indicators in fly only water?

a LOT of those locals went catch and release DECADES ago.

Have you talked to these people? Actually learned about what it took to get that river designated?

Seriously. Gimme a fucking break. Antiquated ideas of catch and kill abound no matter what water. I can tell you that a lot of the people that fought for that river kept VERY few of the fish they caught.
Some of you say you don't care, yet continue poking the bear. Is it any surprise that Ira is put on the defensive by some of the asinine comments coming from the same damn people thread to thread? If it's not direct name-calling, it's this internet passive aggressive bullshit. Being that I probably nymph a little bit more than I swing for steelhead, and I'm not speaking for anyone other than myself, I think one of the rubs is the lumping of bank anglers who nymph and are cognizant of others around them with the "typical" guide who side drifts their clients through every run on the river. Personally, I've had plenty of negative interactions from all types of fishermen (was low-holed last year--as in they stepped in about 20' below me--by not one, but TWO spey anglers). But 90% of the time, people are really cool out on the river. If I were judging solely on the shitty content of some of the posters here, the other 10% like to post here.

As far as indicators on fly only water, I'm fine with them not being allowed. But then again, perhaps they should do away with sink tips as well due to the "unfair" advantage.
Dude, what did I just read? Lot of caterhatin going on. I see the deal with not using the bobber though in fly only water. Besides, I'll just rope chromers in normal water with my go go magic bad ass bead kit. Nobody at the hatchery hole calls me out.