1. N

    FS LTS Zalt 6 weight

    For sale an LTS Zalt 6 weight 9 foot four piece fly rod. The rod has a full well handle and a fighting butt. Also included with the rod an extra tip, rod sock and a cordura case. This rod is essentially a brand new rod as it still has the plastic on the handle and has never been fished or cast...
  2. B

    FS TU Donation for 1985 Fisher 9' 2 Weight Graphite Fly Rod

    I am offering this 1985 Fisher 9’ 2Wt graphite fly rod, in excellent condition with rod sock, for a $100 check made out to Trout Unlimited. Several years ago I bought this rod from a member of the Washington Fly Fishing Forum who lived in British Columbia and had built this rod in March 1985...
  3. Big Tuna

    FS Hardy Zenith Sintrix 9' 5 weight

    I picked up a Radian and now have too many 5 weights. This rod is in excellent condition. I've fished it probably a dozen times. There is some minor soiling of the cork but the blank is spotless. I'd like $375 shipped conusa. Thanks, Jon
  4. camtheflyman

    WTB 6 weight floating nymph/streamer line

    I'm looking for some gently used general purpose "big fly" line. I would buy new but I don't know what I would like or what would match my rod well and I don't want to drop another 75+ dollars on a new line. Some lines I'm interested in: Airflo Streamer Float Airflo Nymph/Indicator SA Anadro...
  5. T

    FS TFO Edge 9' 6 Wt Alpha Fly Rod - Brand New $575

    Brand New, in case with sleeve - never been used. This unfished TFO Edge 9' 6wt Gamma Alpha Fly rod. Retails for $855. Selling for $575. Great all around trout rod with a moderate action. 20% lighter than other rods on the market, great for a long day on the water! Received as a gift. Any...
  6. Steelhead ©

    Trident 8 Weight Reel Shoot Out

    Trident is teasing the upcoming 8 weight shootout. Looks like they are finishing up their testing and will release the results soon. Link:https://www.tridentflyfishing.com/blog/8-weight-fly-reel-shootout-and-review-whats-the-best-saltwater-fly-reel/ Results:
  7. radamson

    FS New in tube: Orvis Helios 2 9' 5 weight

    Never casted, never fished. Comes with a rod sock and a rod tube. Got the rod a month ago and I'd love to keep it but life got in the way. Located in the Skagit Valley but can ship. $525 shipped. Thanks for looking, Rob : photos upon request :
  8. T

    FS Sage One—8 ½ ft 5 weight (586-4)

    ***** S O L D ****** This is the perfect dry-fly rod for when you need a little more uumph than a 4 weight—windy days, lakes, larger rivers—but with less swing weight and crisper action than a 9 footer. I’ve fished it on the smaller streams in Rocky Mountain National Park, but it really shines...
  9. Big Tuna

    FS WTT Hardy Zenith Sintrix 9' 5 weight for a 6 weight

    I just picked up a Radian and have too many 5 weights. My rod is in excellent condition and has probably been fished about a dozen times. $425 shipped conusa
  10. cms829

    T Trade my Deer Creek 7 wt switch for your 4 weight spey/switch.. or sell outright

    I have a TFO Deer creek 11 ft 7 weight switch in great shape for sale Asking $225 Shipped to the lower 48. Comes with the TFO sock and tube, of course. I also have a (460 grain I think) Beulah Tonic Skagit head. $25 bucks shipped I Also have a rio switch chucker. Also like new. $30 bucks...
  11. Mark DiOrio (Mike Melfa)

    FS 6 Weight Fly Lines

    Going threw my lines and found a few that I have No use for, as I Sold all my 6 weight Rods..... Honestly I do not remember the Names of the lines but I believe they were Rio, Orvis, and Cortland I do know they are 6 weights and 3 are sink tip lines , All lines are in Great condition with...
  12. Drewski10

    FS ~*~*~ New Rio Tarpon Saltwater weight forward 10f 30m / 100ft

    I bought this line last season and never used it. Spooled it up and it just sat. $75 OBO plus cost of shipping or local pickup in Bellingham
  13. S

    FS WTT Sage EVOKE 10 weight like new

    I have a like new -- not a mark on it -- Sage EVOKE 10 weight RIGHT HAND WIND that I would like to trade for a left hand wind in similar condition. My reel is black, but I would consider a trade for any color.
  14. Mark DiOrio (Mike Melfa)

    FS Sage Reel 6-7 Weight

    Selling My last 6-7 weight Sage Reel in the 4200 Series Mode is 4260 in Red, Its only been out of the box for pictures... W/ warranty and reel pouch. These are Impossible to find now that they have been replaced by the newer more expensive version $179
  15. oldsenilegoat

    WTB 8 weight single hand line, float with fast sink tip

    I am trying to find an integrated line for my brother in law for an 8 weight rod he bought recently. He doesn't/won't river fish very often so the cost of buying new is a bit excessive. He would like to use it for winter steelhead and/or salmon in season in our local rivers. Wanting a WF F/S...
  16. F

