1. Proud Dad

    FS Youth waders & felt sole boots (2 prs.)

    Our kids have outgrown these, so it's time to get them to someone else to get some good out of them. Had a couple years where we didn't make it out, so the waders are like new. Boots still have lots of trips left in them, too. White River waders (medium) - like new condition - We never used...
  2. Proud Dad

    Trip Report Successful youth trout fishing trip

    Finally made it back to one of our favorite fishing spots last week and kids had a lot of fun catching & releasing trout. (For those not familiar with it, Dry Run Creek is near Mountain Home, AR and is for youth anglers under 16 years of age and is catch & release only. (single barbless hook)...
  3. webba

    WTB Youth Wading Boots For 8 Year Old

    Looking to buy a pair of wading boots for a 8 year old, he wears shoes (a 6.5 in womens, boys size 5). This will be his first pair, nothing fancy needed just trying to get him hooked on the sport.
  4. Limnos

    NFR Ross Journey Youth Kid Fly Fishing Set Up

    Anyone know what happened to the Ross Journey Youth fly fishing kid Ross Reels used to put together for kids? Did they discontinue them? They got great reviews and I'd like to look at one for my son. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Todd
  5. Album Cover

    Album Cover

    Looks like the album cover from faith + 1, cartmans amazing christian band from south park, yo. Photo Props- Jane Wilson
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