1. Jeremy Floyd

    Good possibility of zero commercial netting in the Skeena this year
  2. L

    What does this mean?

    If you live in E WA what do you see?
  3. Jerry Daschofsky

    Who's going to Red's Rendezvous this weekend?

    I'll be working the Dutch oven booth Friday and Saturday, will also be representing Project Healing Waters. Who else is going?
  4. freestonebound

    Anyone Seen This Ad?

    I get a lot of fly fishing based ads during my travels on youtube. I'm sure we all do. It consumes a lot of us. I am always excited to see women fly fishing, and even more so to see a woman cast a spey. I don't know of anyone who has the attitude that they don't belong. When I saw this ad my...
  5. FlyRod

    NFR Had to say goodbye to my pal this morning

    Well, it was time. Had to say goodbye to my buddy this morning. The buddy that every afternoon would get up on the couch, put his paws up on the back so he could watch out the window and wait for me to get home. Odie the Vizsla was an awesome companion, hunting dog and family member. He was...
  6. camtheflyman

    Job in Alaska this summer

    Hello all, I have officially signed on board a commercial fishing boat with a family friend for the summer! I will be heading to the Kenai Peninsula at the end of May. I will have about 7 or 8 days free before the we start spending our days on the boat working. He is also a religious man and...
  7. Tim Ihle

    Pattern Question: what is this wing material?

    i need some help on this one.
  8. troutnutt

    First time to this lake......

    Heading south to oly area tomorrow. Never fished that lake before.......any suggestions?
  9. Ron McNeal

    How 'bout this 10-day forecast?

    Low 60's on Sunday. Mid 60's on Monday. Sunny. Just enough wind to make the bobber dance a bit. Just pass'n it on..
  10. SilverFly

    Is this wrong?

    To fish a fly rod in a holder next to casting rod running plugs? ;) Wrong or not, its been a couple years since I've gotten out for winter steel so thought I'd post a fishless report. Had an invite to drift a local river with a gear buddy from work. No steelhead for either of us but I did...
  11. Tim Lockhart

    Book Signing This Weekend

    I'll be signing books in the Author's Booth at the Lynnwood Fly Fishing Show, Saturday at 3pm & Sunday at 1:30pm. Lots of copies there or bring your own - I'll sign anything :) Hope to see you there! -Tim Full schedule of events:
  12. T

    I Want This Nurse Heading HHS

    I nominate this nurse to be Secretary of Health and Human Services. Its peak flu season. The CDC is saying the vaccine is less than 20% effective. I ran into a guy I barely know at CostCo. He sneezes into his hand and then wants to shake mine. I fist bumped him and then headed to the bathroom...
  13. T

    Tell me where I should fish this weekend

    Little thrown off as far as where I should fish this time of year. Rookie fly fisherman, and not opposed to some spin casting, and or sinking some worms. I live in Seattle. Willing to drive 2 ish hours. Weather conditions don’t matter to me, except high windows are no bueno. I have a...
  14. D

    Age of this SA System 5 Reel?

    I just bought my first Winston this week and decided to pair it with a SA System 5 reel made by Hardy that I found at a pawn shop for $75. Can anyone tell me more about the production years on these System 5 reels? Searching Google indicates these were introduced in the early '70s and that...
  15. Steelhead

    How Many Steelhead Have You Caught This Season?

    Just wondering.
  16. M

    Fishing the OP this weekend! out...I've got a hall pass from the wife and kids so I'm going to go try my new spey casting skills on a couple OP rivers. Don't have a boat but got lots of passion! I figure I'll try the upper Bogie and any safe looking wadable areas on any of the rivers that I see. I don't have...
  17. F

    NFR This should stir the ol' cake batter.... [almost too "pol***cal" for my tastes...pass the frosting please] ;)
  18. Clint F

    Resident coho this winter looks decent so far

    anyone else seeing the same? I moved back last winter so this is my first winter back in the saltwater game over here. I have been seeing a lot of resident coho in the south sound around key peninsula. hoping to get out tomorrow or next weekend. clint
  19. ceviche

    We Know This is NOT a Steelhead... or "Thank You, Preston!"

    Out of politeness and respect towards some other fly tying/fishing forum located somewhere else in the greater Internet, I will not name names. However, I must ask, how is it that folks east of the Rockies and/or the Mississippi seem to think Rainbows and Steelhead are either different fish or...
  20. Old406Kid

    This One Made Me Smile

  21. napawino (Roger Craft)

    This doesn't sound good. Severe restrictions?
  22. BobA

    Pass Lake... anyone fish this lately?

    I have been driving by Pass lake these past couple of weeks and it seems that some folks have been fishing the lake. I am thinking about it now that the temps are lower. Any reports?
  23. Golden Trout

    Oil Spill - How is this possible?
  24. Jaymill

    Snoqualmie winter Steelhead run this year?

    Does anyone know if there is a winter Steelhead fishery on the Snoqualmie this year?
  25. Jojo

    NFR Funny sign i saw on my walk today.

    At least I thought it was funny. I'm not sure what the Baptists are trying to say here.
  26. IveofIone

    NFR: Sorry I missed this

    Wed Oct 11 was National Fossil Day and I forgot to wish OMJ many happy returns. Hopefully when you are measuring time in geologic terms a day either way won't make a helluva lot of difference. Hope you had a good one Jim. Ive
  27. Old Man

    This site.

