1. Mike Bacca

    FS TFO 10' 5WT for sale

    Temple Fork Outfitters BVK 10 foot 5 weight rod in excellent condition. With rod sock, no tube, never came with one. $240 insured and shipped in U.S. Has been used for one summer then stored for the last year as I bought a 6 weight same rod. Thanks for looking Mike
  2. greenomics

    FS/T TFO BVK 9' 8wt

    I am editing this post after close inspection of the rod (with pictures). I am categorizing this rod as lightly used (rather than "like new"). There is some minor wear/oxidation to some of the rod guides on the top section. Cork is great shape. I can't find any scratches to the blank. See...
  3. T

    FS TFO Edge 9' 6 Wt Alpha Fly Rod - Brand New $575

    Brand New, in case with sleeve - never been used. This unfished TFO Edge 9' 6wt Gamma Alpha Fly rod. Retails for $855. Selling for $575. Great all around trout rod with a moderate action. 20% lighter than other rods on the market, great for a long day on the water! Received as a gift. Any...
  4. jim52

    FS New tfo axiom 7 wt. ,warranty case .. great rod ,great price

    thanks. I purchased this. New warranty card with a new cabelas case .. the tfo don't normally come with a case . Only reason I'm selling it. Is I picked up a lami glass si...2 pc from a friend. , Anyway. 149.00 9.95 shipping. These rods are tough , rugged cannons ...
  5. Poff

    WTB 3wt fly line

    I'm looking for an inexpensive 3wt fly line. I'd prefer something that would work for euro nymphing, but would consider a standard wf line. By inexpensive, I'm hoping to find a line for around $15
  6. A

    FS TFO BVK 13’ 7wt Spey

    Selling a very lightly used (2 days on the river) TFO BVK Spey 13’ 7 weight (450-650gr). The BVK Spey series is the newest Spey line from TFO and it’s lightweight, pretty fast in action, and can really huck! I own the 6-8 in this series and the 7 hasn’t gotten enough play. I’d call it a 9.5/10...
  7. T

    FS TFO BVK 9' 6wt w/butt

    Includes sock and Cabela's rod tube. $165 shipped to anywhere in USA. Thanks for looking
  8. Richard E

    FS TFO TiCr-X, 8 weight 9 foot 4 piece, new with warranty

    Yep, as the ad notes, I have a TFO TiCr-X 8 weight, 9' 4 piece, new in the bag, with unconditional lifetime warranty paperwork . When I go on trips, I bring at least two of everything "just in case"; this was my backup "just in case" rod that was never needed on a baby tarpon trip to Mexico...
  9. jim52

    FS Tfo rod case. And rod socks

    hello ,,, No longer building rods. Have 4 nice heavy .piped rod socks. For 9 ft 4 piece 24. For all 4. Or 8.00 ea. Includes shipping. Also a tfo triangle rod case for 9 ft 4 piece .. I never used it 23.95 shipped. Many thanks
  10. M

    FS TFO Esox Rod, 300-400gr with case and line

    TFO Esox Rod, has been lawn cast but never fished. TFO Case sold Best Contact [email protected]
  11. S

    FS TFO Clouser 8'9" #7

    8'9" #7 4 pc. TFO Clouser ($125). The first generation Clouser rod. This one has seen some use, but is still solid. Grip soiling, and much of the filler is gone from the cork on the grip. Still way fishable. Price includes shipping in lower 48.
  12. C

    WTB TFO BVK or Equivalent, 9ft 8 or 9wt. For a donation

    Hi All I am looking for a basic bonefish set up to donate to a budding conservationist on a small island. He’s taken to fly fishing rather than netting bonefish and I’d like to help him continue his pursuit of understanding other values for the fish. Let me know what you have. I’m not tax...
  13. M

    FS NEW TFO BVK 890 or 790

    I have two new TFO rods BVK 9'0" in 7 and 8 weight. I lawn cast them several minutes each and they are GREAT- FAST rods. But unfortunately I am looking for something slower (older Winston). Not my casting style, I mam too slow/old :-( . I found BVK similar to NRX perhaps.. Both rods are in...
  14. F

    FS WTB TFO BVK 8wt 10'

    I waant to buy a TFO BVK 8wt 10' Thanks Brock
  15. Woodman60

    FS Scott, Orvis and TFO Rods

    Three rods that I rarely get to fish. Maybe someone else can put them to some good use. SOLD. Scott - G844/5 - 8'4" 5-piece 4 weight - Photos of the following rods are at[email protected]/shares/HF5Mv4 Orvis Trident PM10 - 9 foot, 4-piece 4 weight - In very good...
  16. jim52

    FS New tfo 9 wts , ticrx & clouser

    keeping one for myself Your choice I like either one. Ticrx .. 9 ft 9 wt. clouser 8.9". 9 Wt Both in factory package..with warranty card and sock 139.95. Each That's what I paid... 8.99 shipping
  17. jim52

