1. Ratherbefishin86

    New To Steelhead Fly Fishing

    Hey everyone I'm new to fly fishing and wanted to catch some steelhead soon I have been looking at 5/6/7/8 weight rods but can't decide if this will be exclusively a steelhead rod or use it for multiple species ranging from occasional trout to bass I'm new to fly fishing so take that into...
  2. V

    Steelhead Rod

    hi I have a 9ft 8wt vapen rod was wondering if this is too heavy for a steelhead fly rod, if a 7 weight would be better. Thanks
  3. S

    Everett Herald Steelhead Commentary

    Thought some here might find the following - see save-fish Curt
  4. S

    Steelhead Nymphing Rod? 11ft-ish Switch Or 10ft Singlehander?

    I'm looking to build out my steelhead quiver. I will have a 7wt 7133 Spey for swinging. I also need a long nymphing rod. Was thinking a 10ft Single but thought, why not go for the Switch rod. Something like a Sage One 7wt 11ft(?) switch. Then I have the option of using it to swing smaller...
  5. A.A.

    Favorite Winter Steelhead Egg Pattern

    First off...this is not a bead thread. If your favorite egg pattern is a bead, great. But don't debate it. So...What is your favorite egg pattern for winter steelhead. For me, I'm not a fan of the traditional glo bug. I like those nuke eggs or a homemade loose yarnball with a small bead tied in...
  6. Steelhead

    FS A Dozen Winter Steelhead Flies

    1 dozen winter steelhead flies for 20$ plus free shipping in WA. These flies are all new and fishy. The black one is not new but it has proven fish catching mojo! Just making room in my box and trying to minimalize. Intruders MOAL Winter Hope AQUA OP Fly Exasperator Etc...
  7. SERE Nate

    Christmas Day Steelhead?

    I'm free tomorrow morning until 2pm. I'm going to head out and chase some steelhead. If anyone is interested in joining let me know. I have a pontoon and can float / shuttle, or we can wade. . I'm open to whatever. Thinking about heading to the Skykomish unless someone has a better idea...
  8. Anil

    Opst Fly Tying Demonstration!

    This Saturday the 10th of December, Puget Sound Fly Co. will be hosting a fly tying demonstration by a couple of the guys from OPST! Here is the best part, it is completely FREE!!! Starting at noon and ending at 3pm; you'll get to see some cool new ways to tie flies for steelhead, salmon, and...
  9. R

    Steelhead Tying Classes

    Are there any in the Everett, was area?
  10. R

    Steelhead Pattern Tying Classes

    Are there any tying classes in the Everett,wa area.
  11. Matthew LeBret

    Swap Winter Steelhead Swap

    Kind of sad I have not seen many swaps pop up lately. Few years back I hosted a winter swap and it turned out good. ******FULL****** Stinger, traditional, tubes, weighted, un-weighted all welcome NO BEADS. shoot for single fly with 9 spots (tier ties 8 flies) all stingers, junction tubbing and...
  12. HCHCG

    FS Loop Green Line 14'0" #9/10

    Loop Green Line 14’0” #9/10 (LGL9140-4). Brand new w/o factory tube. Comes w/ protective PVC tube. The Green Line rods have a bit more power than other Loop rods. Great for floating lines and has enough oomph to lift and toss sink tips with a Skagit head. SIC stripper guides. Comes with one tip...
  13. Paul Huffman

    200 Steelhead Killed At Dworshak
  14. freestoneangler

    Steelhead Will Outlive Us

    According to Stephen Hawking's, we bi-peds will only last another 1000 years. This now has me believing the fish of 1000 casts will outlive us. I just love all these great...
  15. T

    Today: Free Showing Of Wild Reverence With Steelhead Update (vancouver)

    TUESDAY: Free Steelhead Film Night in Vancouver! Take this visual journey and learn about Washington's Steelhead fight at the Heathen Brewing Feral Public House on Tuesday night. There will be an update on the Columbia River Steelhead from a fish biologist as well. Free, family friendly and...
  16. dreamonafly

    Winter Steelhead Line Recommendations

    I have an sage z axis 7100 single handed; been using the two handed only the last 5-6 years; really like to get back and exclusively use my single handed and fish for winter steelhead this winter.. Will be fishing most all the s river and all the op rivers.. Looking to swing only.. so what are...
  17. Ramcatt

    SBS Video : Steelhead Muddler

    My variation on a reduced Muddler I tied it with Steelhead in mind... but it will have a place in my trout and bass boxes as well Let me know what you think Thanks
  18. Buzzy

    No Steelhead Fishing Season..........

