1. Nick Clayton

    Seal Skinz Product Testing Report

    With the south sound forecast calling for heavy rains and flood warnings @dustinchromers @bart morrow and I decided to take one for the WFF team and get out on the water and perform some serious product testing on these magical wet wading socks. It was the perfect day for testing due to the...
  2. Stonefish

    Salt and line testing report

    Hit the beach at 4:30 this morning. I was joined by board member DimeBrite shortly after. Not much current, bait or birds but good conditions with a light northerly breeze and a solid marine layer. We saw several larger fish swirl and a few baitfish being chased. Near the botttom of the tide Tim...
  3. freestoneangler

    NFR Private Well Water

    How many of you are on private wells for domestic water and how often do you have it tested?