xp for mod 2020

  1. Steelhead ©

    Thanks for your support. I'm stepping UP as moderator

    I've been waiting for this moment. I will bring the much needed help and support to this forum and if needed lay down the Ban Hammer. I'm here to keep WashingtonFlyFishing.com great. I've heard from many of you and I'm glad to have your endorsements. A big thank you to Jerry and Mumbles for...
  2. matchu865

    What’s the most dignified way to fish a bead?

    My first controversial thread. Thread says it all: 1/ Under a bobber (indicator) attached to a fly line & rod. 2/ Under a float (bobber) with a gear rod 3/ Under a float (bobber) with a centerpin rod 4/ It’s undignified and one should only swing flies. My thinking is the 4/ is ideal, 1/ is...