1. joeh

    FS Winston B3X 9’ 10wt

    Winston B3X 9’ 10wt Has been fished a couple of times. Near new condition. Case has a few scuffs. Thinning out the herd. Postage paid in USA $375
  2. Highway22anglers

    FS Ross, Orvis Reels both with spare spools, winston rod B3sx brand new

    Ross vexsis 1.5 with spare spool 300 conus Orvis Mach 3 with spare spool 225 conus Winston B3 SX 10 wt 9" brand new 500$ conus
  3. raven fishing

    FS Winston 5, 6, & 7 rods

    all are 9'0" 3-piece rods, mid-1990s vintage, all in virtually new condition -- 5 wt LT HW handle -- SOLD -- 6 wt IM6 cigar handle -- SOLD -- 7 wt LT HW handle with Zebra nickel-silver reel seat original sock but no tube $325
  4. John Paine

    FS Winston 4wt

    Winston BII-x 490-4 $275 Excellent shape (cork soiled from normal use). Comes w/ original sock, tube. Pm or text 206-790-2298 JP
  5. B

    FS Unique Winston IM6 3 Weight, 8'6", 3 Piece, Graphite Fly Rod

    Sold - Thank You, Bob A unique Winston IM6, 3 weight, 8’6”, 3 piece, Graphite Fly Rod, Serial #37,339. Winston built this rod Rod for me on April 27, 1995, with a hand-picked blank, and a special grip and reel seat (photos). This Rod is unique because at the time it was built, 1995, Annette at...
  6. R

    FS/T Winston b3x for trade

    I have a 9 foot 5 weight winston b3x that i would be interested in trading for a 5 weight radian. Really not interested in any other trades. I have waffled on letting the rod go, but found i use my sage 389 and 490 more for dry flies. Had a little more luck in the wind with the radian than the...
  7. B

    FS WTB Winston Micro Spey 4wt

    Looking to purchase a winston micro spey 4wt
  8. B

    FS Winston IM6 7'6 3 Wt

    I have for sale or possible trade, A Winston Im6 7'6 3 wt, 3piece rod. The rod is in excellent condition with the exception of a small chip/ blemish on the handle section. Comes with original tube and sock. Serial # 48065. Buyer pays shipping. $450 OBO Please message for pictures...I'm dumb.
  9. Eyejuggler

    FS Climbing/Flyfishing stuff for sale.

    Howdy, Just offering up some odd stuff that, with Spring cleaning...we determined to be less than needed. This has also been posted on CascadeClimbers as well. Metolius Quarter Dome haul bag and Pika Mountaineering rigid belay seat, bot in unused condition, but the haul bag was used for rod...
  10. M

    FS Dennis Stone, Winston Graphite, and Abel #3

    Rod is the only item left. 3) Abel Big Game #3. Hard to find vintage solid spool face. Looks super classy on vintage glass or a two hander. I searched a long time to find this reel but am pursuing other interests right now. A couple scratches and minor rim rash. Price is $350 shipped Would...
  11. c.burke

    WTB R L Winston BIIIX 8' 4wt

    Looking for a good quality 7'6" to 8'4" fly rod in a 4wt. Let me know what ya got! THANKS EVERYBODY! Came up with a Sage ZXL 480-4. A couple of great...
  12. W

    FS Winston Ibis 710-4

    Unused. I decided to go with a 9 footer instead. No tube. $155 TYD, contiguous USA.
  13. James Prudente

    FS Winston 9' 12 why. BL5 5 pc.

    Excellent condition Winston 9 ft 12 weight BL5 5 piece Saltwater with fighting butt. Clearing out some of my toys. Winston tube and sock included. $ 450.00 shipping included or pick up in Spokane $ 425.00 Thanks Jim
  14. C

    FS FS: Winston BIIIx 8'6 4wt

    For Sale: Winston BIIIx 8'6 4wt. retail: $850 Elder wood upgrade: $50 Airflo SuperDri Elite WF4 retail: $90 Rod/line brand new in box/tube, never used. Prefer to sell as combo. $500 shipped to your door. Will consider trade: looking for 5wt SH.
  15. U

    FS 7 wt Winston LT and 8 wt Sage

    8 wt Sage 9'-6" RPL+, this is a 4 piece rod, would take $225 shipped in US with factory tube and sock 7 wt Winston LT 9'-6", this is a 3 piece rod, would take $405 shipped in US with factory tube and sock paypal OK
  16. G

    FS NEW Winston B3 LS 386 (8'6" 3 weight)

    Sweet stick. NEW. ClEAN. With blank papers, tub, bag of course. Never fished. 530 + 10 Priority. Paypal OK. (I have and use the same. I like it a lot with SA VPT line!)
  17. flyfishsick

    FS New Winston Kairos 7wt 13'3"

