1. cms829

    Hawaii bones in October? Where to go and who to go with?

    So my wife has a business "thing" going on...and it happens to be in Hawaii. Never thought I would have the opportunity to go, but here it is! We will be on Maui intially. I planned on taking a flight right over to Molokai and go out with Captain Clay the day that my wife has her meeting...
  2. triploidjunkie

    I love where I live

    I might have a wee bit of fishy water around me. My house is almost dead center, overlooking everything... Edit: Not overlooking everything, just the Columbia and Crescent. I can't actually see Banks, just the dam...
  3. Troutlife

    Where to go for a good time in the Winter?

    What are some good places to go in the winter if you just want a good time?
  4. T

    Tell me where I should fish this weekend

    Little thrown off as far as where I should fish this time of year. Rookie fly fisherman, and not opposed to some spin casting, and or sinking some worms. I live in Seattle. Willing to drive 2 ish hours. Weather conditions don’t matter to me, except high windows are no bueno. I have a...
  5. Greg Price

    Where do Ressies come from?

    This is duplicate and I cannot delete it, sorry
  6. Greg Price

    Where do Ressies come from?

    I know the Squaxin tribe has planted hatchery, fin clipped coho on South end of Vashon and south end of Whidby island in the past per a you tube video I saw last winter. Rumor has it they are no longer planting Ressies. Where is the current batch of ressie size fin clipped coho coming from...
  7. troutpocket

    New charcoal grill shopping. Is Weber where it's at?

    Looking at replacing my Char Griller trio combo gas/charcoal/side smoke box grill with a Weber Performer 22" kettle setup. From the research I've done it seems like Weber has things figured out with a lot of nice features and a loyal following. The Char Griller has been great to learn on...
  8. Skip Enge

    Where I'd like to be

    It's wet cold and I am ready for spring...I got a long wait...
  9. Matt Burke

    Where are we now?

    Ten years later. Wassup bitches?
  10. freestonebound

    Where would you go?

    I'm in the beginning stages of planning my vacation for 2018. I'm thinking either Slovenia, Oregon, or Wyoming. I haven't cemented my plans yet. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? It might inspire me to change my mind.
  11. C

    Where to go tomorrow 11/23 - New to Seattle area

    Hello everyone! I know this is super last min. I am new to the Seattle area (coming from South Texas). I have my second child on the way soon but have managed to get a last min. hall pass to explore some fishing in the area tomorrow. I am mostly interested in exploring cool areas while...
  12. B

    Where to fish?

    Trying to determine where to fish tomorrow. I live in the Bonney Lake area. Are there any lakes in the vicinity that still produce this late in the year? Any fish species, not picky.
  13. Bill Keeler

    Where do you store your oars?

    I just changed out my rower’s seat on my 16’ LP Clackacraft and the new seat is quite a bit taller. Before the change, I carried my 9’ Carlisle oars resting on all 3 seats - handles on the bow seat and blades on the stern seat. I cannot do that with the taller seat, how do you guys carry your...
  14. Tacoma Red

    NFR So who killed JFK and where were you at the time?

    Do you think LHO acted alone? Grassy Knowl? Mafia, Cuba, LBJ, HW Bush?
  15. F

    Where To Find Western Washington Stillwater Hatch Charts?

    I am trying to learn everything I can about western WA stillwater aquatic food chain plus when the bugs in the food change hatch. Are there any hatch charts and/or books; videos specificly for western WA?
  16. Irafly

    Commercial Tiers Where do you buy used materials?

    Or just new? Where from?
  17. ScottP

    Trip Report Where There's Smoke

    Took advantage of a few free hours to pester the locals. A bit smoky, to say the least some good deals on a used snowcat; low miles, new treads heard the drone of a multi-prop plane; surprised to see a slurry bomber up this way nice place to start; lots of willing, if small, cutts...
  18. U

    Where to go fly fishing for trout?

    I apologize if this has been asked before, but I am brand new here. Just moved to Gig Harbor from Salt Lake City a few months ago and I apologize for bringing our shitty Utah summer weather here to western WA :( With all the packing and unpacking I still have not wet a line in 2017! I am...
  19. Lue Taylor

    Where To Fish This Weekend????

    Saturday Morning having coffee trying to figure out where to go? Everything south going on I-5 sucks due to construction, Leech Lake my summer lake has been sucking so should I go give it a try? Sure long way to drive for a few fish to hand. Tied some new flies for Pass Lake bait fish I seen...
  20. Golden Trout

    NFR NCW where the Deer and the "Antelope",????

