1. JayB

    Washington vs United States Discussion Thread

    Good ongoing discussion over at Piscatorial Pursuits: http://www.piscatorialpursuits.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/979216/Washington_appeals_to_the_Supr.html#Post979216 Lots of insightful commentary over there. This was one of my favorites: "I may not have been a fan of how it has played...
  2. Old406Kid

    Only In Washington

    As I'm reading various threads about people's summer trip plans and questions about other interesting things for family along the way this site came to mind. http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/states/washington/ I subscribe to a few states in our area and always enjoy the articles.
  3. troutslayer1

    WTB Float Pontoon/ Raft

    Hey folks! I'm in search of a new stillwater float, preferably a pontoon or raft. I'd like to see what others may have available for sale! Please feel free to respond to the thread here directly, or shoot me a direct message. Cheers! Conner
  4. b_illymac

    A crappy Eastern Washington Report

    I just couldn't find the motivation today to hit the water before noon. I mean the fishing in Eastern Washington is so bad it's hardly worth it as is...(I kid,I kid) I decided to go to a, "popular" gear lake. I just knew it would be crowded with hundreds of anglers having just opened a few...
  5. flybop

    Visiting Washington from Montana

    Hey guys. I hope to be doing a road trip from Montana to the area around Riffle lake in May. This is more of a hang gliding than a fishing trip, but would love to fish some if the flying weather is not good. I will be camping and or staying near Morton or Glenoma. I see there is some flowing...
  6. Matt B

    Rare winter Western Washington stream resident trout fishing report

    What a surprise. Mostly, we wanted to go for a walk in the woods by the river. We wondered, Should we string up a rod? Might as well, we decided. Not five minutes into casting into a deep, slow glide, my indicator dipped and I set into what felt like a decent fish. I ended up landing what is by...
  7. Bruce Baker

    Fish Washington App - Soft Launch

    FYI Testing for the Fish Washington app has been completed and it is now available from the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. At the moment it is a soft launch...no press release or advertising. That will come later. If you were an app tester, you will want to uninstall and delete...
  8. Ron McNeal

    NFR Divided Washington....

    Urban Seattle vs Rural Washington...... <https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/articles/2017-10-02/washington-voters-divided-as-seattle-becomes-more-liberal?emailed=1&src=usn_thereport> Think this divide is evident here? I do.
  9. SeattleFarq

    Iconic Washington Fly Patterns

    I'm working on putting together a framed set of flies for my uncle for Christmas. He lives in Kentucky and mostly fishes Appalachian streams near his cabin in North Carolina and a few rivers near my cousin's place in New York. In other words, he's an east-coaster when it comes to fishing. I'm...
  10. ChaseBallard

    NFR Wolves in Washington

    Many of the enlightened minds on this forum seem to be interested in wolf issues whenever such a thread pops up, so I thought I would throw this out there for some light reading. http://www.hcn.org/articles/opinion-rural-communities-can-coexist-with-wolves-heres-how/ The return of the wolf is...
  11. SquatchinSince86

    Lake washington 520 Bridge Jumpers.

    Earlier this evening, I was standing on a dock near 520 enjoying some fresh air. About 30 yards in front of me I see a fish jump. I watched for about 5 minutes and saw a couple more. I Couldn't get a positive id, but I pretty sure this wasn't any bass. Definitely salmonid. Any idea what it...
  12. W

    Eastern WA Fly Trip

    Hey all, looking to take a trip across the cascades this weekend and was looking for some recommendations it will be just me and my 4 weight and some barbless flies all catch and release. I was hoping to get on some browns but more then anything I was hoping to get on some classic fly water...
  13. Cepstrum

    Washington river access laws

    Hey Everyone, I am planning my first visit to to see a buddy of mine who lives around Winthrop. I was wondering what the river access laws in Washington are. I was looking at the Chewuch and Methow rivers around Winthrop on google maps and it looks like some of the river banks have homes on...
  14. Porter

    Admit gear whore syndrome....

    I'm a gear whore in the sense I check certain sites twice a month to see whats new for clearance. I have signed up for email notifications from fly shops/retailers on sales/closeouts I like Orvis ;):D:rolleyes: Every big trip I take I want to buy one new piece of equipment to test out..always...
  15. Golden Trout

    NFR NCW where the Deer and the "Antelope",????

