"Tractor style" Low/High Back Seat w/Drain Hole vs. Padded Angler style Pontoon seats?

I'm just curious if any of you have effectively "upgraded" the padded boat seat on your pontoon boat to a whitewater/tractor style low or high back seat with drain hole? I was at a drift this weekend and a guy had a raft with an NRS style low back one and so I tried it out and found even with the low back nature it was pretty comfortable. My understanding is these are a little bit more robust for whitewater use on top of the drain hole to effectively drain water out. While my current stock padded seat is decent I've found it tends to hold water for a while at times. I would probably have to custom make an aluminum bracket to work with my Pac 1100 frame's mounts because the Low back seats have a longer & wider bolt pattern (I believe it's 7 x 7.5" vs 5.25 x 5.25" if I'm not mistaken). Also, does anyone know of an adapter style mount that might work to mount it to my frame or? Part of the reason I want to do this is for the "cool factor" on top of having a more robust seat, the other part is the drain hole would be a slight upgrade, and the other reason is my brother might need a seat on his 'toon at some point as one of the mounting points on a Pac 1000 boat he just picked up used on the stock seat is stripped slightly. The other 3 mounts are pretty tight but it's only a matter of time I figure before he'll need a new seat so...

Here is my current stock boat seat as an example: http://www.aire.com/aire/products/accessories.aspx?cat=16&id=156

Here is a Low Back w/drain hole seat: http://www.aire.com/aire/products/accessories.aspx?cat=16&id=165

Here is a High Back w/drain hole seat: http://www.aire.com/aire/products/accessories.aspx?cat=16&id=364

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