    FS FS. Tfo ticrx. New 7 wt or 9 wt ,1/2 price

    hello , Have a new. Factory package. Tfo. Ticrx. 9 ft. With warranty card. .. keeping one ,, does not matter which one you want. 139. 9.95. Shipping and PayPal..... the 9 wt I cannot ship till the 14 of December. The 7 wt I have with me. Many thx. Jim
  18. F

    FS WTB TFO BVK 8wt 10'

    I want to buy a TFO BVK 8wt 10' Thanks
  19. BrandonFox

    FS TFO Mangrove 10wt F/S

    I have a great condition Mangrove for sale. Been on 4 trips, casted on 2 trips (stayed in the tube the other two, fishing sucked) Asking $250 shipped.
  20. Richard E

    FS TFO Teeny 8 weight, 9', 4 piece, new in the plastic bag...

    As the ad says, a new with all the paperwork TFO Teeny 9' 8 weight 4 piece. Extremely well made, beautiful olive blank, designed with top components. With a medium fast action rod tending towards fast, TFO says it's a "Fast action travel rod with a strong lower butt section and sensitive tip...
  21. jim52

    FS Fs. New ,warranty tfo ticrx ,choice 8 0r 9

    thanks .. I'm keeping one for myself .. but it doesn't matter which one , So. New with sock and warranty card ... tfo ticrx. 8. Or. 9 Wt 9 ft I own them reasonable 139 each .. plus 9.95 cover shipping and PayPal Hope someone can use one .. thx
  22. BrandonFox

    FS WTB TFO BVK 5wt

    Looking for a 5wt BVK... thanks!
  23. Phil Fravel

    FS TFO 13'3" 8weight

    $150 to your door CONUS. In great shap not a scratch on the blank. Cork shows some use. Pay pal ok with friends and family. Canadians have to cover shipping
  24. F

    FS WTB TFO BVK 10' 8 wt

    I want to buy a TFO BVK 10' 8wt. Let me know what you have. Thanks Flyfishn
  25. jim52

    FS Tfo axiom 5 wt ,new in factory pack ,warranty,9ft...

    Thanks ,, temple fork axion 5 wt .. I bought 2 . Used one this is an extra. Still in wrapper .. rod is a cannon ,, warranty card inside , maybe someone can use it , 135. 9.29 shipping
  26. jim52

    FS Tfo New in package ,axiom 5 wt ..1/2 price

    Thx for looking these rods are cannons 5wt 9 ft , I purchased this last yr along with the 7 wt ... I never used it .. still in the package with the warranty card Tough and well built .. anyway perhaps someone can use it 135 9.95 shipping PayPal works
  27. Reeltrout

    FS TFO BVK 6 wt. 9 ft. 4 pc. Flyrod

    Selling BVK 6 WT fly rod, excellent condition. Very little use. $175 plus $15 shipping CONUS. or local pickup in Kirkland, WA. Bought this as a backup and used only a few times. From the website: BVK Fast Action | Freshwater | Saltwater A finely tuned...
  28. spfd jason

    FS TFO Professional II 9wt

    Up for sale is a Temple Fork Outfitters Lefty Krey Professional II in 9 weight. Rod has been used a handful of times. Light soiling on the cork. Blank is in great shape with no dings or chips. Moderate action. Light in hand. Comes with sock but no tube. Asking $85 includes paypal and shipping...
  29. sbtm

    WTB TFO Deer Creek 11' 4wt Switch

    WTB TFO Deer Creek 11' 4wt Switch.
  30. P

    FS Sage Zaxis 7136, Sage 7119, TFO Switch

    I have a few rods for sale to help fund some new purchases: Sage Zaxis 7136: comes with original rod tube and sock. No warranty card. Good condition. I have fished it quite a bit, but looks in good shape. Minor signs of use on rod and tube, but overall good condition. $325 shipped in US. SOLD...
  31. Poff

    Any experience with the TFO Esox rod?

    Just a short post to see if anyone has used the TFO Esox rod? If so, which one: 300-400 grain wt or 400-500 grain wt? What species were you targeting? Overall impression? Thanks
  32. jim52

    FS Tfo BVK 8wt .used once , my own ,warranty card

    great rod , been used for 2 hrs like new cond ,, See photo with warranty card . I heard so much about these rods and 8 wts are my primary stick .. but I have a Scott and mystic that I just love Although different from the Scott and mystic for 200 less these are an unbelievable value ,...I...
  33. P

    WTB TFO BVK 5,6wt (9') or similar

    Need a backup rod for an upcoming NZ trip. Looking for a TFO BVK 6wt 9', or similar fast action mid-grade rod, ideally under 3.5oz weight. A 5wt might also work depending on the rod/model. Please post with what you have and asking price including any fees/shipping...just FYI, I'm not likely...
  34. Underthesea

    WTB TFO Jim Teeny 9' 4wt.

