1. liem.salim

    Hike and Fish the Yakima.

    I have recently move to Washington (Bremerton area) from Montana. I love earning my fish rather than drive, park, fly fish, repeat. I am looking for a trail or area that I would be able to hike a couple of miles and fly fish that is away from the road and away from people. I do not have a boat...
  2. Spg

    Yakima short trip

    I will be in Yakima for work at the end of June and planning to sneak off for a few hours on the river mid-afternoon. I have been doing some research on locations within roughly half an hour drive, and it seems that the section up to Umptanum would be a good option with multiple access points...
  3. A

    A quick question about The Yakima

    Set Đồ du lịch phương pháp chăm nom chân mày sau khi phun sẽ mang ảnh hưởng rất lớn tới kết quả sau cùng. - Bể cá thường dùng kính sở hữu độ dày là 12 ly. Người sở hữu nốt ruồi trước cổ thường là người không mấy may mắn, hay bị người khác hãm hại, gặp kẻ tiểu nhân. mọi lúc bạn sử dụng thuốc thì...
  4. orangeradish

    Open seat 4/19 Yakima

    Last minute... Meet in E-burg around lunchtime. Figure out a float, and get after it. Camping tonight, welcome to join us.
  5. J

    FS Thinking of selling my cabin on Yakima river

    Hi folks. Thinking of selling my cabin on the Yakima River in Cle Elum. My family doesn't enjoy it as much as I do so it has been used primarily as a fishing cabin for me... During the summer I use it nearly every weekend. I am the second owner. Here are the details along with a few...
  6. BDD

    Yakima River Rafting with Boys

    My second boy just got back home this past weekend after spending two years in Armenia doing church work. My oldest boy and his wife (who got married while boy #2 was gone) flew out from the east coast for the homecoming. We wanted to go out and do a little reunion fishing. Our first couple of...
  7. D

    Split Guide Trip on Yakima River

    Anyone looking for someone to split a trip this week or next week on the Yak? $150 per person If so drop me an email... [email protected]
  8. Northern

    Yakima/Union Gap area heads-up

    Hey y'all, There are news stories warning of a mudslide risk above I82 just south of Union Gap. It could be minor or it could bury I82 and possibly impinge on the river - see the attached articles and keep an eye on the ridge if you head that way...
  9. J

    Looking for advice: Winter fishing on the Yakima

    Hi folks, I do most of my fishing during the warmer months but I'm itching to fish. I'm coming off of back surgery and will be ready to go late January. My question is... what type of water do you fish (and catch fish) in the colder months? I was thinking of tossing a streamer in water that...
  10. P

    Newbie question - Yakima river in March

    I am looking at coming up to WA and spending a couple of days trying out a Catchercraft SRB with the intention of buying one if I like it. I want to get 2 full days on a loaner before I make a decision over some of the other boats I am looking at. Mid-late March is a good time for me and the...
  11. Greg Price

    Found On Yakima River

    You recognize any of these people? I found their electronic device on a boat ramp on the yak last month. It looked like it was in the river for a while, but i was able to retrieve pics. I would like to re unit them with their pics and possibly their electronic device.
  12. McNasty

    Yakima BLM access

    Just want to give yak bank anglers a heads up, I guess as of a couple weeks ago all BLM sights in the canyon require a pass/fee in order to touch the property. Which means that any place you usually park on the road and walk through to the water is now considered trespassing without the pass. So...
  13. NickTIG

    yakima river camping

    is there anywhere to pull in a rig with the boat to car camp besides the usual campgrounds in the canyon. me and a couple buddy are trying to go up Saturday fish all day then camp and fish Sunday. i know its a holiday weekend but I'm trying to make this trip happen. if anybody knows a place in...
  14. joelals

    Wade fishing the Yakima River or rivers near Yakima

    Hey guys I live up in Spokane and am headed to Yakima for a few days. Any pointers on points of access for wade fishing the Yak? If you have any other suggestions for wadeable rivers in the Yakima area I'm open. Thanks for the help.
  15. francis james hunnycut

    FS glass 6w Fischer blank

    Hand wrapped glass 6w on Fischer blank. Old school. 2pc. 8' built by deceased yakima guide, Larry Graham. This rod is old, but in very good condition. $150
  16. francis james hunnycut

    FS glass 6w Fischer blank

    Hand wrapped glass 6w on Fischer blank. Old school. 2pc. 8' built by deceased yakima guide, Larry Graham. This rod is old, but in very good condition. $150
  17. Mark Buick

    FS Yakima Saddles and Rollers

    I have two complete sets of Yakima Saddles and Rollers. Perfect for securing a pontoon boat or Kayak to your roof. $150 for both sets.
  18. B

    I want to float the Yakima from Ensign Ranch to Bullfrog

    I want to float this stretch of the Yakima above Cle Elam in the next few days. Does anyone know if you can get into the Ensign launch and then take out at Bullfrog? I know access at both sights has been an issue because of snowpack. Thanks!
  19. swanny17

    FS Yakima Outdoorsman Towers

    I've got a pair of Yakima Outdoorsman Towers with all the mounting hardware, they were on my Silverado. No longer have the truck so no longer need the towers. Asking $100 obo. https://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/pts/5986669577.html
  20. Derek Young

    Yakima River Headwaters T U Chapter Summer Internships

    The Trout Unlimited Chapter based in Roslyn, WA is seeking two interns for the summer of 2017 (June-August). Here's an idea of what we're looking for: Communications - The ideal candidate will be pursuing a degree path in Public Relations, Journalism, or similar. The duties will be to design...
  21. Randy Lindahl

