1. Klickitat steelhead

    Klickitat steelhead

    An average 1 salt hen from the lower Klickitat. On the swing, small dark fly, on an intermediate poly leader after working the run with a big pink fly on a sink tip.
  2. webba

    FS Scott S4 9’6” 8wt Sweet Steelhead Rod

    Scott S4 9’6” 8wt. Sweet steelhead rod, used it for a season and decided on a 10’ rod. $350 obo
  3. Loganrogan

    Summer streamers...... while euro nymphing

    I was just doing some more research about euro nymphing techniques and I a few people mention using streamers with a euro nymph setup. I'm curious, how many people have tried this? Have you added it to your arsenal for an effective way to fish with streamers? What are some popular streamers you...
  4. J

    FS 13’ Momentum Osprey Self Bailing Raft

    I have for sale one badass hypalon raft. The raft is an older Momentum 13 footer, self-bailing model. Includes entire NRS frame, with both front and back seats and accessories. Basically the whole enchilada.... If you are looking for your first raft, or want a bomber raft that you can treat...
  5. T

    FS Echo Spey rod and Lamson guru

    Echo tr 13 foot 7 weight Spey rod with lamson guru reel and airflo running line an skagit shooting head and 10 foot t14 sink tip, like new bought this year just don’t use it enough. Awesome setup paid 750 new
  6. Perry Azevedo

    WTB Redington Torrent or older Sage Pulse

    Looking to pick up an 8wt that will work for both a streamer and salt setup. Preferably, I'm thinking an 8wt, though a 7wt could potentially work. Ideally, I’m looking for a Redington Torrent or a Sage Pulse (if the price was right). I would assume that the Torrent will be a little better in...
  7. My lucky fly on the Klickitat

    My lucky fly on the Klickitat

    I went through the run with a little dark fly, because that is the rule when the sun is off the water and the water is clear. Then I put on my lucky fly and, as usual, a fish could not resist it. I call this fly the "pink monstrosity". It's been a long time since I caught a steelhead on the...
  8. New wading shoes

    New wading shoes

    I got these new wading shoes two sizes big to accommodate extra socks for winter wading. Oh, and this wild hen from the Klickitat this morning on the swing.
  9. Lue Taylor

    FS Free Steelhead Flies

    Free Steelhead flies to whoever pays the freight or PU Kent these flies was given to me years ago use some now time to go
  10. TJ Fisher

    Survive the sound

    Survive the sound is open for those that would like to participate!
  11. Bugsy

    FS Steelhead Flies - traditional hairwings

    Here are 74 flies that could use a workout. They've been occupying space in the desk for a year and have never seen water or a fly box. Just basic flies, nothing fancy. Most patterns are recognizable by anyone, some of the "onesies" not so much. A good foundation for a summer/fall working...
  12. liveblues

    Situk Steelhead.. Share trip expenses.. 1-2 mid /late April

    Share trip/ expenses . Situk steelhead trip 1-2 .. 4-6 days.. flexible.. may do halibut one day.. lots of options,, .. good if you can row drift boat. book soon mid /late april departure.. don't hesitate ps i have fished steelhead. situk a few times..
  13. B

    FS Steelhead Flies & Fox Box (Egg Patterns)

    135 professionally tied flies and Fox Box that is pictured. Flies are all new, box is not. $50 shipped.
  14. golfman44

    WTB Steelhead Net

    I'm catching too many fish these days and I'm tired of getting my sleeves wet tailing all these chromers. Looking for a net that is fish friendly. Let me know what you have.
  15. X

    T Salmon Trolling Rod/Reel for Steelhead Float Rod/Reel

    Looking for a straight up trade for my Diawa DXS 9' Downrigger Rod and Okuma line counter reel for a steelhead float rod and reel. Open to a center pin, spinning or baitcaster - as long as it's quality.
  16. solduc

    FS Wild steelhead and Atlantic salmon magazines and bunch of old grays sporting journals

    Box of 20 wild steelhead and salmon magazines and 30 Grays sporting journal late 70's through 90's vintage Lots of good reading $100 Pickup when you're out thus way fishing
  17. Jason Decker


    i saw this on FB and due to the hearing being held Feb 2, we don't have much time to act, please make an effort to help. As this is a call then decision, there is no time for public input or comments so this is the best way (from what i've heard) I have very limited personal knowledge of this...
  18. TroutHustle

    Mill Creek Skagit Steelhead Meeting

    I just got back from it. The Department is saying that they only have enough money to live up to the monitoring requirements in the Proposal to NOAA for 14 days. This is to be spread out over 2 months as of now. I believe the Department said they are 110k short of what they would need to pay for...
  19. Bob Triggs

