1. joelals

    WTB Tibor Tail Water CL or Galvan Brookie 4/5

    Anyone have a Tibor Light Tail Water CL or Galvan Brookie 4/5 they are wanting to part with. Thanks
  2. jwg

    Westside Snow and Water Supplies

    The Montana snow map in another thread (@Swimmy) prompted me to look around. Here is what I found for early March: Pretty clear and steep gradient on a diagonal line between high snowfall in Montana, normal in Washington, and low in Oregon and California. Way down in New Mexico there is a...
  3. TroutHustle

    iPhone + water = idiot tax

    @daveontheline and I were out on a South Sound Inlet today; fantastic fishing. 5 cutts, 2 coho? Resident Coho are starting to get fat. Additionally, that new airflo beach full clear intermediate line is dope. The stuff slings and is very supple in the cold. Anyway, I had just tied on a new...
  4. bk paige

    Another deep water trawler waiting to launch.

    Any one see this, I hope it burns to the ground. There is no need for even bigger deep sea raping machin. https://www.adn.com/business-economy/2018/02/16/alaska-fishing-interests-join-tussle-in-congress-over-huge-new-trawler-that-ran-afoul-of-federal-law/
  5. the_grube

    tying tube flies that are stable in the water

    I've been tying a lot of tube flies for steelhead lately. Some of them, by virtue of their construction will fish stable (by stable I mean they don't rotate around the axis of the tippet like a propeller in the water). So, I don't worry about it if I'm tying on a big top fin (rabbit strip...
  6. camtheflyman

    Small Water 3 Weight Recommendations

    I am currently looking for a small water three weight set up. I've fished a Sage Circa in a 7'9" 4 weight and found it a little slow for my taste and would be frustrated when there was a decent amount of wind or when I needed to carry a dry dropper combo 35-45 feet. I loved it within 30 feet in...
  7. Ryan Janos

    Swap Blue Water Flatwing Swap

    I've been enjoying tying some larger format flatwings for stripers, mahi, yellowtail, jacks, etc. With the crap weather here/coming, maybe some of you are planning on heading to Mex or other similarly restorative snow-bird locales. If you are, and plan to fish while you're there, maybe this...
  8. Steve Slater

    Win for mining, loss for clean water and taxpayers

    This rule was intended to overcome the long tradition of mining companies declaring bankruptcy once the mine is exhausted (and then immediately reincorporating under a new name), thereby sticking taxpayers with the cleanup bill. I understand why the mining companies don't want to hold the...
  9. Mark Moore

    This is why people spend 10k to fish for GT’s

    Looks like something large and black is the go to fly... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Jim Wallace

    Lowest water that I've ever seen in the local streams.

    I crossed some bridges yesterday on my way to a Mason County lake. It was high tide, so the conditions of the tidal creeks and lower Chehalis River were indiscernible. It was sunny and hot, and there were a bunch of trollers on the Chehalis. I could see their bored facial expresions at 40mph...
  11. Steve Vaughn

    NFR Water Source

    Hauling the travel trailer over to Big Pines (Yakima Canyon) in about a week from Tri-Cities. I would like to find a place to fill my water tank closer to there so I'm not hauling all that weight from Richland. It looks like there is a rest stop on I-82 beyond Yakima that might have potable...
  12. D

    FS Salt Water Beach flys for Salmon and Sea Run Cuts

    Good Variety for sale (boxes included) Best Offer - Moving to Arizona - Good Bye Salt!!! Dick Warnke alias Pram Man ... 253 740 1851
  13. A.A.

    Fires closed most sections of N Ump fly water

    Public service announcement: can't fish most of the N Ump fly water right now due to fires. No real containment yet. http://kval.com/news/local/evacuation-order-remains-in-effect-as-wildfire-burns-east-of-glide
  14. MountainTrout

    Swanny in more hot water

    This time instead of poaching it's wire fraud, mail fraud, Social Security fraud and perjury for trying to get on disability....while still guiding 300+ trips a year. This guy is unbelievable. http://www.theolympian.com/news/local/crime/article166412337.html
  15. Fast Action Freddie

    Hopper pattern for slower water

    Not talking PhD fish here ... even the dry fly happy westlope cutts ... I often find during hopper time when the fish are taking them that as soon as I fish that slightly softer pool with less riff on top -- e.g. really good holding water -- that my hopper patterns (what were working great in...
  16. Mike22

    Fishing streamers in small water

    At this point in the summer I have usually gotten my dry fly fix, especially since I cover a lot of eager cutthroat water. Additionally, I feel that a lot of the better fish have either been fooled by a dry by now or haven't been caught because they would prefer to risk their cover for a bigger...
  17. S

    FS Water Strider Raft

    Only used lightly Never overnighted Red Same as sold now Retails around $1700 All the stuff from Dave now plus g-bob mesh pack added Never leaked Protected with 303 Closeted when not in use Go to water Strider web site to view raft If that not enough pm email will send pictures Similar...
  18. M

    FS Salt Water Fly Rods, Reels, Lines FS

    ROD(s): Scott S2S. One 6 wt. One 7 wt. Since we moved from Gig Harbor to Durango, CO (where the fishing is pretty damn OK) these see no use. The 6 wt was my everyday stick for Puget Sound. The 7 wt was used with larger streamers and / or if I wanted my line to have a quicker sink rate. I also...
  19. T

    Fly Fishing High Water Story

    I just checked the flows on the Missouri River. 12,000 cfs. That's high but when you look at the Canyon Ferry reservoir, it's clear why. The reservoir is almost full and the inflows are 15,000. It all took me back in time to 1997. Gary Fritz, Outfitter, Osprey Expeditions (no longer exists...
  20. COtoWA

    WTB 8 & 9wt floating line Cold water needed

    Looking for 8 & 9wt Floating lines. Does not have to be brand new but in good shape.
  21. WildBrookie

    FS March Brown Hidden Water 9' 4 wt Rod

    I have a brand new, still in plastic with warranty tags March Brown Hidden Water 9' 4 wt rod. It's 7 pieces and would make a great travel/backpacking rod as it'd easily fit in suitcase or pack. Comes with case which is about 20 inches long and sleeve. Selling for $190.
  22. Alosa

    FS Sage Xi2 - great salt water rod!