    FS Echo Ion XL 10' #7 weight

    Rod is in excllent condition. Very little use. Maybe a half dozen days of boat streamer fishing on it in the last year. I was gifted a high end rod that will replace this rods usefulness to me. Its a great rod and great value at the price point. Asking only $120. I will pay shipping to location...
  17. 61reissue

    WTB 3 Weight Reel Under $150

    Made a purchase...thank you to everyone that sent an offer over. Matt Just like the post says, something with a decent 3 weight line would be even better. Will pay immediately with PayPal and I will cover the fees so the seller clears the $150.
  18. Mike Bacca

    FS Sage One 5 weight for sale

    Sage One 5wt - 9ft 6inch with original sock and tube. In very good condition. $350 shipped and insured in U.S. Thanks Mike
  19. Richard E

    FS TFO TiCr-X, 8 weight 9 foot 4 piece, new with warranty

    Yep, as the ad notes, I have a TFO TiCr-X 8 weight, 9' 4 piece, new in the bag, with unconditional lifetime warranty paperwork . When I go on trips, I bring at least two of everything "just in case"; this was my backup "just in case" rod that was never needed on a baby tarpon trip to Mexico...
  20. B

    WTB 8 weight reel

    Looking for a reel to match up with my 8 weight saltwater rod. I'm interested in the Tibor Everglades, Hatch 7, or Nautilus NV-G 8/9. PM me if you have one of these you would be interesting in parting with.
  21. nwtroutguy

    FS Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Lost Tip 9 Weight

    Salt Water Tropic Blue F/S 9 weight. Used 2x. Excellent condition. 105 feet. Mono tip is 12 feet. $ 35.00
  22. Woodman60

    FS Redington CPX Switch 10'6" 6 weight

    SOLD As the title says. A beautiful rod in immaculate condition. One of several I just never find the time to fish. Has been fished once or twice, but shows no signs of it. Even the cork is unsoiled. Pics are at https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/shares/943919 It's your for $150...
  23. greenomics

    WTB 10 weight setup (singlehand)

    Got what I was looking for...
  24. Mark DiOrio (Mike Melfa)

    FS Hardy 9' 5 weight Rod Made in England

    Rare Made in England 9' 5 wt 3 pc Hardy Gem. Not to much Information around on this rod ....This Appears to be Brand New has polished butt cap that states Made in England by Hardy Looks like my Winston WT $450 shipped
  25. Woodman60

    FS Echo Shadow II - 10'6" 4 weight

    Nearly new (fished all of twice) Echo Euro nymph rod. Includes competition kit, which extends the rod to 11' or 11'6" and includes a fighting butt and several weights to balance the rod to your reel. http://echoflyfishing.com/project/echoshadowii/ $250 includes shipping in US and paypal fees.
  26. nwtroutguy

    FS Wulff Triangle Taper 9 weight line

    Triangle Taper Salt Water Tropic Blue 9 F/S Bermuda Lost Tip. Used 2 times. Excellent condition. 12 foot Mono Tip. 30 foot Taper. 75 Foot running line. $ 35.00
  27. mtflycaster

    WTB 11 weight 9 foot rod for Tarpon

    What ya got? Thanks! MTFly
  28. Mark DiOrio (Mike Melfa)

    FS Orvis 9' 9 weight

    Very Lightly used Orvis HLS rod 9'rod , 9 weight 4 pc. This Rod comes with its Orvis rod sleeve and Orvis HLS Rod tube, This rod has a removable Fighting butt section This has no scratches on the shaft and is as clean as the day it was made.$120 and $15 shipping .
  29. Anil

    11'6" 6/7 weight beulah spey series

    this is a rod we received on trade in recently, we are asking $175.00 shipped CON US. The rod is in good shape but there is some epoxy in random spots on the rod, it is a medium fast rod and a great deal for the money. You can PM or call us @ 253-472-2420 thank you.
  30. cms829

    Hardy Cascapedia - What size for a 7 weight spey?

    I love the look of this reel, and hoping to one day find a used one floating around. But I dont know what size would be suitable for a 7 weight spey and or switch rod. Anyone have a good idea? Better yet, anyone have one they want to sell?
  31. Big Tuna

    FS 9' 6 weight NRX

    Excellent condition. Some soiling of the cork, but the blank is without blemish. $500 plus shipping or willing to trade for a Scott Radian 9' 6weight or 9' 7 weight.
  32. Steelhead ©

    2018 8 Weight Shootout

    Here comes the 2018: https://www.yellowstoneangler.com/gear-review/2018-8-weight-shootout-g-loomis-asquith-best-fly-rod-comparison *The major bias this year (and others) is the bonefish-centric scope of the test.
  33. 61reissue

