Boat Cover for NRS Freestone Drifter


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I just picked up my new Freestone drifter from NRS in Moscow on Friday. They do not currently make a cover for the boat. I am planning on keeping it assembled and on a trailer the majority of the time so I'm essentially looking for a cover for a 14 ft. drift boat. Not looking to break the bank but I would like to get something of quality that will last. Any tips or leads on where I might find one are greatly appreciated.


And yes, the boat rocks! Handled Class III rapids in Idaho like they were nothing and fishes like a dream floating 3 guys. Tons of interior space and a dream to row. More to follow later on all of that, for now, I'm just looking for a cover.

Thanks a ton and tight lines,



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Yeah. What Luke said. How are you going to post a pic, and not give a detailed review of an odd/new/cool boat? Are you some kind of monster?

Derek Young

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Other than a custom made, IMHO you'll have better luck with a hard boat company versus a raft builder, due to the dimensions. Strange that they wouldn't make a cover for it.


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Thanks Derek, I'm thinking the same thing. A review is forth coming, I promise. Just got home late last night and I'm swamped today.

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You might 5C's boat covers in Oregon. I don't know what "breaks the bank," but Elaine makes great boat covers. I couldn't be happier with the one she made for my Koffler pram; very well-constructed & the service was quick, too.
I agree. Got mine from her and it fits perfect on my custom 8' pram. Like a glove. She did some extra stitching to fit my raised oars with button holes.
She measured it on a trip to Oregon and on the way back home picked it up.
It is on my pram all the time since it fits in the back of my pickup most of the year.


Tights Lines
Jim and Mark, thanks for the intel. I spoke with Elaine yesterday and apparently she made a cover for a Freestone a couple weeks ago. I know NRS has one in the works too, but I'm going with Elaine. She said her turnaround time is about a week which I was very impressed with.

Thanks again and tight lines! Full review of the boat to come soon