    WDF&W 2018 Skagit Steelhead Meeting

    Just in: WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 January 4, 2018 Contact: Edward Eleazer, (425) 775-1311, ext. 109 WDFW to host public workshops on proposed Skagit Basin steelhead fishery OLYMPIA – The...
  20. Dave Westburg

    Harry Lemire Steelhead Flies

    Have been having fun filling a box with Harry Lemire steelhead flies. Many years ago I had the chance to watch him tie a full dress Atlantic Salmon fly without a vice. Remarkable. You could fish the entire season with these three Lemire wet flies (one bright, one medium, one dark) and...
  21. L

    FS Bogdan Large Steelhead Reel - Excellent

    For Sale: Bogdan Large Steelhead reel in Arne Mason leather case - This is the largest of the fixed drag, direct drive Bogdan reels. - Frame diameter 3 1/2", Spool width 1 5/32", Weight 6.3 oz., Capacity WF9+150 yds. - Currently set to RHW but can be converted. - Condition is excellent with no...
  22. ScottP

    SBS Smith's Steelhead Streamer

    Another Brooks Blonde variation from Michigan tyer Dick Smith. As with his other streamer, he preferred to tie them unweighted. hook - Dai Riki 700 #4 thread - UTC 140 black tail - bucktail white body - Plastic Canvas yarn silver throat - Flashabou silver wing - squirrel tail mash barb, start...
  23. Dry Fly Dutchman

    FS Frankenstein steelhead intruder and voodoo queen

    It's the time of year to stock the ol' streamer boxes for browns, salmon and steelhead. Some of you already snagged up the last batch of these flies pretty quick! I spent some time on the bench and tied up some voodoo queens and Frankenstein intruders. Tightlines mates $6/fly $60/dozen $6shipping
  24. J

    FS Dry Line Steelhead by Bill McMillan

    Dry Line Steelhead and Other Subjects by Bill McMillan (paperback) in very good condition. No creases, folds, or tears. No pages missing or writing. $80 shipped
  25. Reeltrout


    Gently used fly lines for Sale. Price includes shipping CONUS. Paypal preferred. Rio 550 gr. fully integrated Skagit fly line. Head in very good condition, running line has some discoloration due to use. $45. SOLD Skagit iShort 575 gr. spey shooting head, clear camo/pale orange, new in the...
  26. Jaymill

    Snoqualmie winter Steelhead run this year?

    Does anyone know if there is a winter Steelhead fishery on the Snoqualmie this year?
  27. E

    Walla Walla river stealhead

    Does any one fish the walla walla for stealhead? If so, any tips, tricks or spots?
  28. Dry Fly Dutchman

    FS Frankenstein steelhead intruder

    Steelhead season is upon us and this purple monsterslays. Tied a bunch of these for everyone here on the forum who's chasing unicorns this season. Tied voodoo queen style on OPST IS-51 shanks and gamakatsu octopus size 2 stinger hooks. $6/fly $60/dozen $6 shipping
  29. Dry Fly Dutchman

    FS Frankenstein steelhead intruder

    Steelhead season is upon us and this purple monster slays. Tied a bunch of these for everyone here on the forum who's chasing unicorns this season. Tied voodoo queen style on OPST IS-51 shanks and gamakatsu octopus size 2 stinger hooks. $6/fly or $60/dozen
  30. Matthew LeBret

    Swap Steelhead tubes

    So I'm hosting for the tube fly lovers out there. 9 openings and my self makes 10. These tubes can be weighted, dry, skated, packed with foam, or what ever you think of the only requirement is that you have fished the pattern with success in the past. Flies must be to me before December 1st so...
  31. T

    Trip Report steelhead

    i took my girfriend for her first steelheading trip. this last weekend. met up with some friends. she learned the true dark side of the force, including nymphing and spey casting for the first time. she took to it pretty well and we had a blast. a long 12hr first day with only 1 fish didnt...
  32. BDD

    WDFW seeks input on steelhead fishing guide industry

    This came announcement came in my email inbox today. I really wanted to attend the one meeting the meeting in Lyle but it will be tough getting down there in time after work. I wonder if some live discussion there can be half as heated as some of the wild vs. hatchery, in or out of the water...
  33. K

    FS G. Loomis Stinger

    15' 1" GLX Stinger 700-plus grain 4-piece, new with tag. $535 Paypal. Compare at $975 MSRP.
  34. Jmills81

    Speak up for Idaho Steelhead

    Ladies and Gents The Idaho Fish and Game are proposing to open the CW, Salmon and Snake river basins to Catch and Kill Normally, that's great but this is no normal year. Whilst the run has been upgraded from Apocalyptic to Shitty, Shitty, Shitty.....they need to maintain the C and R rule to...
  35. Seattle Gooner

