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Ed Call

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I don't know Keith (Methow) or Kim. I do know tough times. You may have read they lost their home and possessions in the wildfire. They also lost their pets. This sale is to benefit them. Working out payment preferences so they get the most and easiest for their needs.

Simms backpack and front/sling attachment. I've packed it to see how things fit but never used it. $150
Redington Classic Trout 9044 (9' 4wt 4pc). Gently used in sock and tube. $100
Redington Classic Trout 8634 (8'6" 3wt 4pc). Unused in plastic, sock and tube. $100 Steve Call

I was planning on selling these for myself. This cause is much more important. No trades or haggling. You may find these things at bit cheaper elsewhere online, but buying there will not help one of our members.

I will ship at your expense or find a face to face option. Most important will be to get needed funds to Methow in the manner most convenient for him and Kim.

Thanks! Ed image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

Thomas Williams

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I've got a Beulah Platinum 696-4 in great condition with tube and warranty card. 250$ Ill throw in a mint SA GPX WF6F as well and I'll donate it all the Keith and Kim. I don't know them either but if I can help them I will. Just pm me and let me know.

"Only when the last tree has been felled, the last river poisoned and the last fish caught, man will know that he cannot eat money."
The shop will gladly donate as well, good cause, shame that things like this happen to good folks.

Here's a Fishpond Westwater Guide Lumbar Pack, brand new, retail $140, let's get this out the door for $100 to get it moving and money in their pockets. I guess make the check out to Ed Call and send to him, or do a face-to-face here at the shop.

Good cause here, thanks Ed for getting this rolling, don't know the family but I'm certain that this will be appreciated, as little as it may be in the face of such a tragedy.



Ed Call

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Steve, 3wt is yours. I'm still working on payment details through friends of Keith's. want to get it to him as smooth as possible!

Thomas, thanks for adding to the thread!

Dan, thanks! As soon as we firm up payment options I will update this thread.

Lets keep it rolling and growing. I will do my best to keep on top of the thread.
I have a 5wt. 4pc. Allen "myth" series rod I'll put in the mix. This was a client rod for a year and has been on the water maybe 15 times at best. The cork shows a fair amount of wear but the rod is in great shape. I've got a lot going today but I'll put up some pics tomorrow. Comes with original sock & tube. $100
Arrange payment through Ed (hope this is ok Ed?) and when he tells me it's good I'll ship it to you for free.


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I enjoy building rod and have a few blanks that I could build up. So I will donate one rod to the cause. The price will be $150 shipped all proceeds to the cause. You can have what ever you like on the label. A few blanks that I could build are -
- Pac Bay rainforest II - 9' 5wt 3pc nice blank will come with single foot guides. I have built a few of these and they are nice.
- Cabela's pt+ 8'6" 4pc 4wt. This is a nice medium action rod and built in the US buy St. Criox ( I actually have one build up with great components)
- Cascade 9' 6wt -either 3 or 4pc ?, These are us blanks and the company is no longer in business. Feels like a nice medium action rod.
- Lamiglas - 9' 2pc 5wt - looks like a really nice blank

I may have a tube for some, but will come with a sock for sure. You will need to give me 2 or 3 weeks to complete

You can search the rod building forum for some pictures of a few rods I built. Please pm me for info or if you would like to proceed.

Todd Robbins

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I've got an XS yellow north face base camp duffel bag. Practically brand new. Pics here http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/forum/index.php?threads/cleaning-camping-closet.99722/
Was going to try and trade it but this is far more important and is the best way I can help out right now. I grew up in Manson so this one hits close to home.

$50 plus shipping sounds about right to get it sold quick and get the funds to those in need. Thanks.

PM sent, thanks.
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