool. Excellent shape w/ very strong check. Shows little wear for its age. $250 plus shipping.
  48. J

    FS/T Orvis Mirage I spool

    I have an extra Orvis Mirage I spool. Trade or for sale. Black. Never used. With pouch.
  49. P

    WTB Abel Big Game 4 & 4.5N spool

    Hello, I am looking for Abel Big Game 4 and 4.5N spools. Let me know if you have any available. Thanks!
  50. blt

    WTB Ross CLA 2 spool

    These don't seem to be in stock anywhere anymore. Anybody got an unused one sitting around?