    Is anyone really surprised? WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 October 18, 2016 Contact: Jeff Korth, 509-754-4624 Ext. 224 Low returns of upper Columbia River steelhead mean no fishing season...
  19. C

    Steelhead Tying Materials

    Hey guys, Im wanting to get into tying my own steelhead flies and I need to get some materials, but before I go to the store I just wanted to get some imput on what are some of the basic steelhead fly materials that are a necessity that I should pick up.
  20. Jeff Dodd

    Garage Sale Steelhead Flies

    A few years ago I went to a fly fisherman's garage sale in Seattle that was advertised on WFF Classifieds. It was a cool sale, lots of stuff and I bought fly tying tools and this fly box, labeled Steelhead #2. The previous owner tied these. He was a commercial airline pilot living in Tacoma...
  21. DirtNap

    Recommendations For Starter Switch Rod For Waking Steelhead Flies

    Newb to steelhead and switch rods, and looking for recommendations on a decent inexpensive new or used switch rod to test the waters using waking and skating flies. From what I've gleaned from the forum so far, an 8wt switch might fit the bill. And will a Sage 1880 8/9wt work as a reel...
  22. GOTY

    WTB Next Cast Steelhead Finder 45s

    Looking for a steelhead finder 45 in both F1 and a 13, weight of 8/9 or 9 works. Thanks
  23. HormanOmorman

    Skeena Anyone??

    Fellow fly anglers! I'm driving up to the upper Skeena with a friend on a self-guided trip leaving next Friday, but we've had a few people in the party cancel last minute. I'm looking for up to three people to join us for a week of fishing, based out of Banner Moutainlodge south of Smithers...
  24. Rob Ast

    FS Get Ready For Steelhead - Scadden Assault

    I have a little used Scadden Assault for sale in time for floating your favorite steelhead rivers. Fiberglass Sawyer oars with a spare break-down oar included. Strap-on Scotty anchor mount. Rear deck cargo net. Included boat bag. Has webbing foot brace installed, but original metal bar is...
  25. ChaseBallard

    Beer, Music, Food, Filson And Wild Steelhead

    Still a few tickets available for Friday's Chuck Ragan show at Filson HQ in Seattle benefiting the Wild Steelhead Coalition. Get 'em before they're gone: General Admission for the show is $25 with doors opening at 8:00 PM. There are also a limited number...
  26. PatrickH

    FS Rainshadow Rx7 Custom Steelhead Salmon Spinning Fishing Rod

    Rainshadow RX7 IST1144F 9'6" mod/fast 10-17 3/8-1 M $240 Rod is fresh off the dryer, never touched water. One of a kind custom build. No other rod on the water looks like this one. Just the parts on this build cost $220. Need the cash to upgrade my equipment is the only reason for selling so...
  27. SUSteelie

    October Steelhead Trip Options

    Hey all, I'm working on putting together a mid-late October Steelhead trip for me and 3 other guys from work. Looking at 2-days guided, spey rod swing only somewhere in WA, OR, NorCal, ID (closer to Seattle the better though). Considering the Lower Deschutes, Klamath and the Grande Ronde. What...
  28. _WW_

    Skagit Steelhead Management Plan

    Has been submitted to the feds!
  29. Anil

    Plan D Boat Box!

    The guys over at Plan D come through with another box that we've received a number of requests for and here it is; The Plan D Boat Box! Both pages and each end come with a row of 14 hooks and slots for your articulated goodies for a grand total of 56 flies! A drying patch rounds out a killer box...
  30. Ben Swaner

    FS Redington Vapen 10' 8wt. W/7-8 Behemoth Reel

    Lightly used Vapen rod and Behemoth reel. Great steelhead/salmon setup. Comes with blank warranty card. Behemoth comes with backing. Line not included. Asking $300
  31. b_illymac

    FS Lot Of Steelhead Spinners

    I don't use them any more. Little cleo spoon. Another spoon. Blue fox. One has a clipped hook. 20 shipped.
  32. Charles Sullivan

    Steelhead Rivers

    I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane and try to list the rivers that I have landed a steelhead on. Here's my list: N.Fork Stilly, Sauk, Skagit, Queets, Samish, Methow, Kispiox, Buckley, Morice, Thompson, Nimpkish. Its remarkable that the Snoho system and no other OP rivers...
  33. S

    Best Steelhead Singlehand Rod Length?