    I bought this Sage Xi2 back in 2014, but my trip fell through and it's been sitting in the closet ever since. It's been lawn cast once, but it's never been out on the water. It's essentially brand new, but I'm not going to use it and it needs a new home. It's a big beefy 9'0 13wt rod, and...
  23. squish

    WTB Water Master Boat Bottom

    Looking to buy an attachable boat bottom for a Water Master Kodiak raft for upcoming striper season. Thank you! Squish
  24. napawino (Roger Craft)

    A little rod for little water

    Found a nice 366-2 LL. It's now the shortest of my fly rods.
  25. triploidjunkie

    Big water

    The Columbia is ripping right now, and will be getting bigger. Every year someone underestimates the power of that water and pays the ultimate price. I almost witnessed it last night. When I showed up at the boatlaunch, the first thing I noticed was two guys in a tiny little rowboat, anchored...
  26. freestoneangler


    We recently watched the documentary "Tapped" about the bottled water industry. It was pretty well done and highlights some interesting aspects of the history and problems associated with the product. Anyway, we still buy bottled water; particularly when camping, fishing, and while on road...
  27. S

    Small Water & Big Streamers - Rod Recommendation?

    I fish small streams with heavy size 1 bugs at times that I tie for nasty browns. Things with weight that sink like a rock. Need a shorter rod as I'm bushwhacking a lot. Anyone have a really good recommendation for a rod/line setup?
  28. Greg Price

    Water Sprayer 4 Washing Salt Off

    Does anyone use a portable sprayer to wash salt off reels, rods, waders boots? If so, what size works for you? I have considered the hand held 1 liter size all the way up to the 2 gallon with flexible hose nozzle. I have thought about adding one to my work van so my gear does not stay salt...
  29. G

    WTB Water Master

    Looking for a needle in a haystack, AKA, used Water Master raft someone's willing to sell. First preference would be a Grizzly, but I'd take either Grizzly or Kodiak used in good condition at a fair price. Thanks
  30. Ron McNeal

    Absolutely Beautiful Water & Trouts.....

    A thing to behold.............
  31. M

    WTB Salt Water Line

    Hi I'm headed to playa del Carmen in 2 weeks! Never fished off shore or flats...recommendation on lines to fish off shore? I'm wtb some lines I have an 8 wt 9 foot nrx I'll bring.
  32. J

    FS Alpacka Ultralight Water Master Boat

    This is a unique boat I had custom made by the folks at Alpacka Raft in Colorado. The design is an Alpacka Scout meets a Water Master! The final weght is just 5 lbs, packs tiny, fishes great, tough as nails. The tubes are the same material and design at the best selling Scout...
  33. jmara6864

    Naches Trib Low Water Level

    I spent this past Saturday fishing a tributary of the Naches. Many of you probably know it. The cfs was probably half of what I've ever seen including last season, which should have been far worse considering the lack of snow-pack and warm temps. We were fishing above irrigation, wells or...
  34. freestoneangler

    NFR Private Well Water

    How many of you are on private wells for domestic water and how often do you have it tested?
  35. Matt B

    My favorite kind of trout water

    Heavy pocket water. All those pockets to drift a fly through...figure out how to get there, which angle to present from...I love it. Fishing was just okay for me today. Maybe the showers and/or a shifty barometer had something to do with it. I used to be able to fish this piece and hook a couple...
  36. A.A.

    NFR Any water well pressure tank experts?

    So I go to put salt in the water softener tonight and see water slowly gurgling up from the top of my 2nd pressure tank and dripping onto the floor. Any ideas? Is it about to explode and flood my basement?! Thanks!
  37. John Hicks

    Water Safety Tips

    Over the years, I have observed and done some pretty poorly thought out things on the river. Here are just a few things that I feel are very important, in order to have a good day on the river, and then drive away alive. Feel free to add to this if you don't see your favorite safety tip...
  38. sakana

    FS Original Mike Stidham Water Color—Rainbow Trout

    A beautiful original water color by famed outdoor painter Mike Stidham: • Frame—30 (w) x 23 (h) inches • Original • Signed • $499 plus $25 shipping • Mike's originals in this size cost up to $1,000. •
  39. Brennen Busse

    FS E-Case. Seal Line Water Proof Phone Case, $15.00 Shipped or OBO

    This is a used Seal Line water proof case for your phone while out on the tube, toon, and in the water. Submersible for up to 30 minutes and floats in the event you drop it in the drink. The case lets you use the phone, listen to music, and take pictures. Seal Line is a company in Seattle and...
  40. Drew Peklo

    WTB WTB Tibor Tail water

    looking for any tibor tailwater reel you may be looking to part with. Drew
  41. Round Lake

    Round Lake

    Round lake We got skunked!!
  42. Good still water for small ponds

    Good still water for small ponds

    This from my experience works good on small ponds. I havent been to a lake with it but I would guess that it would work fairly good.
  43. Waterboatmen