1. Bromium

    U.S Honeymoon/Fishing road trip

    So after 10 years together myself and my partner Emma are finally tying the knot in Portugal. We decided that because we would be getting our relaxed beach time in portugal that we would go on an epic Fishing trip/road trip in the U.S for the rest of our honeymoon(around 20 days) starting June...
  2. Tmik

    Guided Trip and Fishing Abroad Questions

    Hey Everyone, I am going on my honeymoon in August, and thanks to my awesome fiance, sales skills, and luck, we were able to settle on Slovenia for the destination. On this trip, we will have a full day guided trip going for marble trout and hybrid browns. I will be bringing some of my own...
  3. Irafly

    California Road Trip 1st Week in July

    2 nights in San Fran, 1 night in Monterey or Caramel, 2 nights in Sequoia near Grants, 1 night in Santa Barbara and then a few in Carlsbad. I’m bringing a rod or two, whatever flies I might need, a stripping basket, waders and urgency to catch a fish in California. Any ideas?
  4. 8

    Road trip ideas (MT,WY,ID)

    I Posted a previous thread about a trip in the Wind Rinver Range for the first week of July, however with current snowpack it seems that trip will have to be postponed. My girlfriend and I have June 28th-July 5th off. We’re interested in doing either 2-3 nignt float trip or completing a road...
  5. 8

    Wind River Range Trip

    My girlfriend and I are looking to do a 4 night trip in the Wind River Range. There seems to be so many options out there.. Anyone have any recommendations on a starting point or a particular loop? Were going the first week of July. I'm a little worried with the current Snow pack being at 120%.
  6. liveblues

    Situk Steelhead.. Share trip expenses.. 1-2 mid /late April

    Share trip/ expenses . Situk steelhead trip 1-2 .. 4-6 days.. flexible.. may do halibut one day.. lots of options,, .. good if you can row drift boat. book soon mid /late april departure.. don't hesitate ps i have fished steelhead. situk a few times..
  7. bxboy

    Montana Trip

    A bud and I have a trip planned to SW Montana this July, concentrating on lakes. Possible agenda are Cliff and Wade, Quake, and primarily Hebgen Lake. Any hints or suggestions will be appreciated. Especially pontoon/float tube access on Hebgen. Thanks
  8. Troutlife

    Trip Report Very late New Zealand trip

    My family went to NZ for a few weeks over the summer and I got a chance to go on a tributary of Lake Taupo, one of the few worthwhile fisheries down there during their winter. These fish were moving up to spawn and were stacked thick in the moving water but were very difficult to hook. This is...
  9. Bimini15

    NFR Photo Trip

    No fishing today, but I took the camera for a stroll...
  10. The Duke

    Spring Trip Help

    My annual early October Montana trip is out this year due to the impending birth of my second child whose due date is Oct. 1. I can’t wait for the kid to be here, but am bummed about my annual trip. Currently with a 2 and a half year old, the last time that I fished was in October of 2017...
  11. D

    Split Guide Trip on Yakima River

    Anyone looking for someone to split a trip this week or next week on the Yak? $150 per person If so drop me an email... [email protected]
  12. Kjell S. Rakkenes

    Ten Rivers Trip - father and son on a fly fishing mission

    Here's a first episode of Ten Rivers Trip, a mini series on me and my son exploring fly fishing throughout the short Norwegian fly fishing season. It's has English subs, and I do hope they're ok. The first episode is a celebration of spring and emerging midge Kjell
  13. M

    Another solo trip

    Well....did the 3 hr drive to Forks and fished for 7hrs...then 3 hrs back Monday. Figured it'd be pretty quiet the day after the Superbowl and it was. Didn't endanger any fish....not even a grab. Warm weather though....had to shed the jacket. One interesting thing I noticed was at a section...
  14. cms829

    Trip Report Colorado trip 1/2018

    Had a business/ski trip planned and couldn't head out without my gear. Stayed in Avon and then Edwards and fished the Eagle and Blue rivers. The first morning I only had an hour and a half while my wife was at a meeting. It was 8 degrees and the river was mostly locked up, but I knew there was...
  15. S

    Article RV trip end May 2018 and flyfish information

    Dear flyfish friends, Coming over "the Pond" at the end may/begin June with my wife I will make an RV trip. Visting following rivers, Yellowstone ,Gallatin,Madison,Missouri,Big Horn. Also regarding, the low weight of fly luggage, and to prepair a C6.ful RV. trip for my wife and for me a...
  16. T

    Planning a Back Country Fishing Trip

    Every year about this time I get PMs from WFFers asking for information about finding an outfitter to take them into The Bob Marshall Wilderness or other backcountry places in Montana. I thought maybe others here might be toying with the idea. Q: How much does it cost? A: It depends on a number...
  17. plaegreid

    Sayulita Trip Report

    Hola, amigos! Got into sayulita last night; crashed hard. Took it easy this morning, got some coffee and breakfast, headed to the beach for some swimming. As we were fartin' around in the surf, bait were busting all around. #agoodsign When I finally cramped up, I got outta the water and busted...
  18. Adam Saarinen

    Trip Report First winter coastal seatrout trip & new line test!

