Trout Pond

I have a small pond in my yard about 300 gallons and I put two 10" inch rainbows in it. The only natural forage for the trout in the pond
is chironomids and a few blood worms and an ocasional moth, ant, cranefly or beetle. I was going to go to some more furtal waters and collect some differnt bugs to put in my pond to reproduce and feed the trout like maybe scuds, mayflies, caddis and other bugs. You should see these things grab a worm there like pirahnas. I have also seen them crusing around the pond taking chironomid pupas. It sure is cool to see how these fish feed and behave. Anyone out there have any suggestions on types of bugs to put in my well circulated 2 foot deep pond? :DUNNO


Dragonfly nymphs if you can get them. Also, maybe some type of minnow (smaller trout, sunfish, perch) so they can have a really high protein diet. Maybe you could add frogs and snails. Trout will eat these also and they are a great source of protein. Good luck.
Sounds like a man-made asthetic feature pond. Are you really considering hand-picking nymphs? I think that you're a funny guy.

Streams are made for the wise man to contemplate and fools to pass by.
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I am not going to be picky and selective like just going after size 18 olive mayflies.I just wanted to know what you guys think I should put in the pond for forage for the trout. I want to set it up so it is as natural as possible. I was hoping a few guys out there would have an idea of what kind of forage to put in the pond for the trout.


300 gallons? How big is that? Is it big enough to sustain a population of bugs without the fish eating ALL of them or will you have to gather bugs for your trout every day? just wondering.

PS. Have you gotten all of the flies yet?
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Fish on!
It's big enough to sustain bugs plus I have another 350 gallon pond right next to the one with trout and there are no bug eating fish in the other pond so there would always be bugs in the water.

I have only recieved flies from one person so far. Where are everyones flies mine have been ready since tuesday.


Know you can have your Catch and Release everyday without leaving your backyard! Just need a creek or river flow going in or out of your pond now... Cool :THUMBSUP
:BIGSMILE I have raised rainbow trout in a small pond in my back yard that is about 500 gallons, what I would suggest doing, is to go to your local lake and gets some plants off the bottom, they sould hold quit a few inmature insects. I did this and mine pond now has a fair population of scuds and snails, also you could try putting some night crawls unders the rocks, the one have thrown in that have been missed by my trout have establish a fair population in my pond. Watch out for hot day and algea blooms in the pond, they can be devasting to trout.

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