    I have a New Winston Kairos 7wt 13'3" that i won at a fly show and it just came in mail strait from Winston. I don't think i will ever use this rod and would rather get a trout spey or maybe single hander for some steelhead fishing so putting this rod up for sale. here is the link for more...
  18. Bigfish

    FS Winston B2x 6wt

    I have a Winston B2x 906-4 for sale. $300 shipped to your door. Thanks for looking.
  19. MikeyP

    FS Winston BIIIX 10' 4wt and Nautilus FWX 3/4 with Spare Spool in Black

    The Winston has 6 trips out on it, and the Nautilus reel is practically new. I have the 9'6" 5wt in the same series, and find I do not use this rod as much as it should be used. It is a great nymphing rod, but it can also cast as well. I had an 3wt Echo Shadow and a Sage One 10' 4wt, and after...
  20. Don Perry

    FS Scott and Winston rods

    Two rods for sale: Prices are for local pickup (Spokane). Add $12 for PayPal and shipping to US address. Ask about other shipping costs. Scott Flex - 10', 4 pc., 6 weight. Sold Used for about a week in freshwater. Rod has been registered with Scott. Winston Passport - 9', 4 pc., 10 weight...
  21. I

    WTB 5wt Winston B3x or Scott Radian

    Looking for one of the above in either a 9'6" or 10'. Preferably a 10' Radian #5. Cheers in advance
  22. Dave Witchey

    FS Winston BIImx 6 and Winston BIIx5

    Excellent condition BIIMx 906 -4. Fast , Powerful big water ,light steelhead, great bass rod. very smooth. 325.00 BIIx 905-4 excellent condition , a classic 325.00 plus 15.00 to ship. [email protected]
  23. K

    WTB Winston Biit

    Greetings, Anyone out there with a Biit? An 8'6" 4 wt., or one of those TU 9' 5 wts? If so, let me know.
  24. quilbilly

    FS Winston 8'10" 5 wt

    This is the Winston Homewaters Trout Unlimited Lifetime Member Rod. Brand new, never fished....never had a reel on it. 600.00 obo
  25. I

    FS Winston GVX select 490, Bill Taylor bamboo 4 wt.

    Winston GVX select 490-4 (sold) Bill Taylor 7/6" 2/2 four weight. Spiral pattern flamed cane, clear wraps with black tipping. Blued ferrules and reel seat, chrome snakes. Reel seat is cap and ring over birds-eye maple. Quick, crisp rod with lots of backbone. Fished very little, excellent...
  26. F

    FS RL WINSTON Boron BIIIsX 5wt 9"0

    Winston BIIIsX, 5wt 9'0" This is one of my rods that has been fished a handful of times that i wanted to keep, but need to make room so I can get an 6wt ORVIS H3D. Rod is in original condition. Warranty card is blank and rod has not been registerd. This is as close you can get to new w/o the...
  27. S

    FS Winston BIIMX 9' #7

    9' 7 wt. 4 pc. Winston BIIMX ($325). This is a very light, powerful rod, and is in good shape. There are some small scratches on the blank, and some grip soiling from use, but there is nothing you wouldn't expect to see on a rod that has been used. Rod sock and tube included. I still have the...
  28. Eyejuggler

    FS Medalist 1495 1/2, 1495, and a Winston B3SX 10wt

    Selling some items to fund a new project :) Tacoma area, locals only preferred, no shipping, cash, F2F, no trades Looking to sell my Winston B3 SX 9' 10wt. Used several times but not lately and I have several 10wts. Great condition, no nicks or damage, the ferrules are clean and show minimal...
  29. Mark DiOrio (Mike Melfa)

    FS Mint Condition Winston Model LT 9' 7wt w/ removable Fighting Butt

    Selling a Absolutely Beautiful Winston Model LT This is a 9' 7 Weight .5 pc Rod with a removable Fighting Butt. Rod is in Perfect condition and has no Issues . Asking $400 for this very Hard to find rod. pictures up tomorrow
  30. littlefly

    WTB Sage FLi or Winston Passport

    Looking for a Sage FLi 8'6" 3wt 4 piece or a Winston Passport 8'6" 4wt 4 piece. Please let me know if you have one you would let go of. Thanks
  31. Dave Witchey

    FS sage 690-4 XI2 Winston BIImx 906-4

    Very good condition Xi2 6wt. Perfect for Coho, Puget sound , bass Still a damn good rod 275.00 plus 15.00 to ship Thanks, [email protected] Excellent BIImx 9' 6 wt smooth, Powerful versitle 325.00 plus 15.oo to ship
  32. E

    WTB Winston dh-rod

    Seeking Winston boron III TH 11'6 #6 12'6 #6 Maybe #7 Also intrested b2x models, switch or light dh PM, please.
  33. Madison2

    FS Winston Kairos 4 Weight Fly Fishing Rod

    9 foot, 4 weight, 4 piece, factory made with Winston sock, no tube. Rod is in new condition. $275 shipped to you
  34. Steve Rees

    T Winston Boron iii TH 13'3 7wt For Beulah

    Recently purchased a Winston 13'3" 7wt from a member and turns out its not my cup of tea. Was looking to trade for 6,7, or 8 wt beulah onyx or platinum spey rod. I already have a 13'3" platinum so looking for something other than that. The cork on the Winston is in great shape, although there...
  35. Kim McDonald

    FS Winston 9 1/2' 7 weight rod -- two piece

    Great rod. $350.00 without shipping. If someone wants it shipped, additional amount for shipping. Rod is in Seattle.