    Ok, lived hear for 44 years and have seen a lot of deer plus many other wonderful animals but today, "an Antelope". Yep, my wife and I have been to other states and know an Antelope when we see one. Don't carry a digital, waterproof camera and don't own a Cell phone, sooooo, no pictures. Had...
  16. Chris Allen

    NFR Returning to washington

    Ten years ago as a newlywed I packed up and headed South to Arkansas. I left behind the finest trout water I'd ever seen and missed the PNW more than I knew I could. Even though I was born in the south, I was in culture shock, and homesick every day of my ten-year self imposed sentence. But...
  17. Shawn West

    Fly tying demo in Longview Washington June 10

    I will be doing a fly tying demo in Longview Washington on June 10th. The focus will be deer hair bass bugs; but I hope to tie a couple of other patterns I like to fish for bass. The event will be from 11 - 3. It will be held at: Black Heron Fly Fishing 105 Debbie Street Longview, Wa...
  18. Brian White

    Lake Washington bass help

    I am rocking a new kayak and jonesing to get out some time in the next week. I am wondering if anyone thinks Lake Washington bass fishing might be heating up. My best guess is that it is a bit early for topwater, but it has warmed up a lot over last few days. I don't need spots as I have one...
  19. E

    Merrill Lake in SW Washington

    Does anybody know if the gate to the road that leads down to Merrill Lake in S.W. Washington is unlocked?
  20. T

    First time June visitor asking for river advice

    A fly-fishing couple will visit the region early June. Like to fish rivers for trout, steehead, rainbow or whatever takes flies. Any advise on where to go. Preferably Olympic peninsula or coastal waters. Cascade rivers also of interst. We are considering one guided day and one on our own so bank...
  21. Rock Creek Fan

    Washington state loses big legal battle over salmon culverts

  22. Shawn West

    FS Yard Sale in Vancouver Washington

    A few months ago, I was selling a friends collection of books for his widow. At the time, I had mentioned that we would be selling his fly tying and fishing gear. That time is finally upon us. This upcoming Friday and Saturday (5/19 & 5/20), we will be having a yard sale with all of Steve's...
  23. Bromium

    Dry Fly North West Washington

    Hey folks just looking for some advice on if there is any dry fly river fishing to be had in North West Washington. I live in Vancouver B.C and was hoping to both explore Washington a little and also get some dry fly or nymph fishing done for resident river trout. The closest resident river...
  24. J

    2017 Fly Fishing Fair in Ellensburg, WA - May 5th & 6th

    2017 Washington Fly Fishing Fair Ellensburg, WA May 5th & 6th, 2017 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturday Sponsored by Fly Fishers International Washington State Council Admission is free to FFi members! Please join us at the 2017 Washington Fly Fishing Fair, on May 5th...
  25. Bajema

    NFR New LIDAR Map of Washington

    http://www.bellinghamherald.com/news/local/article148093174.html#storylink=mainstage Pretty amazing details.
  26. W

    New to Washington Any info helps

    Hey all ! My names will I'm 19 and new to the thread and Washington, I moved out here in January from New Jersey and have just now gotten a new fly rod and am getting on the water. I'm living in Olympia and I was just looking for any information help me get on some fish. It's just me I only fish...
  27. Bruce Baker

    WDFW Phone App

    As you may of heard, WDFW is developing a phone app. The app contains the sport fishing regs and has a mapping feature. When you turn the phone on, it will show you where you are and if you are at a body of water, it will show the regs for that body. You can also move the map around and tap...
  28. Porter

    Washington State The Jewel!

    ...of the PNW! Eat this Montana!!!!!!! :p
  29. P

    Traveling To Washington For Some Fishing. Looking For Advices

    Hi everyone, We are considering traveling from Canada to the State of Washington for some fly fishing during the last 2 weeks of April. We are hopping to camp and would be interested hiring a guide but not for the whole duration of the trip (for most of the time we'd like to fish on our own)...
  30. W

    Old Washington Fly Tying Books

    I have been cataloging my fly fishing-related books, and came upon a couple old books: "Flies of the Northwest," put out by the Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club. "Pacific Northwest Fly Patterns," put out by Patrick's Fly Shop Are there any other books like this around? There are a lot of...
  31. Derek Young

    Support Suction Dredge Mining Reform In Washington State

    Following is my letter to the Editor of the Ellensburg Daily Record concerning the suction dredge mining reform needed in Washington State. Please contact Tom Dent at (360) 786-7932 and voice your support to protect our already endangered species. On January 17th, I presented testimony in...
  32. jstlhd

    Washington Fishing And Hunting License Increases

    I received this from Kirk Pearson, Senator 39th District and have responded and wanted to share here. To me its seems that as increases are inevitable, these are a bit much for the return they promise. I personally would like a little more detail on where the money goes and how it is used...
  33. Porter

    Sad....and Very Sad To Many Of Us, Times They ...

