1. Greg Price

    White Pelicans, Really ??? Rocky Ford

    I started noticing the beasts at RF last year. There were at least 10 yesterday. What the Fudge? I thought they were tropical fish eating birds, what are they doing here? See this link for insight. Click on the map, you would be amazed at how many sighting there are all over Washington...
  2. Skip Enge

    NFR White Christmas

  3. b_illymac

    Who is having a white Christmas?

    Lets see it! This is in Walla Walla. Coming down pretty well. Merry Christmas to all!
  4. kinigit

    FS Rio Gel Spun Backing 50lb 2400 Yards White

    I have a full spool of Rio 50 lb gel spun backing. It is 2,400 yards in white. I have two spools and will realistically never use more than one of them. I will sell for $75 shipped in the Lower 48. Thanks.
  5. Bonked this one for the smoker

    Bonked this one for the smoker

    haha ok maybe not.
  6. White dudes can't jump

    White dudes can't jump

    US Divers stick together. A leap of faith into the blue hole by some white-ass-mofos. Photo Cred: Earl Harper
  7. white flesh coho

    white flesh coho

    I have a comercial fishermen friend who got married this weekend, for the reception they had a white flesh coho. I'd never heard of a white coho, just white kings. He said in the 25 years of comercial salmon fishing he had only seen 5 caught. This was shipped down from AK by a friend.
  8. 2002 Steelhead Fly Swap : White-winged Akroyd

    2002 Steelhead Fly Swap : White-winged Akroyd