1. Perry Azevedo

    WTB Redington Torrent or older Sage Pulse

    Looking to pick up an 8wt that will work for both a streamer and salt setup. Preferably, I'm thinking an 8wt, though a 7wt could potentially work. Ideally, I’m looking for a Redington Torrent or a Sage Pulse (if the price was right). I would assume that the Torrent will be a little better in...
  2. B

    FS Famous Streamer Flies - Kelly Gallup's and Mike Schmidt's

    Sold - Thank You. These 106 gorgeous (See Photos) Streamer Flies were all personally tied by renowned streamer fly tier and fly fisher Mike Schmidt, Owner of Anglers Choice Flies. For background information on Mike, simply Google “Mike Schmidt Streamer Flies”. When I lived in Northern...
  3. fishingAK14

    Best Streamer Box

    What are your thoughts on which fly box works best for streamers for trout and steelhead? I am tir d of the ones I have and tend to like to be as organized as possible with my flies. Thanks
  4. W

    WTB Used 7 Weight Smallmouth Bass Streamer Line

    I'm looking for a used streamer line for my 7 weight to toss streamers to smallmouth bass. New ones go for over $80, and I just don't want to invest that much in something I'll use once or twice a year. It'll go on a 10' Winston Ibis. Thanks.
  5. ScottP

    SBS Blades' Badger Streamer

    A vintage attractor from William Blades. hook - Mustad 9671 #8 thread - Danville 6/0 black tail - barred woodduck flank body - mylar braid silver throat - calftail white underwing - calftail white wing - badger hackle (4)/barred woodduck flank mash barb, start thread, wrap to bend strip...
  6. Philonius

    FS FREE * Streamer Hooks

    TAKEN! I was cleaning out my tying supplies and decided these were just taking up space. They literally went into the trash, then I had a second thought.... someone else may appreciate them. So out they came, no worse for the experience. It looks like around forty hooks in four different sizes...
  7. ScottP

    SBS Squirrel Tail Streamer

    Found a pic on Pinterest; lots of different ones out there, but thought this was interesting. hook - Mustad 79580 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 red rib - small oval tinsel silver rear body - tinsel silver front body - peacock herl throat - mallard flank hackle - red wing - squirrel tail topping -...
  8. ScottP

    SBS Smith's Steelhead Streamer

    Another Brooks Blonde variation from Michigan tyer Dick Smith. As with his other streamer, he preferred to tie them unweighted. hook - Dai Riki 700 #4 thread - UTC 140 black tail - bucktail white body - Plastic Canvas yarn silver throat - Flashabou silver wing - squirrel tail mash barb, start...
  9. ScottP

    SBS Jensen's Hair Hackle Streamer

    Danish tyer Michael Jensen's seatrout fly. Original had a floss(?) body; changed things up a bit just for something different. hook - Mustad 79580 #6 thread - UTC 140 burnt orange tail - fox squirrel tail rear body - tinsel copper front body - brassie wire copper hackle - fox squirrel tail...
  10. ScottP

    SBS Dick Smith Streamer

    Michigan tyer's take on Joe Brooks Blonde; he preferred to tie it unweighted. hook - Dai Riki 700 #4 thread - Danville flat wax rusty brown tail - bucktail yellow/Flashabou copper body/head - Krystal Flash copper (appears that the original used something like Diamond Braid; DIY version here)...
  11. Dry Fly Dutchman

    FS Frankenstein steelhead intruder

    Steelhead season is upon us and this purple monsterslays. Tied a bunch of these for everyone here on the forum who's chasing unicorns this season. Tied voodoo queen style on OPST IS-51 shanks and gamakatsu octopus size 2 stinger hooks. $6/fly $60/dozen $6 shipping
  12. Dry Fly Dutchman

    FS Frankenstein steelhead intruder

    Steelhead season is upon us and this purple monster slays. Tied a bunch of these for everyone here on the forum who's chasing unicorns this season. Tied voodoo queen style on OPST IS-51 shanks and gamakatsu octopus size 2 stinger hooks. $6/fly or $60/dozen
  13. Ovannoy

    WTB New Rio gold WF6 streamer line

    looking to trade my 6wt line for a 7wt streamer line . If the price is right I would be open to buying a WF7 Streamer line with sink tip .
  14. Mike22

    Fall '17 Streamer Fishing

    Not a lot of actual fish being posted lately, assuming the change of season will resolve that. I've liked these type of threads, easy way to show off fish without writing out a full trip report or making a personal thread. Got out for some meat slinging action this morning, here's a fish...
  15. ColtonDmahnke

    Streamer Eaters

    So I'm a firm believer that if you want big fish, fish big flies. I know that you can catch big trout on small flies but fishing with streamers usually depletes smaller fish. So usually I like to fish Kelly Galloups sex dungeon, and big gulp sculpins. I was curious as to what streamers you...
  16. Mike22