    This is the line I bought at the start of the year when I got my Sage X 8wt, it's not a bad line but the bird nesting of the running line is horrible, more ruined casts then good ones, used it a few times on the coast in the spring & a couple times last month on the river, think i'll try & sell...
  19. Lue Taylor

    Santa made a Special trip just for me!!!!!!

    I have been bidding on Ebay for one of these reel for 2 years never winning one. My fishing partner paid Santa to deliver an early present to me in October. A Meisselbach Rainbow fly reel to go with my bamboo rod what a fishing buddy what a friend I am bless YAHOO!!!!!!! Thanks Steve
  20. Skip Enge

    NFR Weekend beach trip

    shots taken of our wanderings
  21. Tracker

    Final Trip of the Season

    With the arrival of a new grandaughter mid October, my fall season is being cut short as spouse is dragging me South, out of Montana, mid Sept for the winter. I'm loading up the little trailer for a couple of days on the water this week to close out my season. Thinking about a day or two on Rock...
  22. james.jimenez

    Father in town 5-11 Sep. trip suggestions??

    What would you do to make your fathers visitation a visitation he like never forget? He's a beginner fly fisher so I will probably do more gear fishing than fly... We plan on fishing everyday. I purposely planned this visit during pink season so he would hook up on fish as easily as possible...
  23. NickTIG

    Quick trip to clacka this morning

    After almost 2 months of waiting I got to pick up my boat this morning! Damn was that wait worth it!
  24. W

    Eastern WA Fly Trip

    Hey all, looking to take a trip across the cascades this weekend and was looking for some recommendations it will be just me and my 4 weight and some barbless flies all catch and release. I was hoping to get on some browns but more then anything I was hoping to get on some classic fly water...
  25. biker_dd

    (SFR) First backpacking trip for a kid-looking for suggestions

    I'm hoping to get my daughter out for her first overnight backpacking adventure this summer. She is 7 yrs old, has plenty of car camping and sleeping in a tent experience. She's done plenty of day hikes and I'm figuring she can handle 3-4 miles one way, with a light pack. I'm looking for...
  26. 4sallypat

    Trip Report SLC Utah: Provo and Weber rivers - Carp, Brown Trout, Mountain Whitefish

    This trip was a short week to attend the University of Utah freshman orientation for my kid in SLC. Got to fish 2 days - Provo and Weber - see pictures below. Day 1: found a fly shop in SLC: Western River Fly Shop - they got me the correct flies for the fish (sowbugs, leeches, worms) for the...
  27. C&CRods

    Trip Report Pike trip (Long arm hero shot light)

    Warning! Not all fly fishing! After the 3 days we had last year, the 3 of us decided to make a 9 day trip this year. Main purpose- to put meat in the freezer. But this trip really let me know that despite all the planning in the world, sometimes shit just doesn't line up. We arrived late Friday...
  28. Dave Westburg

    Leech Lake Trip June 16

    Visited leech lake yesterday. The lake access is still gated but we wheeled our boats in to the launch. Rainy, cold and windy. Took an occasional fish around the deadfalls on small olive damsels and softhackle wet flies. Finally cracked the code with a #12-14 silver march brown and a...
  29. Proud Dad

    Trip Report Successful youth trout fishing trip

    Finally made it back to one of our favorite fishing spots last week and kids had a lot of fun catching & releasing trout. (For those not familiar with it, Dry Run Creek is near Mountain Home, AR and is for youth anglers under 16 years of age and is catch & release only. (single barbless hook)...
  30. D

    Chopaka Trip

    Thinking of fishing Chopaka Thru-Sun. What's the crowds been like? Always afraid I won't get a camping spot even during the week. Fish some lakes in the Okanogon on the holiday weekend, we did ok but we lost fishing time to wind and hot weather.
  31. msteudel

    Trip suggestions: 3day guided float camping down river idaho or montana

    Hi All, A friend of mine is looking to do a 2 or 3 day float down a beautiful river in Idaho or Montana with a guide. They'd like it to be one long trip, not day trips. Any suggestions and guides to go along with those suggestions? Thanks, Mark
  32. GAT

    Finally A Trout Fishing Trip

    One of my best friends and most frequent fishing buddy, John, retired from our workplace two years ago. Unfortunately, due to different physical ailments he was not able to go fishing until yesterday. So, after a two year void, we were finally fishing together on one of our favorite Oregon...
  33. Jeremy Floyd

    Dave Boyles trip report thread "fishing without Brian Chan"

    Great read! I recommend you all take a look.. Super well written BC fishing report.
  34. N


    Driving from Victoria, BC to Los Angeles. Do you have any suggestions regarding the most interesting/scenic route including fishing recommendations. cheers
  35. D