    I thought that this was a fly fishing forum. You don't read about anybody fishing any more. It's just NFR threads and bull shit threads. I just get tired of all the crap on here about non fishing. Just because I quit for the year everybody else can go do it. There is more on FacePuke about...
  28. MRKbass

    What model is this sage?

    Would like to find one for my daughter, but don't know what I'm asking for. Thanks for the help Matt
  29. Alosa

    I hope this is false...but I'm worried it's not Is this a slippery slope and a harbinger of things to come?
  30. Skip Enge

    Scott what became of this guy?

    I discovered it in the archives.
  31. GAT

    What's This Fish?

    When he isn't invading neighboring countries or messing with US elections, it appears Putin even fishes shirtless... the guy has a topless thing... (closet nudest?)... I am curious as to what the manner of fish he has on his spinning gear. I have no idea where he caught it so it may be a...
  32. Golden Trout

    This is not a Sci Fi movie preview!

    Did I hear that yet another hurricane (Katia?) was brewing off the coast of Africa to follow Jose? Yea, Hansen's warnings coming true right before our eyes. Incredible stat that FEMA is spending $155,000 a minute on Harvey. The nightmare of Climate Change is becoming a reality as predicted...
  33. tkww

    This almost makes Yeti products look like a bargain
  34. miyawaki

    Is This The Answer To Salmon Pens?

    This showed up on my Facebook feed this morning. Almost too good to be true. Leland.
  35. Shawn West

    First time fishing the Gorge in the evening this year

    The wind gods decided to show mercy on me this weekend. It was the first time this year during my time off that I could fish the Gorge without fighting hurricane winds. I decided to fish a couple of different lakes. I launched at the first lake around 2:15. I decided to throw a 3/0 popper and...
  36. NickTIG

    Quick trip to clacka this morning

    After almost 2 months of waiting I got to pick up my boat this morning! Damn was that wait worth it!
  37. Wilderness Made

    This past weekend i..

    foul hooked a whitefish and thought it was a steelhead. Which is funny because i'm known for hooking into steelhead and saying "that's not a steelhead..." From the words of my older, wiser, calmer, fishing friend "oohh trophy whitefish hooked in the belly.. that'll sure put a bend in your rod"...
  38. Ian Horning

    This fish loves me

    You'd think with all those fish in Pass Lake, this wouldn't happen very often. Last Fall: February: This Summer: Same fish, three separate times. Two different techniques, two different flies (twice the same pattern). She's gained a couple of inches since our first encounter and she's...
  39. dp

    Elliott Bay this weekend - not Flyfishing thread

    The bay opens for 3 days starting tomorrow. the focus will be on kings. the bay has not been open the last 5/6 years due to low runs coming into the Green. Now it is open for 3 days and you keep two kings - even wild kings. They have to come out of the bay - not other marine areas. I'll be...
  40. cutthroat kid

    dont forget how fun this is

    a flip cast that works and drifts 7 feet in pool for a 6 in westlope you can't even see in clear water roll casts that actually go where you intended it to land and drift right around 3 different rocks in 10 feet high sticking that works even at 4 pm with already 10 hours on the...
  41. DukeCB

    My love of this "skinny" river has finally paid off.

    A couple of days ago I wanted to beat the heat by spending the day on a little river catching dinks and exploring farther than I had been before. After 5 miles of hiking I was on the water by 0930 and back to what I love the most...walking the river and fly fishing. I've put about 8 full days on...
  42. Troutnut

    Small-stream westslope cutt movement & activity at this time of year?

    I had an interesting experience yesterday evening (July 31st) fishing a very small stream on the east slope of the Cascades above 3,000 feet. When I was there for the first time eight days earlier, I was catching a pretty little westslope cutt (or five) in every likely-looking pool and pocket...
  43. Bob Triggs

    Dangerous heat wave this week!

    Pay attention to this one!
  44. Lue Taylor

    Where To Fish This Weekend????

    Saturday Morning having coffee trying to figure out where to go? Everything south going on I-5 sucks due to construction, Leech Lake my summer lake has been sucking so should I go give it a try? Sure long way to drive for a few fish to hand. Tied some new flies for Pass Lake bait fish I seen...
  45. Only On A Fly

    Jupiter Florida this week

    Dock Lights, Inlet, Offshore, it all fished really good this week.
  46. G

    Howdy Y'all! Can anyone help me with info on this Rod?

    It looks like a Grizzly/Early Fenwick Blank. Could this be a Factory Fenwick custom build? Any info would be appreciative.
  47. Aadaboy

    What is this fish called???

    Caught a bunch of these on the Methow this weekend. The closer to the Columbia river, the fewer trout and eventually I was only catching these. I cant seem to find out what they are anywhere. They don't seem to have teeth, or much teeth, they have scales, but the upper portion of the fish feels...
  48. Robert Engleheart

    Skeena, this does not bode well I certainly hope this turns out well but it doesn't sound good.
  49. SquatchinSince86

    Ready to engage in political/conservation topics? Please read this first.
  50. A.A.

    NFR How did this explode? Any electricians out there?

    So we came back from vacation Saturday and the plugs weren't working in my boys' bedroom. Then we found this outside the house along their wall. The breaker in the garage was tripped. Did a slug climb in it and explode? Was the plug faulty? Scary. Glad my house didn't burn down.