    Ok, lived hear for 44 years and have seen a lot of deer plus many other wonderful animals but today, "an Antelope". Yep, my wife and I have been to other states and know an Antelope when we see one. Don't carry a digital, waterproof camera and don't own a Cell phone, sooooo, no pictures. Had...
  21. G

    Where am I ?

  22. plarsen111

    Where To Go On Family Vacation And I Get To Saltwater Flyfish Too?

    Please forgive my ignorance. We have never traveled anywhere far as a family. In fact, my kids (11 and 13) have never been on a plane. Next February we are taking a 1 week trip somewhere warm. I need some advice. Where can we go where they get to hang out and feel safe (think resort) yet I...
  23. james.jimenez

    Where To Fish Tomorrow????

    I have tomorrow off.... WITH ALL THIS RAIN WHERE SHOULD I GO FISHING??? I live in Lacey.... Second time I am off and weather wants to mess stuff up!!!!:mad:
  24. Mark Mercer

    Here's Where All The Doctors Went....

    Hi folks, Tied another Blue Doctor (didn't like the first one) finished it and decided I needed a place for them to hang out so got off my butt and put them in a frame. Can't wait for spring to get here, sick of this crappy cold, wet windy weather. Thanks for checking em out ! Mark
  25. H

    Fly Fishing Newbie - Where To Start In Wa

    Hi All. I have little fly fishing experience and am looking for some good places to go to get started. I'll probably start with trout. I'm looking for places within an hours drive from Mill Creek. Thanks.
  26. J

    Where To Get An Anchor

    Any recommendations for an anchor for the outcast 1100? I just picked one up without an anchor and am in the federal Way area. Thinking 20 lbs???
  27. hbmcc

    Where Is The Place Of Conservation In A Time Of Narcissism?

    The neighbors of the USA have a very clear view of our National Problem: http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/donald-trump-brings-uncertainty-and-narcissism-to-white-house-a-1129925.html#ref=nl-international I wonder how many agree with the article; and how many join the subject in his...
  28. SERE Nate

    Where To Go Wed And Thurs

    Im off the next 2 days and needs some water therapy. I'm open to steelhead fishing or salmon. If anyone is headed out and wants to share on gas, etc, let me know.
  29. Old406Kid

    Where Can I Weigh My Pram?

    I have a pram that I would guess weighs somewhere around 70-80 pounds but would like to get a true weight on it. I'm not looking for an exact location since I'm in Spokane. Any suggestions/ideas on where or what type of business I might go to to find someone willing to weigh it appreciated.
  30. Peter Kovah

    5-day Camping Trip In Late September. Where Would You Go?!

    Hello All! My girlfriend and I are planning to take a 5 night camping trip sometime towards the end of September and we are looking for ideas. This Summer we went down to Bend, Oregon where I introduced her to fly fishing for the first time and, thank God, she’s in to it (or at least she’s...
  31. Olive bugger

    When And Where To Fish The Golden Stone

    Found someone that suggested the sofa pillow as a substitute. I only know a pattern of chenille and rubber legs. Might try the sofa pillow or stimulator pattern.
  32. Phil Fravel

    where would you perfer to fish

    Given a choice of 2 rivers where would you go first.
  33. silvercreek

    Fly-Fishing in Montana, Where a River Still Runs Through It

    The author revisits the Big Blackfoot River and The River Runs Through It. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/07/travel/fly-fishing-in-montana-rivers.html
  34. SERE Nate

    1st trip out with a spey rod. Where should I go?

    I just purchased an Echo DH2 7 weight. This is my very 1st experience with a Spey rod. I have off the 3rd of Aug until the 8th. Looking to get out and fish Wed afternoon, find a camping spot on a river and fish Wed evening and Thursday and come home Thurs night. I live in Kirkland, looking...
  35. SERE Nate

    Where would you go?

    I have off the 20th through the 24th. I want to go fly fishing somewhere. I would like to be able to camp, maybe even hike into a spot to fish and stay there for 2 days and then stay in a town for 2 nights that has good breweries. I have a 4 weight and a 6 weight. I was originally...
  36. FerrousTortoise

    Fish where you least expect them

    I went out and fished for a couple hours this morning before work. I fished a stretch of water that I have hooked a bunch of fish in, including a few decent sized ones, but this morning I maybe had one bite. I got to the end of the run and had some extra time, so I decided to head down river...
  37. metolious