1. Perry Azevedo

    Winter season setup

    The last of our mountain streams are closing at the end of this month and we’ll be solidly into the fall and soon winter seasons. Aside from the occasional steelhead trip, I'll mostly be fishing the Yakima (maybe Cle Elum too) and the various spring creeks just east of where I live in Wenatchee...
  2. Matt B

    Rare winter Western Washington stream resident trout fishing report

    What a surprise. Mostly, we wanted to go for a walk in the woods by the river. We wondered, Should we string up a rod? Might as well, we decided. Not five minutes into casting into a deep, slow glide, my indicator dipped and I set into what felt like a decent fish. I ended up landing what is by...
  3. J

    Favorite Winter Cutthroat Patterns

    Howdy Sea-Run Cutthroat Fly tyers and Fly Fishermen, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this but I thought I would give it a try. I am teaching a class on Sea-Run Cutthroat Winter patterns and how to fish them at Peninsula Outfitters Fly Shop In Poulsbo, Wa. This Saturday March 3, from 10:30...
  4. emily

    Empty handed

    Been fly fishing for a few months now & haven't caught a thing. I go every weekend, get in my kayak or wade. I have fished lakes on Whidbey island (pass, cranberry) & the skagit river. I have been wet fly fishing because I think it's to cold to dry fly and I never see fish surfacing. I have a...
  5. chris stiemert

    Winter fly box for Puget Sound

    Starting a fresh box for winter in the sound. Going to try and keep it limited to the “must haves”, curious what others have if they have a specific winter specific box for the sound? Next up to tie I have some green and silvers, crazy plankton, squimp, fj pink, bristle worms Justin waters...
  6. J

    Looking for advice: Winter fishing on the Yakima

    Hi folks, I do most of my fishing during the warmer months but I'm itching to fish. I'm coming off of back surgery and will be ready to go late January. My question is... what type of water do you fish (and catch fish) in the colder months? I was thinking of tossing a streamer in water that...
  7. Dave Westburg

    Syd Glasso Spey Patterns

    Some Syd Glasso spey patterns from my winter steelhead fly box. Polar Shrimp Speys Polar Shrimp Speys by Dave Westburg posted Dec 4, 2017 at 12:44 PM Sol Duc Speys, an Orange Heron and some Sol Ducs. Winter Speys by Dave Westburg posted Dec 4, 2017 at 12:44 PM More Sol Duc wet fliesSol Duc...
  8. Craig Hardt

    Winter fly-tying classes

    It’s almost that time of year again: fly-tying class season! Many clubs in the area offer classes but I’m a bit biased being a member of the Evergreen Fly Fishing Club. Starting in January the EFFC will be presenting our annual 12-week fly-tying class. We begin with the basics and work up to...
  9. Adam Saarinen

    Trip Report First winter coastal seatrout trip & new line test!

    This is the line I bought at the start of the year when I got my Sage X 8wt, it's not a bad line but the bird nesting of the running line is horrible, more ruined casts then good ones, used it a few times on the coast in the spring & a couple times last month on the river, think i'll try & sell...
  10. IveofIone

    NFR. Winter starting off badly

    Wed night we saw our first measurable snowfall of about 2''. Most of it melted by Thursday night but Thursday night into Friday morning we got 7'' more and this isn't going to melt. With nighttime temps in the low teens for the next few days it will be sticking around-perhaps till April! It...
  11. Jaymill

    Snoqualmie winter Steelhead run this year?

    Does anyone know if there is a winter Steelhead fishery on the Snoqualmie this year?
  12. para_adams

    FS Winter Bamboo Projects

    SOLD An interesting rod needing cosmetic refinishing but original and sound condition underneath. I'm asking $220 local pickup near Bothell/Mill Creek or $240 shipped. Southbend Cross Double Built #164 8-1/2' HEH This rod needs to have its wraps redone. Otherwise it is in very good condition...
  13. stilly stalker

    Winter is coming..........

    Lysergic prawn. All composite loops except the jungle cock and hackle tips.
  14. IveofIone

    The cold winter claims an old friend

    I made the mistake of leaving my Fishin'Buddy 1101 in the cold side of my barn this winter. When I put new batteries in it and turned it on the screen was garbled and not even the temperature showed. Damn! It was one I bought years ago from a fellow board member and was the perfect companion to...
  15. Jeremy Floyd

    Going winter steelheading, do I need to pre make a bunch of signs?

    @Swimmy Amirite? Kitsakalum, here I come!
  16. Irafly

    Hot Cop and the Guinea Pig A Last Days of Winter Yarn Part 1

    4 months and 4 fish, honestly 4 months and 4 fish. We all have our dry spells, but for me that record equates to drier than a dead dingos donger, last time I fished this dry I lived on a dairy farm and the cows produced nothing but powdered milk, hell, I might even add that it was drier than a...
  17. freestoneangler

    Shoulder Seasons

    Having had the opportunity to fish the extended fall season for the first time and confirming what many kept telling me, I'm now looking forward to the upcoming early shoulder season. Somewhat warmer today at 37F, I spent a little time on the Ruby. One nice thing about tailwaters is the...
  18. X