    T Hardy Zephrus 3 WT

    Previous deal fell through because other party neglected to mention the waders had been repaired... Anyway, I have a dead mint Hardy Zephrus 9' 3 weight that I am looking to trade for a pair of zipper front waders. The 2 I am most interested are the Simms G4Z and the Patagonia Rio Gallegos...
  34. O

    WTB Light weight camping trailer

    My wife and I have been looking into a number of camping options. She wants something with a bathroom, shower, heater, ac, stove/oven and refrigerator. I don't need all the amenities but if we are going to buy something then we might as well have everything that she wants. We travel to many...
  35. N

    FS Echo TR 3 Weight Trout Spey

    A Echo TR TR Trout Spey rod, this rod is am 11 foot 3 weight four piece rod. I purchased this rod about a year ago and it has never been cast or fished, I just used my 4 weight and the 3 is not getting used. This rod retails for $380.00 asking $275.00 plus the actual shipping. Pictures added
  36. Madison2

    FS G Loomis NRX 5 weight 9 foot 4 piece

    Used but in very good condition - $495 shipped to you
  37. camtheflyman

    Small Water 3 Weight Recommendations

    I am currently looking for a small water three weight set up. I've fished a Sage Circa in a 7'9" 4 weight and found it a little slow for my taste and would be frustrated when there was a decent amount of wind or when I needed to carry a dry dropper combo 35-45 feet. I loved it within 30 feet in...
  38. F

    FS Echo Ion XL 10' #7 weight

    Rod is in excllent condition. Very little use. Maybe a half dozen days of boat streamer fishing on it in the last year. My father in law passed...and passed down some higher end rods. No need for this anymore. Its a great rod and great value at the price point. Asking only $120. I will pay...
  39. S

    FS Scott A4 8 Weight

    9’ #8 4 pc. Scott A4 ($175). In good shape. Has a small, totally cosmetic crack in the finish of the female ferrule on the next section up from the grip. This is just in the finish, and not the graphite. It has been there for quite some time, and has not presented any issue. Price includes...
  40. G

    WTB Looking For 8/9 Weight Reel

    watcha got?

    Advice on 6 weight switch rod

    I have a g Loomis 11 foot 6 weight switch rod. What is better to throw a scandi line or Skagit line? This will be my trout rod and pink salmon rod. Most of the water I will be fishing is less than 5 feet deep. I will be throwing small woolie buggers and other small streamers. I was considering...
  42. Big Tuna

    T Zenith Sintrix 9' 5/ NRX 9' 6 weight

    Zenith Sintrix in excellent condition. WTT for 9'5 weight Radian or NRX LP NRX 9' 6 weight grey w/ blue wraps in excellent condition WTT Radian 9' 6 weight or 7 weight
  43. J

    WTB 4 weight

    Looking for a solid 4 wt. SAGE, Scott, Winston preferred.
  44. W

    WTB Used 7 Weight Smallmouth Bass Streamer Line

    I'm looking for a used streamer line for my 7 weight to toss streamers to smallmouth bass. New ones go for over $80, and I just don't want to invest that much in something I'll use once or twice a year. It'll go on a 10' Winston Ibis. Thanks.
  45. jdarling1991

    WTB Scott Radian 9’ 6 weight

    Is anyone selling a 9’ 6 weight Radian? Used is fine. Thanks!

    FS Sage ESN 10 foot 3 weight

    This Sage Esn 10 foot 3 weight is in excellent condition. Only used twice. This is the 2017 model generation II with down locking reel seat. Comes with factory tube and sock These rod are unbelievable light weight. $525 shipped lower 48. Pay Pal ok. These are very hard rods to find used. Retail...
  47. Madison2

    FS Winston Kairos 4 Weight Fly Fishing Rod

    9 foot, 4 weight, 4 piece, factory made with Winston sock, no tube. Rod is in new condition. $275 shipped to you
  48. Abraham

    What is the best eight weight skagit rod for OP winter steelhead.

    Im going to be buying a new dedicated 8 weight Spey rod for winter steelheading on the Olympic Peninsula, and I need some community input on deciding what to buy. I will only be buying either a echo rod or a sage rod in an eight weight. I can buy any of the echo offerings like the Echo 3 or the...
  49. Anil

    G-LOOMIS 10' 3 weight Max GLX Czech Nymph (NIB)

    We have a brand new G-Loomis GLX Max 10' 3 weight (4 piece) rod. Sorry, I didn't take pics, but the rod is brand new. Was: $650 Now: $450 (includes shipping CONUS, Washington residents must add sales tax) Call the shop for fastest service or PM me here. 253-472-2420 Thanks for looking
  50. Kim McDonald

    FS Winston 9 1/2' 7 weight rod -- two piece

    Great rod. $350.00 without shipping. If someone wants it shipped, additional amount for shipping. Rod is in Seattle.