    WTB TFO Jim Teeny 9' 4wt. 4pc., intend to use it with an OPST 175 commando head to fish SRC. Would consider another saltwater worthy 4wt 9'+ or 3wt 10'.
  35. E

    WTB TFO BVK 9' 8wt

    PM if you have one laying around.
  36. A

    WTB TFO BVK 10' 4wt

    In search for the titled rod. Let me know if you have one you would like to unload!
  37. OceanSunfish

    TFO BVK 4100-4 Insight

    I was pretty happy when I used a TFO BVK #5 out of a drift boat on the Madison a few years ago. It loaded nicely and it was a very good tool. I liked the action...... sort of like my older RPL rods, but different. Any thoughts on the BVK 10' #4? Tip heavy? Clunky? I know the 10's in...
  38. tyafly

    WTB Peak Rotary Vise | TFO BVK 7wt or 8wt

    I'm looking for a used Peak Rotary vise. Midge, Regular or Saltwater jaws are fine. Also looking for a TFO BVK 7 or 8wt. Neither needs to be pristine. As long as they are in sound working order, I'm interested. Send me a PM or post here Thanks
  39. J

    FS Nautilus Reel And TFO Rod

    -Black Nautilus CCF-X2 6/8 reel and spare spool. I think I captured them fine but there are a few normal marks on the edge of the spool and drag knob. Included is an Airflo Super-DRI Tropical Punch 8wt line that's been used once. -TFO 10th Anniversary Special Edition 8wt 9'0" 4pc rod. This is...
  40. J

    FS Loomis 6 wt & TFO 8 wt w/ Redington Reel

    - Loomis Pro 4x 1086-4 FR, 9ft 6wt...... Rod is brand new, never had a reel on it. Just got it back as a replacement from G Loomis on 6/22. Green color. $260. Have sock, tube and shipping tube. TFO Lefty Kreh pro series, 9'6 8wt with fighting butt. Sock and tube included. Combo includes...
  41. spfd jason

    FS TFO Deer Creek Switch 7 wt

    This rod has never been fished. I'm the second owner. The first owner put a tennis racket grip on the upper cork which I removed. Had to add a bit of Pit Paste cork filler but now it looks brand new. Still had the factory plastic on the lower cork when I received it. Not a mark on the blank...
  42. E

    WTB TFO Professional Series II

    Took a spill wading and broke my beloved 5wt. Looking for a replacement 3 or 5wt. Message me with offers.
  43. S

    WTB TFO 691-4 BVK

    Looking to buy a used but good shape BVK 6wt with fighting butt. Also interested in an 8' 3wt BVK.
  44. Abyl

    FS TFO BVK 8wt

    8 wt TFO BVK Fly rod, approximately 5 years old. I have only used the rod a handful of times, and I live in MT now so it probably won't ever see much use in my hands. Shows signs of light use, but in great shape with plenty of life left. Includes rod sock and a used Redington rod tube. Asking...
  45. Matt Roelofs

    FS TFO BVK 890-4

    This has been my backup 8wt for awhile, but a new rod purchase means the BVK has been demoted to back up to the back up, and even though I can imagine a scenario in which I break 2 rods in one trip, I'm going to take my chances and sell this one off to raise funds to cover some other new gear...
  46. Matt Roelofs

    FS Kid's Package -- TFO Bug Launcher + Ross Flystart + Spool + 2 Lines

    My boys are outgrowing the rods and reels I bought them when they first started fishing at age 5 or 6, so on the market they go to raise funds to buy them 'big boy' gear. This combo is a TFO Bug Launcher (7'0" 2-piece 4/5 weight rod) and a Ross Flystart 1 reel with an extra spool. There are two...
  47. P

    WTB 1wt or 2wt rod

    I am looking for a nice, but affordable #1 or #2 rod under 7'6" long. I already have a couple of 7'6" #3s, so I am looking for a true #1 or #2. I'd prefer a #1 TFO Finesse @ 6'9", but open to other options... Things I could consider... Echo Glass Redington CT or butterstick Orvis SuperFine Etc
  48. S

    FS 13' 6/7 TFO Deer Creek Spey

    Rod is in great condition. Never mistreated, never warrantied and never had any fly strikes. Very slight cork soiling. Asking $225 shipped or willing to trade for a 9/10 condition 9' 6wt BVK with the full wells grip and fighting butt OR an 8' 3wt BVK. Thanks for looking...
  49. Richard E

    FS TFO BVK 486-4, as new

    As the ad notes, a TFO BVK 486-4 in the factory rod sock, as new. Never fished. These rods are a bargain at retail of $249.95. TFO rods had an unconditional warranty, and have arguably the best service in the fly fishing industry. This is a great looking, wonderful looking, and awesome...
  50. L

    FS TFO Prism 9/11 Spey Reel with Backing and Running Line

    For Sale: Temple Fork Outfitters TFR Prism 9/11 Spey Reel loaded with 150 yards 30# backing and 50m OPST 50# Pure Skagit Laser Line, all in excellent plus lightly used condition. - Reel is 4.25" diameter, weighs 8.7 oz., capacity ideal for 7/8 weight Spey lines. - Cork disc drag, quick release...