    FS Orvis H2 8WT (890)

    Selling my 9' eight weight H2 for $325. Great rod for beach salmon and river steelhead. This rod is in excellent condition and shows little signs of use with normal cork wear and minor scratches on the blanks. The rod tube is in perfect shape with a few dings from transport. I will also...
  36. Riversidecountydrive

    FS Salmon / steelhead flies

    Thanks for supporting local fly tiers. For sale is 8 salmon steelhead flies in a couple colors. $25 shipped to your door. Cont. US. Paypal, venmo thanks.
  37. hbmcc

    Reference Catch and Release Impacts on Wild Steelhead [and Trout]

    I don't see the article section anymore, so hope this was posted numerous times since publication last December, 2016. Oh, and not just steelhead--trout is included, along with general salmon impacts. Good reads...
  38. Coug84

    WTB Scandi Lines

    Looking to buy 450 Rio Steelhead Scandi or 450 Airflo Scandi Compact. Let me know how much if you have one for sale. Prefer new or like new condition.
  39. joelals

    FS Closet cleaning Ross Colorado 1, Able TR1, Steelhead Flies . . .

    Labor day cleaning and came across some stuff not getting enough use. I live in the Spokane area if you want to connect face to face. Also looking to buy/trade for a WF 4wt line. Abel TR1 Solid spool, some rim rash. Original pouch and extra spring $Sold Ross Colorado 1 (3-4wt). Reel works...
  40. nomlasder

    Wild Steelhead Coalition Raffle

    Stop by Red's and pick up a couple tickets on your way to the Snake ralley.
  41. francis james hunnycut

    FS Reddington RedFlyII fly reel

    In good condition. 4inch diameter. I would say it would fit nicely on a 7w-10w or on a small switch rod, up to 5w. It's not a fancy reel but it has a decent drag. There's even some backing on there I'll throw in for free. ;) I took the time to set up a paypal account, so that is an option...
  42. nomlasder

    Wild Steelhead Coalition Raffle

    Stop by Red's to get tickets
  43. Joel Henley

    FS GLoomis Steelhead Float Rod STFR 1262 MSRP $345.. selling for $235

    Selling 5 rods. All great almost new. Used a couple times each. GLoomis Steelhead Float Rod- used twice. MSRP $345, Selling for $235 STFR 1262 10'6" Med-Light 6-10 lb 1/4 - 1/2 oz Steelhead anglers on the tributary rivers and stream of the Great Lakes have been fishing with floats for a...
  44. C

    WSU student looking for fishing buddys

    Hello All, Im a current WSU student in Pullman looking for some people in the area that would be up for some fishing this fall. I plan on trying my hand at some steelhead on the Clearwater and the Grande Ronde this fall. Im new to spey fishing and just recently bought my first spey rod. If...
  45. W

    Video - Seeking Wild Steelhead on the Skagit River

    Matt Wibby here with The Flfyish Journal - based in Bellingham, WA. In collaboration with Trout Unlimited, we just released a fantastic video on Steelhead x The Skagit River. Thought the WFF members would like to see our latest project...
  46. Jeff46

    FS Framed Classic Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Flies

    Fly Tier Jan Hale Mollenelli Shasta Trinity Flyfishers Flytier Of The Year 2010 Has studied under John Shewey, Alec Jackson, and others. These are affordable works of art. Some are original designs, some are reproductions of classics. Most are between $40-$60 framed. Beautiful. I own...
  47. Limnos

    Steelhead trout population declines linked with poor survival of young fish in the ocean

    Researchers find declining survival of juvenile steelhead trout in the ocean is strongly coupled with significant declines in populations of wild and hatchery steelhead in the Pacific Northwest...
  48. Anil

    Abel Super 7/8N Chrome Steelhead Finish

    We have a very lightly used, like new Abel reel. It is the Super 7/8N model (7-8wt. reel) in the chrome steelhead finish. Retail on this special reel is $1045, Sale Price is $545! REDUCED: $495! This reel is used, but in EXCELLENT condition. There are no real visible scratches or dings. WE...
  49. liveblues

    Situk Steelhead 1 open seat..

    Looking for 1 .. share trip . expenses, guide, , possible halibut(ocean) trip .. run peaking next 2 weeks. flexible dates not set yet.
  50. Kyle Smith

    Redington Predator 7100 Review and Fishing Report

    The Predator series has long been a favorite of guys looking to chuck big meat at big fish. They first caught my attention with the short bass rods. I never bought one of those, but I've heard they are great from a boat. I got the 890 last summer and really enjoyed it for fall browns. Then I...