1. JayB

    Washington vs United States Discussion Thread

    Good ongoing discussion over at Piscatorial Pursuits: Lots of insightful commentary over there. This was one of my favorites: "I may not have been a fan of how it has played...
  2. Evan Burck

    Let's have another "pick on WDFW" thread

    I mean, this could very well be a hatchery fish, which is fine. But I bet 90% of the viewers don't know/care/understand why that detail would matter. I've seen far too many people who think this type of fish handling is perfectly fine for trout catch & release. Additionally, this isn't Bass...
  3. HooverK

    Help with Thread Tension

    Hello, I have wrapped a couple of graphite rods, and am getting ready to epoxy them. I am wondering if I wrapped them too tight, and if so if that can cause any problems. When I tried lighter tension the wraps would unravel with any burnishing, but with the tension I used it was pretty tough to...
  4. Nick Clayton

    2018 Ocean Thread

    Rather than dig up the fantastic thread that we've been using the last couple years I thought I'd start a new thread for 2018 ocean fishing talk. Bottomfish, salmon, albacore, sharks... Whatever... If it happens in the ocean, I love to talk about it and I know many of you do as well! I just...
  5. b_illymac

    NFR 2018 Yard/Garden Thread

    Lots of projects this year- -We are going to get chickens again. Before we do I need to rebuild a run for them. -Rebuild garden area with raised beds -Flower Beds. I really want to establish them and make them easier to maintain -Pruining/Trimming -Side yard shaded pathway -Shade for deck...
  6. F

    FS Pearsall and Logartum Silk Floss and Thread Safe

    FS 24 Spools of Pearsall Silk, 25 Spools of Logartum Silk Floss, 12 Spools of 6/0 Thread, and 6 Spools of Floss. Included is an Oasis Spool Safe. Over $400 of material here if purchased retail. $155
  7. GAT

    The Happy Holidays Thread

  8. MRKbass

    NFR Official Rams thread

    I thought we would make a little place for their fans to console each other after the Hawks smash them on Sunday. So they have some friends, I went ahead and automatically enrolled all their season ticket holders. Their names are listed below... ...
  9. triploidjunkie

    sunrise/sunset thread

    Our state has some rediculously beautiful sunrise and sunsets. Thought I'd start a thread to show em off.
  10. the_grube

    The fly rod and fly line combo thread

    We all know that fly rods and fly lines work together. There's only limited usefulness in chatting about one without mentioning the other. This thread is dedicated to those rod and line combinations you've found that get 'er done. Here's the guidelines: -- specify the fly rod and the fly...
  11. E

    Classic Silk Thread for Projects and Restorations

    I have opened an Etsy shop to sell my excess silk thread. If you are looking for a color that's not there, PM me because I may have a spool or two. Also I have 1-2 spools of the following: Here are some spools of great classic...
  12. Brian in OR.

    How about a Fall Dry Fly thread

    Love the streamer thread but lets not forget about the Dry fly action... Love seeing heads pop up for size 20 BWO...
  13. GOTY

    NFR Official 2022 FIFA World Cup Thread

    We are just 5 years out before the world cup. Some of these 15 year olds that I've been scouting at the local high schools are quite promising. Can't wait.
  14. Ron McNeal

    WTB Uni Thread 8/0 Damsel Blue Thread

    Looking for some of this discontinued color. Have looked & looked with no luck. Surely, there's some out there, gathering dust, somewhere. Happy to pay 2-3X $ for spool (s) with a good amt. of thread still on it....
  15. spfd jason

    One Thread of Hope for "Conservation": DRA update

    This seems to be the first good news we've had in the Conservation sub-forum for some time. At least the struggle gets to move forward. Deschutes River Alliance news.
  16. dp

    Elliott Bay this weekend - not Flyfishing thread

    The bay opens for 3 days starting tomorrow. the focus will be on kings. the bay has not been open the last 5/6 years due to low runs coming into the Green. Now it is open for 3 days and you keep two kings - even wild kings. They have to come out of the bay - not other marine areas. I'll be...
  17. Peach

    Annual Merrill Hex Hatch Thread

    Hello Everyone - I will be camping up at Swift Reservoir this weekend and since I am kind of in the area, I was curious if anyone had some Merrill Lake Hex Hatch reports? Should be about time, but I haven't fished Merrill yet this year and I wasn't sure if the cool Spring and high water had any...
  18. Jeremy Floyd

