What flies do you swing for trout?

I have a ton of 24 hour duty days this month. I am tying flies for my swinging box and I would like to gather some ideas from you all. Here is what I have so far.. Pleas post pics of your, if you don't mind me trying to mimic them. Thanks everyone!!!


Next 24 hour duty day I am thinking of small calf tails...
Take a look at some of the sculpins Thomas Mitchell tied that Mcnasty has posted. That recent trophy wife pattern looks good. Check out the belly dancer pattern. I prefer to tie and swing/strip cone or bead headed bunny and marabou leeches with stinger hooks.

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Orange and fl. Flame marabou cone head on a tube. Small summer run steel size with #4 stinger has caught several trout for me. All on accident, but works :)

HOW IS THIS FOR A SOFT HACKLE? 6/0 black thread, black rabbit fur, shiny rib, some sort of hackle..

I typically tie smaller flies when fishing for trout. Mainly because when I am at home I fish the smaller river and avoid the larger ones. The larger ones are usually to far or I'm just to lazy. Also, the largest trout I have eve caught was on a size 18 hook. This is my 23in brown!!! image.jpg


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Here is the recipe.
Tail/wing/chin. All ringneck pheasant rump
Body. Ice Dub brushed out. NO wire rib though on my steelhead ones I do
Also about 8-15 raps of lead. Up to you on size. I go .025
Hook. Daiichi 1750. Or any 4x long streamer hook.

For salmon/steelhead I go with an alec Jackson