1. Eyejuggler

    FS Climbing/Flyfishing stuff for sale.

    Howdy, Just offering up some odd stuff that, with Spring cleaning...we determined to be less than needed. This has also been posted on CascadeClimbers as well. Metolius Quarter Dome haul bag and Pika Mountaineering rigid belay seat, bot in unused condition, but the haul bag was used for rod...
  2. Stonefish

    Weird stuff in fly tying material

    Anyone ever find any odd stuff mixed in their fly tying material? Last night I opened a new package of laser dub and there was part of a fingernail in there. Looked like someone had trimmed their nails and one ended up in the dubbing. SF
  3. Dave Boyle

    Collated stuff

    I’ve been meaning to reply to a few posts and give some replies/reports/observations and so here they are randomly all in one post. Gifts, how’d they work, SRC fishing reports, sippers, prehistoric looking sea lice, new resolutions and random thoughts therein? I just bought my first ever new...
  4. Brennen Busse

    FS Fly Tying Materials-Lot of Stuff

    Evening ~ Please take a close look at the attached pics. I have a ton of fly tying materials inherited from a late relative's Uncle. This gentlemen was an avid at fly tying. My 4 year old daughter leaves me with little time to tie, so I would like someone else to get some use of it the...
  5. Irafly

    FS Fly Tying and Other Stuff West Seattle Garage Sale 2 and Options

    So the inventory was vast and after two days of guys literally walking away with boxes of materials, there was still way too much stuff to lot out, so the family has decided to do the same next weekend. Saturday and Sunday 9:00 AM-3:00 PM See bottom thread link for address. Trust me, there...
  6. Skip Enge

    weird stuff can happen

    I got my first fly rod when I was about 12...It was a no surprise what I had given the era. Dad bought me a 7wt. Eagle Claw glass, which I still have, and of course a Phleuger reel...I used it a bit at lake Merrill. We could actually beat the bank and trail west out of the boat ramp area and...
  7. Big Tuna

    FS Misc. Stuff

    Airflo Ridgeline shooting line 30# $25 shipped ELF shooting line 30# $25 shipped Ken Sawada 50# flat beam shooting line $23.00 shipped Black XL REI poly fill vest- like new $40 shipped
  8. Alex MacDonald

    the stuff works!

    tonight's fare: crawfish etouffee with chilled champagne, the "holy trinity" of veggies necessary-diced green bell pepper, diced celery and diced onion courtesy of Packit Gourmet. the veggies all rehydrated exactly as claimed. Here's my recipe-note that it's all done by Mark-I eyeball and no...
  9. Porter

    New stuff

    I put up pics to Sage Salt HD, Sage Foundation, and Redington Crux on the Sage rods thread. Redington has come out with customize your own reel.......
  10. Andrew Shoemaker

    FS Airflo Skagit Compact Spey Line + Misc Fly Tying Stuff

    I have an Airflo Spey Skagit Compact line 27ft 630 grain. Will sell for $30. I also have a bunch of misc fly tying stuffs from when I used to tie. Will sell all that for $30 as well or $50 for everything.
  11. J

    Well That Was Fun, Duck Stuff

  12. CC898

    FS Some Lines And Stuff For Sale.

    Rio Trout Max 250gn new 25.00 offer Rio Switch 5/6 full line floater 350gn, used twice Sold Custom hand net, new rubber bag 125.00 Redington NTiQ 8wt New. No tube, custom sock 200.00 Simms Headwaters backpack, new no tags, 100.00 Redington Chena womens waders, size small, used a few times, great...