    Real time fishing thread

    Has it been done? Well here we go! Just anchored up in 24' of water. Finished tying up 25' of leader to a size 14 black with silver rib chironomid. And the action begins!
  19. Steelhead

    Reg Gate Mega Thread

    The new 2017-2018 Fishing Regulations Pamplet has a wild steelhead being held out of the water. They conveniently cropped the tail out of the cover shot but here is the full image: Mary's first steelhead: Update: Within 17 minutes of me posting this thread WDFW removed the original...
  20. Jeremy Floyd

    Dave Boyles trip report thread "fishing without Brian Chan"

    Great read! I recommend you all take a look.. Super well written BC fishing report.
  21. Lue Taylor

    No Mixing Thread Master One

    On my friend suggestion I purchase a 2 oz bottle to give it a try here are my opinion on it. I used on an Bamboo blank piece had to apply several coats to completely cover the threads, dries in an hour or less so it would be great for simple repair jobs, easy clean up with just water that's a...
  22. Jojo

    NFR This is i think my second thread I've ever started since I joined years ago. But i have to ask:

    What is the Soap Lake Girls story? I marked this NFR even though it might actually be fishing related. I have no idea! Though i'm inclined to think not!
  23. C&CRods

    NFR Bigfoot Thread

    I was listening to the "news" on the radio the other day and heard a statistic that made me chuckle. 1 in 8 people living in the north west believe that Bigfoot could be or definitely does live. To add to this, they said 1 in 4 of those believers has claimed to have seen Bigfoot or has seen...
  24. Skip Enge

    Fuseable Thread?

    so Ellen went to a big fabric store...i usually tag along...great scissors there and threads and craft stuff...better than fly shop prices...we all know that deal...Anyway found some clearance thread...this is fuseable...wind and use ase always but when high iron heat is applied for a few...
  25. Jeremy Floyd

    The Karma Thread From Last Fall, The Other Half Of The Story

    This arrived yesterday. It speaks for itself! This is in regards to the day I took off of fishing, to fix a guys boat, on my Steelhead fishing vacation. One hell of a thank you!
  26. b_illymac

    2016 Big Fish Thread

    Take a big fish from 2016 that meant something to you. Post a picture for all to enjoy. Tell a story. Let's keep this positive. If you don't have a picture still tell a good story. I'll start. Before the Park Lake Bash @Matt Paluch and I decided to do some pre-fishing. He is a guide and I'll...
  27. Jeremy Floyd

    The Great Smoker Thread

    There are lots of threads popping up with questions about smokers, recipes etc. Because of this I decided to do a photo journal of a batch that I just did yesterday. I started off with some back ribs. I cleaned them up a bit by trimming any extra fat down to 1/8" or less, and checked that...
  28. Chromer

    Winter Pass Lake Thread

    2 for 4 today. pink worm patterns did the job
  29. Jerry Daschofsky

    Want To Help Another Veteran Fishing Non Profit, Read This Thread

    A 100% medically retired soldier in my PHWFF program started up a non profit. He has had such emotional and physical gains through fishing he started getting any military or veteran out on the water. He decided to start a non profit so he could drum up donations and provide write offs. He's...
  30. Jeremy Floyd

    Garden Thread Final Results

    Floyds Castle private reserve beet wine. 12% of the good stuff! Reason number one to have a garden. We ended up with 40 bottles of wine for $130!
  31. Jeremy Floyd

    Happy Halloween Thread

    Happy Halloween from Lizzycakes and I, from the set of Archer! Best holiday of the year!
  32. Chris Johnson

    NFR World Series Thread

    Ok, Chicago or Cleveland, who are you rooting for?
  33. KerryS

    Ideas For Swimmy's Next Thread

    How about politician you would most like to fish with? Probably get locked in the first page. Politician you would least like to fish with? Locked in the first page also. Super model you would like to fish with? We would be seen as sexist pigs like certain politicians. Post you wish you had...
  34. Bagman

    Dyneema Tying Thread

    I'm trying to find some Dyneema thread, but not having much luck. Anyone got a supplier, they would be willing to share?
  35. Golden Trout

    Thread Never Darkened????

    It seems that my latest purchase of Flexcoat varnish has built in color preserver. This not what anticipated or wanted as I am used to bright orange thread becoming a more pleasing, dull finish. Is there a way to darken this unwanted bright orange without going through a coat of different varnish?
  36. Stonefish

    Motivation For 2017 Thread

    Only 11 months to go.....better get ready. ;) SF
  37. jeff bandy

    NFR Perfection