1. KerryS

    Hanging up the waders...

    Floated the Sauk/Skagit from hippie hole to Faber’s yesterday. A beautiful spring day. Seeing everything beginning to turn green reminded me of something I heard Doug Rose say years ago and I paraphrase, when you see that tell tale green twinge on the trees as the buds and new leaves begin to...
  2. M

    Tell me what pontoon set up I should buy

    So i've decided I need to get a pontoon for this upcoming year and I was wondering if you experts could tell me what I should buy. Basically kicking my float tube around in bigger lakes I want to hit sounds a lot less appealing than hooking up a trolling motor to pontoon, and also sounds a lot...
  3. A.A.

    Up close with osprey

    Visited the Eugene Cascades Raptor Center last week. They took out an osprey and I managed a few up close pics. Pretty intense birds! I think we can all relate to the osprey, and we can all agree that they win when it comes to fishing efficiency! That last picture pierces right through your soul!
  4. bart morrow

    Last minute slot on the boat tomorrow 6am meet up

    PM me if anyone wants to fish for fun tomorrow. Leaving Fircrest @ 6am headed to MA13. Bart
  5. Old406Kid

    Tied Up In Traffic

    Just a heads up...I decided to get out and do a little fishing while I was in MT and got hung up in traffic. Man, talk about herd mentality! It was worth it in the end though. Water temps were still low and we lost clarity as the day progressed but all in all a good day with a few nice fish...
  6. Ed Call

    WTB Reloading Set Up

    Who's getting out of the reloading game. Looking to get started and figured I'd see if your dust collecting gear was ready to rehome. I'll be loading some or all of these: 9, 40, 10, 45, 556, 270, 6.5
  7. Jim Wallace

    Hoping it warms up some more by the end of next month

    Lets see, today the sea-surface temp here was 46 F and the air is in the low 40's. Bottom fishing opens up on Mar 10, but its still too cold for me to don a 3mm farmer john wetsuit with extra layers, and go kayak fishing here along the Jetties. I like everything to be above 50 F, preferably...
  8. Mark Mercer

    Updated Cutthroat Squimp SBS

    I've had a few request for a updated SBS for the Squimp so thought I'd do one as I've been stuck at home with a cold. Nick Clayton's been tying a really nice variant and I have no doubt it works just as well and is easier to tie, this is just how I've been tying them. Hook- #6 or #8 your...
  9. miyawaki

    NFR Classic Stand Up by Mike Leach

    This guy can be damn funny! Leland.
  10. BobGom

    FS Redington Topo Complete "Ready to fish" Combo Set Up

    Selling my Topo outfit. 5wt 9' Rod has been used a handful of times, but the reel, line, leader, Tippet and flies have not and are brand new. Reel is the Crosswater, with Rio Mainstream WF Floating line. These are on Amazon for $220, I'll let mine go for $160 shipped, or $140 for local pickup...
  11. Jmills81

    Speak up for Idaho Steelhead

    Ladies and Gents The Idaho Fish and Game are proposing to open the CW, Salmon and Snake river basins to Catch and Kill Normally, that's great but this is no normal year. Whilst the run has been upgraded from Apocalyptic to Shitty, Shitty, Shitty.....they need to maintain the C and R rule to...
  12. Meeshka

    Warming up for Wild Bird Season

    Got out to run the dogs and shoot some farmed birds prior to the wild bird season opening on the 15th. One mornings shoot near Brooks, southern Alberta. Birds were big bluebacks.
  13. J

    Pheasant season coming up

    The Western Washington pheasant season opens Saturday. Every year I've gone out on the Saturday mornings, but this year I'm going to get licensed for Sunday mornings in October. Has anyone ever noticed a trend as to which weekend morning is the better one for the first 2 or 3 weekends of the...
  14. tridentfly

    Hatch Reels up to 40% off!

    Save up to 40% on Hatch Finatic Fly Reels The Gen 2 Finatic is here, which means the savings are too! The OG Hatch Finatic was one of our best selling reels of all time and it's now available at a huge discount! From the tiny 1 Plus all the way to the bluewater 12 Plus, we've got every...
  15. Dipnet

    SFR: Senior Interagency Pass to go up

    I know this has been posted before in several different threads but I'm just going to remind those of us who've hit the "golden years" (meaning 62 or above) that a good deal is still to be had on a cheap pass (which lasts your lifetime) that allows access to a number of areas under federal...
  16. BobbyZ

    What's up with the Skykomish River??