    Fishing streamers in small water

    At this point in the summer I have usually gotten my dry fly fix, especially since I cover a lot of eager cutthroat water. Additionally, I feel that a lot of the better fish have either been fooled by a dry by now or haven't been caught because they would prefer to risk their cover for a bigger...
  17. freestoneangler

    Streamer Set-up

    Most of my streamers are cone head, heavy wire #2, #4, and #6 hooks with 0.020 lead weight over 1/2 the shank. I use 2X with a loop knot and, depending on water depth, usually use 1-2 pea size split shot just above the tippet blood-knot. I rarely use sinking line or sink-tips - except for late...
  18. SERE Nate

    Streamer fly box

    What do you use? I have some tacky boxes and really like them but don't see one that looks great for streamers I had a plan d and a cliff articulator box that was stolen. Both worked pretty well. I want something small enough that it will fit in a back of my chest harness / vest.
  19. almostacatch

    FS Winston Nexus 9'6" 6wt

    Winston Nexus 9'6" 6wt $300 shipped. This is a hidden gem of a rod. It has been a go to for streamers and beach casting at Omak Lake. It has been always cleaned and well taken care of. I just need to focus my efforts elsewhere now and she should go to someone who will really enjoy her. If you...
  20. 8

    FS 7wt streamer line wanted

    Looking for a sink tip line for my 7WT here in Montana.
  21. SERE Nate

    WTB Streamer rod. Radian?

    I'm looking for a 6 or 7 weight streamer rod. I'm leaning towards the Scott radian, 6 foot without fighting butt, however I'm open to suggestions. Replacing a sage one 6 weight that was stolen.
  22. jim52

    FS Sci Angler Streamer express,wf200s

    thanks for looking , I bought the incorrect line ,, this is for a 6-7 wt rod .. I mistakened it for the coastal express ,, anyway I put it on the reel but never used it .. will take it off and put back in the original packaging.. never been fished 29.95 takes it Includes shipping Jim
  23. Phil Fravel

    FS SA. Streamer Express

    Intermediate WF-250-S 100 feet-30 m. Surface / Clear It says for 7-8 rods I used it on my 6 for pinks 2 years ago Line is like new with around 50 hours on it $35 plus shipping and PP Please pm
  24. Fishcat57

    WTB SA Streamer Express Floating

    Looking for Scientific Angler Streamer Express Floating line in 200gr. Thanks
  25. ScottP

    Pattern Wired Silver Dorothy Streamer

    Another wire-bodied variation on a standard Kiwi pattern; tying sequence is basically the same as the Wired Wooster. hook – Mustad 9671 #4 thread - Danville 6/0 black tail - hackle fibers red body/rib – medium wire silver wing - grizzly hen saddles hackle - grizzly Regards, Scott
  26. ScottP

    SBS Wired Wooster Streamer

    Variation on a Kiwi pattern. Usually tied with a chenille body, the one I found had a red dubbed body with silver rib; this one's a deeper version. hook – Mustad 9671 #4 thread - Danville 6/0 black body/rib – medium wire red wing - ginger saddle throat - ginger hen topping - mallard flank...
  27. Scudley Do Right

    Swap Streamer Swap

    Anybody interested in a streamer swap? I was thinking patterns over 2''. Probably around 10 people would be good. Scud Ron Randall rwbailey Tmik Travis Mac fmunoz reukk
  28. MikeC

    Heading out for SRCs in Seattle later this week.

    It will be my first time trying for SRCs since I've lived in Seattle. Really excited, just wanted to see if anyone wanted to meet up and make friendly introductions. I've already got a few spots in mind so if you were already going to head out shoot me a message, maybe work something out...
  29. chrome/22

    FS SA Streamer Express 250 grain

    Lighty used weight forward full intermediate sink rate line -2.0 ips. $25 OBO Durable beach line, if you manage the running line memory issues in cooler weather you'll enjoy this line. This one casts well on my fast action 6 weight, but is designed for a 7 weight. Used in warmer weather the...
  30. fjay

    FS Airflo Streamer Switch 4 (300 gr)

    Used Airflo Streamer Switch 4 wt (300 gr, integrated running line) - $65 shipped conus ($99 retail) Used 5-6 times, great shape, very clean. I did mark the back of the head with a black sharpie (1-2" thick), no bleeding on the rest of the line. Does not include polyleader/tip--but we can talk...
  31. W

    Old Streamer Patterns

    How many still fish some of the older streamer patterns, such as the Royal Wulff, Royal Coachman, American Coachman and others? If so what do you fish? Dave
  32. Jeff Coria

    FS Rio Intouch Streamer Tip Wf8f/i

    New In box. 65 dollars shipped Conus Link to actual site
  33. Richard E

    FS Rio Outbound, Airflo Forty Plus, Sa Streamer Express, New Lines

    ALL of the lines are new and in the box. The prices include both shipping to the lower 48 and PayPal fees. Cortland 555 Quick Descent 200 grain 30’ tip 4.2 ips, new in box, SOLD Rio Outbound WF5S1, 210 grains, $35 Scientific Anglers Stream Express 30’ Clear tip, 300 grain, $35 Rio...
  34. S

    Small Water & Big Streamers - Rod Recommendation?