    OP trip in June

    I am spending a week in the OP from June 6 - 12 to fly fish for steelhead and whatever else I can find. I spend a lot of time (probably atleast 50-70 days on water per season) chasing lake erie steelhead (I live in Cleveland) so I'm familiar with most of the techniques (nymphing, indicating...
  36. Shawn West

    First fishing trip of the year

    I had some business with the fly shop in The Dalles. I decided to bring my gear and see if the smallies would play. Considering the water temp would be low, I arrived at the lake with low expectations. The first thing I did was check the water temp. It was a chilly 49 degrees. Armed with a...
  37. cxlumpy

    Fishing trip 4/13 and 4/14

    I'm taking a couple days off next month to get some fishing in. Where would you go? My options right now are the cowlitz or forks. I know for a fact that if i go to the cowlitz there will be a ton of people there but it may be good due it being on a weekday. The peninsula will be definitely a...
  38. surfnsully

    Trip Report Spring Trip 17

    I left to drop my sweet Daisy off in Payette Idaho for 2-3 months of bird training last Saturday. From there I drove east and up into northeast Idaho and took a snapshot of Henry's Lake frozen over. Henry's Lake by surfnsully posted Mar 31, 2017 at 4:07 PM I made it to Ennis that afternoon...
  39. G

    Solo Fly Fishing Road Trip

    Hello Everyone: I've been thinking about a solo fly fishing road trip this coming summer - not sure of the exact dates yet but, I plan on being on the road for about 2 or 3 weeks. I'll start at my home in Seattle, drive through eastern Washington, Idaho, and Montana where I'll turn right and...
  40. msteudel

    Planning a trip in the fall to Dillon, MT

    Hi All, I'm in the beginnings of planning a 4 day trip to Dillon, MT at the end of September. I was planning on exploring the following rivers while I'm down there: * Beverhead * Big hole * Poindexter Slough We usually end up doing 1 or 2 days with a guide and then DIY after that. Questions...
  41. Sir Homey

    Wind River Range, Wy - Trip Planning

    Greetings, I'm planning another run at the Winds and am curious if anyone has intel or feedback they can share. I've done a couple trips already accessing the Winds from the west side (Pinedale) and on foot (backpacking). I'm knowledgeable of the general terrain and conditions. My last trip...
  42. 8

    Idaho Float Trip Ideas?

    Any recommendations on rivers in Idaho for an overnight raft trip? We're looking for something fairly mellow (under class III) and decent fishing. We were hoping To find a river that has a hot spring(s) we could stop at. Located in Montana so we're hoping to do a long weekend this summer.
  43. Gary Thompson

    First Fishing Trip After Surgry

    I had my left shoulder replaced on Jan. 25th. I was back on the creek today and I must say for a man with one and a half arms I feel pretty good about myself. I'm still aways from a double haul, but I taught some trouts a lesson or two.
  44. rwbailey05

    Spring Montana Trip

    Hey Fellas Working on putting together a spring trout trip. Ill be playing guide to my brother and dad. Looks like we will be fishing the Bitterroot, late march or early april. Any suggestions on places to stay or stretches to float? Will be using my 14' AIRE Trib. Thanks for the...
  45. K

    New Zealand Trip

    The wife and I are headed for New Zealand on March 3rd - 29th and I plan to bring along a fly rod. I'm told they don't have particularly large numbers of fish, but they have big ones. Having never been there it will be a new adventure. I will be bringing in minimal equipment because of limited...
  46. Gary Thompson

    First Trip Rf

    It has finally warmed up enough to go fish this year. 01/19/17 I didn't try to get going to early cause of poor road conditions and was driving through Quincy at 0900 with 30 degrees. Foggy and gray with wet pavement all the way to Trout lodge rd. Trout lodge road was a ice rink and just...
  47. Steve Saville

    First Winter Trip This Year.

    My brother and I decided to take a trip to Forks. We've made a few in the past but always when I've gone over, the rivers were blown or the wind has been dangerous but we decided to go anyway. We picked a great day! At breakfast it was 22 degrees, 20 MPH winds. Great! I'm a woos when it...
  48. Alosa

    Trip Report Yellowstone Trip And Eastern Idaho

    It's gettin' a little stale around here, so here's a couple of trip reports from mid October that I've been meaning to post. The first will be my Yellowstone report, the second will be eastern Idaho. 1. Yellowstone (October 14-16). Went to the western region of Yellowstone to fish the...
  49. S

    Last Eastside Trip For 2016

    Spent a couple of days at one of the well known selective gear lakes over the weekend. Camped out and was the only one in the campground, go figure. Friday, the only one on the lake but had the company of the ravens, magpies, geese and numerous other water fowl. Didn't fish long on Friday but...
  50. Skip Enge

    New Years Eve Annual Ludicrous Lake Trip

    There are these 2 older guys, friends since we were 11 or 12...we fly fish...we sort of fly fish every New Years Eve a pay to play matter the weather. 15 years ago we went there fishing conventionally ...caught 3 figures worth C and R a few hours...Since then Jim...