    FS Winston WT 8'6" 4 wt

    I have a Winston WT (Winston traditional) Fly rod. 8 foot 6 inch 4 weight. I only used the rod a few times. These are custom shop rods only. This is the finest fly rod Winston ever made. Its a 3 piece rod with the spigot furrules. The spigot furrules make the rod extremely smooth to cast. Comes...
  37. AndrewDC

    Valuation question - Winston BIIIX

    I just picked up a Winston BIIIX on a certain international auction site and received the rod today. It was advertised as being brand new, and nothing more was said about it so I assumed it was a brand new rod in the condition I would get if I walked into a store. I looked at the rod and it is...
  38. B

    FS Winston Biii-th 8136-4

    This is a 13'6" 8 weight Winston Biii-TH. This rod casts a variety of lines very well from skagits, to Rage heads, scandis and mid belly lines. The rod has been used for a couple of is in very good condition with some coloration on the cork as one would expect. Asking $375 shipped.
  39. J

    FS/T Winston B3x 8wt

    Winston B3X 9’ 8wt with lamson remix 3 pack and rio Grande in touch line Asking 600 obo
  40. joelals

    FS/T Winston IM6 9’ 6wt. Loomis blank

    Hey guys needing some help. I believe this is a Loomis blank Winston #12776. Rod is in ok condition, there are a few chips between the first and second guide but they appear to be surface only. Tip section is in great shape, ferrule is tight, nickel down locking reel seat. I know we’re supposed...
  41. Madison2

    FS RL Winston BiiT 376-4 - 7'6" 3 weight 4 piece

    SOLD pending payment Factory made with Winston tube and sock. Tube is for an 8 foot Winston, I lost the original so I used this one. $375 shipped to you
  42. Dave Witchey

    FS Winston Boron BIIIX 7 wt 9.5'

    Almost new B3X 9.5' factory rod , throws a rio gold 6 wt as well as a 7 wt . Awsome beach Puget Sound rod . Bought for an Alaska trip. Salt components . a real cannon with tons of feel 550.00 plus 20 to ship CONUS thanks, dave [email protected]
  43. M

    FS New, never used Winston Nexus

    A buddy has been diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, proceeds from this sale will be used to help his defer medical expenses. So know that you are not only getting a great rod but also helping a great person. New rod, never assembled let alone taken out of the tube. 4wt 9 foot. Warranty card...
  44. G

    WTB Winston BL5 9 weight

    I am looking for BL5 in 9 weight. Buy or trade.
  45. Kolledog

    FS Trade NEW Winston BIIIx 8 ft. 4 wt for BIIIx 9 ft. 5 wt.

    New here but I've been selling vintage audio components and other stuff online on fleabay and elsewhere for more than a decade under the user name Kolledog. I have a brand new, unregistered Winston BIIIx 8 foot 4 weight rod that I would like to trade for a BIIX 9 ft 5 weight. Rod has been lawn...
  46. Rooster7

    T Winston Nexus 9'6" 6wt

    Hello, Wanting to trade my Nexus for a G.Loomis Pro4x 9' 7wt. Rod is used. In good condition few marks here and there, and soiled cork. It's just not the right taper for me. come with everything pictured. I do believe I sent in the warranty card.
  47. N

    T Winston Boron 111 TH Microspey 5wt

    Looking to trade my microspey. It just isn't getting the use that it should. This is a great rod for summer runs and swinging big western rivers for trout. Its in fantastic shape and am happy to exchange some pictures What i'm looking for, Hardy reels, Loomis rods, Hatch 7 plus, Other...
  48. MRKbass

    FS Winston im6 3 pc desirable Loomis blank

    Up for sale is another cherished piece of my Winston collection. This too is a highly desirable 3 piece 8'6" 4 weight with beautiful zebrawood and sliding band seat. Built on the legendary loomis blank, serial # 35k ish, all original parts, no repairs. Factory tube and sock with no dents. 1...
  49. Solitude

    FS Winston Boron IIITH 13'3'' 7wt Spey rod

    I have a new Winston Boron IIIth fly rod for sale. Never fished. Comes with tube, sock and warranty card. Will also throw in a like new Spey line that I used on my other rod. Like to sell locally (Puyallup WA) Will ship if buyer picks up shipping cost. $500.00 (text me @ 253-249-3871)