    I fish small streams with heavy size 1 bugs at times that I tie for nasty browns. Things with weight that sink like a rock. Need a shorter rod as I'm bushwhacking a lot. Anyone have a really good recommendation for a rod/line setup?
  35. ScottP

    SBS Church's Appetiser Streamer

    A U.K. fish fry pattern. hook - Mustad 9671 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 black tail - mallard flank over orange/green hackle fibers rib - tinsel silver (oval tinsel optional) body - chenille white hackle - orange/green throat - mallard flank wing - marabou white/grey squirrel mash barb...
  36. ScottP

    SBS Dunn's Missionary Streamer

    A vintage Kiwi pattern. hook - Mustad 9671 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 black tail - mallard flank over red hackle fibers rib - oval tinsel silver body - chenille white hackle - red wing - mallard flank throat - mallard flank (not standard but looked cool in a pic I saw so I added it) mash...

    FS Wf6f Galloup Sa Streamer Line

    By Scientific Angler Kelly Galloup wf6f streamer line Good condition fished a few times. Included Airflo poly sinktip sold to Jeff Bandy
  38. ScottP

    SBS Joergensen's Coxy Streamer

    Danish pastry. hook - Mustad 9671 #4 thread - Danville 6/0 black tail - red fox tail body/rib - brassie wire copper underwing - Flashabou copper throat - hen orange wing - red fox tail mash barb/start thread, wrap to bend measure (gap width past bend) a clump of fox tail; tie...
  39. ScottP

    SBS Big Hole Demon Streamer

    A little different look from the nymph version More in line with the Euro sea trout pattern; the aftershaft thorax creates the illusion of bulk and allows the hackle to flow a bit better. hook - Mustad 79580 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 black underbody - non-tox wire .025 tail - hackle tips...
  40. Tacoma Red

    Streamer Flies: Stewart's And Leeman's Lost Flies

    For those of you that like to tie and fish streamer flies.
  41. plaegreid

    Nm Buggin'

    This past weekend was spent just outside of Santa Fe with my in laws. Being that I'm afflicted with the mental illness known as Perhokalastus, I had to go wet a line. As this time of year is the rainy season down there, I figured lakes would be a safety bet, and found lake cochiti on Google...
  42. tinman207

    Good switch for nymphs and streamers!

    I've been really wanting to pick up an intermediate weight switch setup that can go one hand and chuck nymphs, but would also be able to decently handle streamers if I over line it. I've been looking at the Echo SR-4106. Does anyone have thoughts on that rod, or other suggestions?
  43. Mike Ediger

    Dedicated streamer line advice....

    Greetings, I have a 9' 6wt Streamdance GLX HLS and only use it for streamers on lakes and rivers, but in both cases generally from the boat. Until now, I have used a WF floating line, with sink tips. I have since ditched those because I don't like the way it casts and hinges when I throw it...
  44. ancib

    WTB Airflo Streamer max short 200gr

    Looking for an Airflo streamer max short WF6 200 grain sink tip fly line. PM me if you have one. Thanks
  45. Njtroutbum

    The Little Gill Streamer

    The Little Gill Streamer is simply a variation of a well-established technique in tying hair bodied streamers. For this variation I use Superhair and target Bluegill Fry. I have the most success with this pattern on bass in open water. Particularly when there is a large channel between lily pad...
  46. Njtroutbum

    The Swift Streamer

    I began tying the Swift streamer for a gentleman who had a cabin along Swift Lake on the south side of Mt St Helen's in western Washington. He wanted something to fish for the Dolly's that were often found at the top of the lake, where it was fed by the East Fork of the Lewis River. The spin...
  47. S

    FS REDUCED! SA Mastery Textured GPX and Mastery Textured Streamer Express WF-6 NIB

    For sale are two brand new, in box fly lines from Scientific Anglers. Both are the Mastery Textured Series for 6wt fly rods. SA Mastery Textured GPX WF-6-F - $40.00 shipped SA Mastery Textured Streamer Express WF-200-S - $40.00 shipped Cash FTF near Bellevue preferred. Money Order is OK...
  48. 2003 Baitfish Fly Swap : zonker streamer

    2003 Baitfish Fly Swap : zonker streamer

  49. 2003 Streamer Swap : streamer 9

    2003 Streamer Swap : streamer 9

  50. streamer 11

    streamer 11

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