    I don't hear much chatter about fishing the Skykomish River on this forum as I do other rivers in the area (Cedar/Snoqualmie). Am I just looking at the wrong forum? Does this river fish well during the late summer/fall?
  17. J

    Gearing up to float tube

    I've been fishing for decades but never in a float tube. It seems that here on Fidalgo Island the fishing is very limited but with a float tube it seems it could be spectacular. So a Cumberland tube from Walmart ($180) Redington waders ($120), air pump, net, pfd, and fins. Seems like under $500...
  18. napawino (Roger Craft)

    FS PNY 128GB Elite Performance SDXC UHS-I/U3 Class 10 Memory Card, Speed Up to 95MB/s (P-SDX128U395-GE)

    PNY 128GB Elite Performance SDXC UHS-I/U3 Class 10 Memory Card, Speed Up to 95MB/s (P-SDX128U395-GE) I bought an SD card instead of MicroSD, so this brand new SD card can be yours for cheap. They sell for between $70 and $80 most places. You can have it for $50. Never had anything on it...
  19. SeattleFarq

    Cedar River Clean Up - August 12th

    Orvis Bellevue is organizing a second (much larger) clean up project on the Cedar River. This project was planned in conjunction with the one I put together back in May, but with a much more sponsorship behind it. I encourage everyone to make it out for this one - with lower flows and several...
  20. S

    FS Tuna set up

    Sage Xi2 1290-4 used 1x Nautilus CCF 12 left hand wind - unused $500 + shipping conus
  21. JesseC

    FS Coming to SEA from Boise? Want to pick up a tent? $200

    Hey, Here's a weird request. I found a roof top tent for sale in Boise. The price is right. But, I'm realistically not going to be able to pull off another monster road trip - after the debacle of picking up a boat in Alabama only a couple months ago :D It's a huge roof top tent - so you'd...
  22. Speyrod GB

    Tigers up by 1

    Got a late start today but figured i would go searching for tigers. Beautiful day, sun shining, very light breeze and only a few boats on the water. I had a few follows at my first stop. Got the blood moving a little. I spotted a lone tiger and mad a cast. The fish started to move off...
  23. fireman10

    FS Norvise complete set up

    I've got a Norvise complete set up with factory mounting board, lamp/magnifier, dubbing twister board, 2 auto bobbins with 10-12 spare spools. Complete and works perfect. I am looking to sell for 350$ shipped or trade for dyna king ultimate indexer barracuda. Pm me a cel number and I will text...
  24. M

    Need input on raft set up without owning a trailer

    Getting to the point that I'm tired of wade fishing, walking all day and dealing with limited access points. I really want to get a two person raft for my wife and I to fish out, and been looking into my options. So I'm thinking about a ~10' raft, but I was wondering if trying to get a raft up...
  25. Olive bugger

    Wandering thoughts of a used up fly fisher

    I am not a native son of Washington, but have lived here the better part of fifty one years. Due to cabin fever and constraints to fishing, I was sitting in my big brown chair this morning, dwelling on past fishing trips and recalling some fun times with my late fishing partner. Some time ago...
  26. Olive bugger

    What is up with Wapsi?

    I just did a search and the machine said that their web site had been taken down?
  27. SeattleFarq

    Cedar River Clean Up - May 20, 2017

    The Cedar River clean up project is now official. We will be meeting at the Riverbend Clubhouse (17410 Renton-Maple Valley Road, Renton, WA 98058) on May 20, 2017 at 8 am for a quick orientation, then teams will dispatch to six (or more, depending on turn out) locations along the river in...
  28. SeattleFarq

    NFR Pre-season Cedar River Clean Up

    I'm organizing a pre-season trash clean up on the Cedar River this year. The project is still in the planning phase, but I met with a representative from the Cedar River Council yesterday and they're on board. King County will (hopefully) be providing logistical support, trash collection, and...
  29. Mark Mercer

    Here's Where All The Doctors Went....

