SBS Lawson's Henry's Fork Foam Golden Stone SBS


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Bit of a change from the traditional HF Stone (the one pictured below is actually a Gerath Golden Stone, which is basically the same fly without a tail)

New and improved version is pretty much a Chubby with a modified front end. Colors are unlike any goldens I've run across but Mr. Lawson knows a great deal more than I do.

hook - Mustad 9672 #8
thread - UTC 140 burnt orange
egg sac - Krystal Flash black
underbody - Spectrablend antron ginger
body - 2mm foam cinnamon
wing - EP Fibers golden olive
legs - Sili Legs barred pumpkin
cowling - 1mm foam brown (with help)

mash barb, wrap front of shank with thread

tie in 1mm foam (gap width); didn't have brown, but Sharpie saved the day

tie in KF, fold/wrap back to point above barb

dub thread, dub body; finish where you started

taper 2mm foam (gap width); tie in

tie in wing; fold back

tie in rear legs; dub tie in

add a little more dubbing and move to the front

tie down 2mm foam

repeat wing sequence

trim 2mm foam even with eye; fold 1mm foam over and tie down

add front legs

dub tie-in, half hitch x 2, SHHAN; trim legs, wing, sac