    FS Well Balanced Winter Steelhead Spey Combo-

    This combo is well balanced and in excellent condition. Selling this as a combo for 400$ or individually as: 200$ for the Echo 3 7130-4 spey rod 150$ for the silver Ross CLA 5 reel comes with backing and opst laazer line 50$ for the Airflo compact 510 gr floating head and Airflo skagit...
  19. X

    FS A Dozen Winter Steelhead Flies

    1 dozen winter steelhead flies for 20$ plus free shipping in WA. These flies are all new and fishy. The black one is not new but it has proven fish catching mojo! Just making room in my box and trying to minimalize. Intruders MOAL Winter Hope AQUA OP Fly Exasperator Etc...
  20. jeff bandy

    2016/17 Winter Fishing Photo Contest

    So, here's the rules; 1. Pic. must be taken by you. 2. Have snow and water. 3. I'll allow last year's, if NOT entered last year! 4. Extra points for; a fish, fisherman, gear, wildlife. 5. Deductions for; cars, roads, structures, mishandled fish or anything that might detract from the Zen...
  21. Augy

    Winter Blues Daily Media

    Thought it would be fun to start a chain thread to share some cool and funny photos, gifs, videos, etc., about fly fishing to lighten things up during this cold dreary winter. Would be fun to login each day to see what other crazy stuff others have posted.
  22. IveofIone

    It Isn't Officially Winter Yet

    ....but it is only 79 days till pitchers and catchers report! The NFL will milk the football season until the first week of Feb but for all intents and purposes the football season will be over in another 6 weeks. Spring training will start a little early next year due to the World Baseball...
  23. Matthew LeBret

    Swap Winter Steelhead Swap

    Kind of sad I have not seen many swaps pop up lately. Few years back I hosted a winter swap and it turned out good. ******FULL****** Stinger, traditional, tubes, weighted, un-weighted all welcome NO BEADS. shoot for single fly with 9 spots (tier ties 8 flies) all stingers, junction tubbing and...
  24. miyawaki

    FS Nextcast Winter Authority 55

    I'm looking for the 7/8 wt line Leland.
  25. featherynorwegien

    Converting Nightmare Jig Pattern To A Fly For Winter Steel?

    I m always trying to convert terminal rigs to flies and highly popular nightmare jig seems like a good candidate. Anyone thought about this at all if so what are some ideas if you look at nightmares they remind me of either a Willy worm or bugger. Would this idea work especially tuning a float rig.
  26. dreamonafly

    Winter Steelhead Line Recommendations

    I have an sage z axis 7100 single handed; been using the two handed only the last 5-6 years; really like to get back and exclusively use my single handed and fish for winter steelhead this winter.. Will be fishing most all the s river and all the op rivers.. Looking to swing only.. so what are...
  27. Jason Chadick

    Winter Ties

    Came up with these at the vise over the last few days. I wanted a classic looking two stage hackle fly, and was inspired by Dec Hogan's coastal prawn. They're tied on McNeese size 1's, I'm hoping they'll catch a few this winter.
  28. Randall Clark

    What's In Your Winter Fly Box?

    whatever you primarily fish for during winter... here's mine... yeah, I'm super organized... :rolleyes:
  29. golfman44

    FS nextcast winter authority

    new in box WA35 450grains. Comes with floating tip. Never even been spooled. $67 shipped paypal.
  30. fisharmy

    What's the CRAZIEST thing you've ever done to revive/save a fish?

    I once stripped down to my underwear and dove after an 8-inch wild brown trout that went belly up in a deep the Delaware River in upstate New January. I successfully got the fish upright and swimming again after a couple of minutes, but, I ended up in the car for hours...
  31. Flyfishinwrangler

    Tactics: Winter vs Summer

    So I have been winter steelheading for around 10 years now and have it pretty dialed for the most part. I am mainly a swing technique guy. I use teeny 200 grain full sinking line. Because of many factors I have never had a chance to do much summer steelheading. I want to change that this year so...
  32. ScottP

    SBS Wonderwing Winter Stonefly SBS

    Wife and I were taking a walk the other day, after a weekend of temps in the 50's, and I saw a number of the little winter stoneflies out and about. I've had real good luck with a dark CDC & Elk but wanted to tie up something a bit thinner in profile; this one takes a just few minutes. Dark...
  33. Winter Spey Box

    Winter Spey Box

    A swingleaf from my box of winter spey flies
  34. Winter Fishing at its finest

    Winter Fishing at its finest

    The Gallatin under some huge snowflakes
  35. A typical GR winter steelhead

    A typical GR winter steelhead

  36. Winter Steelhead

    Winter Steelhead

  37. Yakima rainbow on ice

    Yakima rainbow on ice

  38. Steelie Reflections

    Steelie Reflections

  39. Triple Treat

    Triple Treat

  40. How often do you see doubles?

    How often do you see doubles?

  41. First Cast

    First Cast

  42. Dave also joins the 40 in. club

    Dave also joins the 40 in. club

  43. Bob joins the 40 plus in. club

    Bob joins the 40 plus in. club

  44. Bruiser Buck

    Bruiser Buck

  45. Doubles anyone?

    Doubles anyone?

  46. Another successful release

    Another successful release

  47. Sauk Sweetie

    Sauk Sweetie

  48. Winter Trout

    Winter Trout

  49. My first Steelie

    My first Steelie

  50. Driftin the Yak...

    Driftin the Yak...