    Be a changing..... http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/northwest/patience-and-luck-its-hard-to-say-goodbye-to-lincs-seattles-tackle-shop/
  34. Derek Young

    Central Wa Univ Fly Fishing Club

    I attended the first meeting of the Central Washington University Fly Fishing Community & Conservation group today on campus. They are off to a good start and should make a big impact for the Yakima River. Here's a couple social media links to learn more. Please support where/how you can, this...
  35. WiscoAndy

    Where To Fish This Weekend

    If you wanted to catch trout this weekend, where would you go? Ideally, the answer is a quiet little stream full of 16" cutthroats. Or an alpine lake full of same. Help me out! Cuz Idaho seems too far right now...
  36. Grayone


    Might work for the tough to get spots!
  37. Bajema

    2016-2017 Washington Regs

    http://wdfw.wa.gov/publications/01818/wdfw01818.pdf Not sure how I feel about rivers being listed alphabetically rather than geographically.
  38. Chris Scoones

    WA Reference Washington Fishing Related Organizations

    Washington Fishing Related Organizations American Rivers: Since 1973, American Rivers has been dedicated to protecting and restoring healthy, natural rivers and the variety of life they sustain for people, fish and wildlife. Coastal Conservation Association Pacific Northwest: The CCA-PNW is...
  39. Chris Scoones

    WA Reference Washington River Shuttles

    Sponsors: Shuttle Snap: Our new sponsor means to greatly ease the process of lining up a shuttle. Starting with the Yakima. If your service needs to be added, comment with the applicable info. Bogachiel – Rob @ 360-374-6010 or Dean @ 360-374-5247 (Stonefish) Chehalis - Fisherman's Shuttle...
  40. Chris Scoones

    WA Reference Washington Fly Fishing Guides

    If your services needs to be added, leave a comment with the applicable information. Sponsors: Rain Coast Guides The Olympic Peninsula offers amazing diversity when it comes to fly-fishing. I have built my guide service around the very best fishing the OP offers. Fish for Coho and black rocks...
  41. Chris Scoones

    WA Reference Washington River Flows

    USGS & Army Corp of Engineers Station Links. Willapa Bay: Naselle R / Willapa R Chehalis River: SF Chehalis R / near Adna / SF Newaukum R / NF Newaukum R / at WTP at Chehalis Skookumchuck River: near Vail / near Centralia / near Bucoda Chehalis River: near Grand Mound / near Porter / Satsop...
  42. Chris Scoones

    WA Reference Washington Fly Fishing Shops

    A list of the fly shops throughout Washington. Links, address & numbers. Sponsors: Pacific Fly Fishers: 1018 164th Street SE, MILL CREEK, WA 98012. 425-742-2402 Patricks Fly Shoppe: 2237 Eastlake Avenue East, SEATTLE, WA 98102-3418. 206-325-8988 Puget Sound Fly Co: 6001 Tacoma Mall...
  43. Klickitat River Steelhead

    Klickitat River Steelhead

  44. A rainbow from a small river in Eastern Washington

    A rainbow from a small river in Eastern Washington

    The same hot July afternoon as the westslope, this pretty nice rainbow took the top nymph, a big stupid yuk bug. I thought I was just using the yuk bug to get the flashback down, but this was just before the shortwing hatch. The water was so clear I didn't expect anything to bite a stupid...
  45. Eastern Washington Westslopes

    Eastern Washington Westslopes

    Usually the nice cutthroat I catch in July are caught on hoppers, but this westslope took a little flashback nymph late in the day. It's 17 inches from the butt to the end of the wraps on this rod. Look at all the white on the pelvic fins. It has a fin stripe like a bull.
  46. Eastern Washington Westslopes

    Eastern Washington Westslopes

    Usually the nice cutthroat I catch in July are caught on hoppers, but this westslope took a little flashback nymph. It's 17 inches from the butt to the end of the wraps on this rod. Look at all the white on the pelvic fins. It has a fin stripe like a bull. A closer look at the nymph.
  47. Tripp's Winter Steelie

    Tripp's Winter Steelie

    second to last day before the Sky closes. Nice work!
  48. Rialto Beach

    Rialto Beach

  49. Grande Ronde

    Grande Ronde

  50. Beautiful day on the Yak

    Beautiful day on the Yak