    Hi everyone, I have a nice Winston 13'6" 8wt spey rod and a Winston 9ft 5wt rod. There is some in between ground there and I need a rod to fill it. Specifically when I'm fishing for Steelhead from a pontoon/drift boat, brown trout streamers and anything else I'm missing. With that being...
  34. Creatch'r

    Steelhead Dog

    My new buddy is studying up for the big leagues. Finney.... 9 weeks old.
  35. A

    WTB 10' 7wt for steelhead

    Looking for a 10' 7wt with a warranty. I have a 10'5wt I can trade or just buy outright. Let me know what you have.
  36. DanielOcean

    Columbia fish numbers cut in half?

    Scares me that there will not be a Methow opening this year.
  37. AG

    FS Kast Steelhead Gloves

    Selling these Kast Steelhead Gloves. Waterproof/submersible and breathable. Worn once to unload my boat on an icy morning and that's it. EX+ condition. Size Large. $50. Paypal. PM me. Thanks!

    Were is all the steelhead pictures?

    Your steelhead fishing has been open over a month now in the NW but I see no steelhead pictures. I was hoping to see some monsters
  39. Rialto

    1984-85 Washington & 1984 Oregon Steelhead Catch Records

    I have a collection of Salmon Trout Steelheader magazines dating from 1986 through 2003 that I was going through. The January 1987 issue includes the steelhead catch records for 1984-85 for Washington and 1984 for Oregon that I've scanned and uploaded as PDFs. This is the time I started...
  40. Dog Catcher

    Swinging/Nymphing for Steelhead on the Skykomish

    Floated the Skykomish River yesterday for the first time from High Bridge to Sutton with no luck. With Swung small, darker Steelhead streamer patterns and as we floated we also nymphed with an egg setup. While nymphing, we used a 10ft leader but there looked to be a lot of water that was a lot...
  41. T

    Protect Wenatchee River Public Access by July 1st!

    The effort to protect public access to the Wenatchee River is less than $50,000 from its goal! WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN BY JULY 1ST! If every member of this group donated $20, this access could be preserved. Consider donating and sharing this post! Join the community committed...
  42. B

    Sooo Puget Sound Steelhead open today?

    Well it's the long awaited June 24th. Any announcement on PS river openings? Dave
  43. Wilderness Made

    First Steelhead of the season - Klickitat River

    We hooked into our first Steelhead of the season on a float down the Klickitat a few days ago. Here's a short video of the net. Enjoy.
  44. John Hicks

    FS/T WTT Guided Steelhead Trips for Watermaster

    So, I'm looking for a new or newer watermaster grizzly or kodiak. I am willing to trade a couple guided steelhead trips and some cash depending on condition. I am a licensed Washington State guide, and have a permit to guide inside the Olympic National Park.
  45. Flyfishinwrangler

    WTB your trout or steelhead fly collection

    I have missed out on 2 large collection of fly sales on here. If you for some reason are getting out of flyfishing and looking to sell your trout or steelhead fly collection between say 50 to 200 flies, I would be interested in buying them thank you
  46. S

    FS Fisknat Steelhead Float Tube Net

    For sale is a very gently used Fisknat Steelhead Float Tube net. This is a good-sized net that can easily be carried on your back when wading or used from a float tube or pontoon boat. Longer reach than the standard "hand net" but definitely not too big to carry. It is the best of all worlds...
  47. VanAllen

    FS Fish Art!

    I've created some art over the last few months and have begun selling prints. I'm putting together an order that will be going out to my printing source within the next couple of days. A few folks have made requests through the Art section of the forum or through my blog...
  48. GRonde


    She was born in the rocks and built like a eel.
  49. Steve Buckner

    Article Fly Fishing Steelhead

    Fly Fishing Steelhead Article by Steve Buckner - The Northwest Fly Fisherman Steelhead holding water - A look at the variables. Although we may never understand all of the variables that attract a steelhead to a given section of water, and ultimately what leads to a successful hook-up, the...
  50. Zen Piscator

    Article Steelhead Nymphing Strategies

    Steelhead Nymphing Strategies By Andy Simon and Mike Davidchik Nymphing is a fun and effective way to take steelhead under many different conditions. Knowing how to nymph effectively will open up water to a fisherman that they have never been able to cover before. While we know that mature...