    5 Favorite Yakima River Flies

    I will be doing a series of 5 small oil paintings for our new rental. I'll be putting a fly on each canvas and am asking for your help. What is your favorite fly or flies for fishing the Yakima?
  22. dfg

    Yakima Info

    I floated the canyon the last two Saturdays - once from Red's to the slab and once from Ringer to Red's. We started out nymphing, in anticipation of switching over to drys later in the day. On both days we - and pretty much everyone we spoke with on the river - noticed very little action (read...
  23. Greg Smith

    Yakima River Cleanup October 15th

    Worley Bugger Fly Co. is proud to announce "The Tim Irish Memorial Yakima River Clean Up & Food Drive-2016". Saturday October 15th 2016 9:00 am to 6 pm. If you plan to attend the river clean up, please call or email the pro-shop. We like to keep the event organized as well as knowing how many...
  24. SeattleFarq

    Upper Yakima

    I'm going to be camping at Lake Easton State Park this weekend and have a hall pass to hassle fish on Saturday while everyone else goes wine tasting. I'm looking for someone who would be willing to give me a few pointers on how to most efficiently use my time (I might only have a couple hours...
  25. Jerry Daschofsky

    Fyi For Those Thinking Of Fishing The Yakima This Weekend

    Saturday September 10th we will be holding the PHWFF 2 Fly Event. We'll be clobbering from the KOA to Rosa with 24 boats. That's not including the guides working as well. Just a heads. Friday and Sunday you're in the clear.
  26. Wayne Kohan

    FS Outcast Discovery Trekker and Yakima rack system

    I am moving soon, just a couple mile away, but am taking this opportunity to go through a lot of stuff in my house and garage that I am really not using. My wife and I have been donating a lot of stuff to our church's semi-annual yard sale, but I have a couple of items I thought I would post...
  27. Randy Lindahl

    Mega Float on the Yakima

    We took our new DB out for the first time by ourselves between Big Horn and Roza on the Yakima and were surprised by the many rubber hatches. The gentleman at Big Horn told us they are expecting over 1,000 rafters next weekend. We also saw people screaming for help as they were passing the Roza...
  28. scottr

    Ringer to Mahre's - Be safe on the river.

    Floated Ringer to Mahre's yesterday (Saturday 7/9/16), it was a surreal day but not because of the fishing. River was running fast with flows bumped up to 4500 CFS a couple days ago. We put it at Ringer around 9:45. There were two drift boat ahead of us and another behind plus a large group of...
  29. Buck

    Another Yakima fishing report.

    Thursday 7/7/16 Fished the Yakima today. Drove from Seattle to Leavenworth for the night. Got up early, about 6am. I got ready, got the thermos with coffee, got food, etc, ..hit the road. I drove to the fly shop and set up a shuttle. Today, Ringer to Umtanum. Got to the put in and the first...
  30. Derek Young

    Yakima River ShuttleSnap July Promo!

    Best shuttle crew on the Yakima, from Ensign to Roza and all points between! $20 shuttles through June, and a cool drawing in July for a $50 gas card, $25 car wash coupons, and $25 Winegars Homemade Ice Cream & Coffee certificate! Thanks for choosing us for your shuttles! Sign up today via...
  31. mtskibum16

    First Time on the Yakima - Quick Report

    I remember looking at "Fly Fishing Washington" type books about 8 years ago before moving here, and planning to fish the Yakima regularly. Well after being here all this time, I finally fished the Yak for the first time this past weekend. I was invited by a friend with a raft (hopefully the...
  32. Luke77

    5/27 Yakima River open seat

    Drop me a line if you're interested in fishing tomorrow. It'll likely be an all day float, so plan accordingly. If you have any questions let me know. Seat 1 - Ribka Seat 2 - *open*
  33. J

    Article Yakima River Fly Fishing

    Yakima River Fly Fishing - A River of All Seasons Article by Jack Mitchell - The Evening Hatch Guide Service A success story it has been and lets hope it continues. It is the jewel right in our back yard. It is a river for all seasons; The Yakima. Scaling from the forested East slope of the...
  34. Yakima trout on a skwala dry

    Yakima trout on a skwala dry

    Besides the steelhead, I lost a big trout today around 18", not sure if it was on the skwala dry or the BWO sparkle dun dropper. But I did land this RB on a store bought skwala dry. I gave it a little twitch and she nailed it. It's 16 inches from the rod butt to the end of the thread...
  35. Big Yakima hen

    Big Yakima hen

    Another shot of the third trout that I got on the Yakima; a 20+ hen on a size 16 lightning bug.
  36. Upper Yakima - Best fish of the day

    Upper Yakima - Best fish of the day

  37. Bhuda on the Yakima

    Bhuda on the Yakima

    Bhuda on the Yakima.
  38. Upper Yak

    Upper Yak

  39. on_the_yak


    we drifted through this section on pontoon boats
  40. upper yakima

    upper yakima

    yakima river in the upper section
  41. Joe stipping a streamer

    Joe stipping a streamer

  42. big stone above diversion dam

    big stone above diversion dam

  43. above Diversion dam

    above Diversion dam

  44. Classic Trout--desktop quality

    Classic Trout--desktop quality

  45. March brown sipper

    March brown sipper

  46. Did they really do that?

    Did they really do that?

  47. Yakima Farmlands Bull Trout

    Yakima Farmlands Bull Trout

  48. Biggest Yakima rainbow yet

    Biggest Yakima rainbow yet

  49. Yakima Rainbow on a skulpin

    Yakima Rainbow on a skulpin

  50. Yakima below Roza 12/13/03

    Yakima below Roza 12/13/03