    Hi folks, Tied another Blue Doctor (didn't like the first one) finished it and decided I needed a place for them to hang out so got off my butt and put them in a frame. Can't wait for spring to get here, sick of this crappy cold, wet windy weather. Thanks for checking em out ! Mark
  30. M

    FS/T 6wt Switch Rod Set Up

    I have a 6wt 11' Redington Dually with a Sage 3280 reel that I would to sell Rod has been fished a handful of times, I just enjoy my 7wt Spey a lot more. Reel has an Airflo Skagit Switch line and slick shooter. Looking for $225 OBO Will post pics soon. Troy

    FS Someone Should Buy This Spey Set Up

    I can't stand it. Please some one buy this complete Spey rod set up before I do. I don't even spey fish. First class out fit. The guy will take $1100. Heck there is over $400 in.lines The reel is $700 new and the rod is $1000 new. Look at all the pictures and see what he is offering. Everything...
  32. M

    WTB Outcast Fish Cat 10-ir Stand Up

    PM me if you have one...thanks!
  33. the_grube

    Picked Up An Outcast Stealth Pro

    Was looking for something I could use for still water and some tame river floats. I plan to get a two or three man raft on a trailer sometime in the next year, so I wanted something frameless and light. I did a fair bit of research and found a couple products that I think I would have worked...
  34. Porter

    If You Can Only Have One Set Up

    If you had only one set up you could fish with .....Not where you would go, (because that is secret and all of us should keep it that way imho) but what would you grab for your arsenal? Only one outfit now.... Lets play...... Mine would be 691-4 Sage XP with Galvan T6 and a floater with ST...
  35. Mark Mercer

    Nof Info

    I just received this and thought I'd post it for those who didn't sign the petition. As expected !!! https://www.change.org/p/open-the-wdfw-tribal-co-manager-north-of-falcon-meetings-to-the-public/u/19073756?utm_medium=email&utm_source=notification&utm_campaign=petition_update
  36. H

    FS Redington Rs4's Up For Sale

    Hey All, I have 2 Redington RS4's up for sale. These rods are as new, in great shape. Both canons but the 14'9" will launch a house. To big for my waters and have held out a long time for that special trip for big water steel and kings that never seems to get any closer. These are the olive...
  37. rapido101

    Up To 20,000 Dead Fish, Other Animals Wash Up On Nova Scotia Coast

    "The carcasses of thousands of sea creatures have mysteriously washed up on the western coast of Nova Scotia. As many as 20,000 fish, lobsters, starfish, scallops, crabs and other animals have turned up dead at Savory Park, Canadian authorities said. And they have no idea why. Environmental...
  38. tridentfly

    Save Up To 45% On Great Reels From Ross!

    Even More Savings on Ross F1 and Momentum LT Reels Now starting at just $249! We're having a HUGE sale on some of Ross' best reels. You can now save even more (up to 45%!!) on the Ross F1 and Momentum LT reels. Shop Now Free shipping. No minimum order.
  39. dfg

    Open Seat On The Yak Canyon On Saturday

    I'm thinking of floating Ringer to Red's tomorrow if I can find some company. PM if interested.
  40. Limnos

    NFR Ross Journey Youth Kid Fly Fishing Set Up

    Anyone know what happened to the Ross Journey Youth fly fishing kid Ross Reels used to put together for kids? Did they discontinue them? They got great reviews and I'd like to look at one for my son. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Todd
  41. Z

    Burkie 8128/abel Spey Match Up

    Hello, Have a Burkie 8128, really enjoy fishing this rod on the Sol-Duc and other coastal rivers. Looking for a new reel to match the rod. I was thinking about an Abel Spey. The reel weighs around 9 ounces, has a 4 inch spool diameter with a 1 inch spool width. This is a lighter reel than I...
  42. Randy Lindahl

    Picking up our new drift boat

    We are now proud new owners of a ClackaCraft Eddy 360!!! Off to Reds in the morning for a few lessons so we can use it safely. Yahoo!!!
  43. Jason Decker

    FS Garage Sale: ALLEN 10wt Rod, Sage 4210 reel + spool, ling cod line package

    ENTIRE SET UP FOR SALE ALLEN 9ft 10WT ROD - 4pc SAGE 4210 REEL + SPOOL SA +Airflow SALT LINE SET UP *pics to be uploaded soon 1. Allen XA 1090-4 9ft 10 WT 4 piece comes with Allen Rod Tube, no sock $150 like new $125.00 2. like NEW - SAGE 4210 REEL + 4250 SPOOL...
  44. F

    WTB 3 weight rod/set up

    Hello everyone, Looking for a LOOP yellow 8'8" 3 weight ideally. Will also consider other sub-9' 3 weight rods, but I'd like to try to find the yellow line. So basically, if you have a e weight rod ir set up to part with please get a hold of me. Cheers Jon
  45. Steve Kokita

    Dredged up a net at Leech lake

    Fished Leech last weekend, recovered a net Sunday, ID and it's yours.