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Hareline just released a product announcement for the tester. They are marketing the display to shops and not necessarily private tiers.

I don't need anything that fancy... a bathtub or aquarium is fine for me.

Besides, what the patterns look like to humans doesn't means squat if fish don't try to eat it. What we see is not always the same as do the fish. I tied some patterns that looked great in the water ... to me. They didn't catch squat.

The true test is a field test. If fish try to eat the pattern... it works. It doesn't really matter that much as to what the fly looks like in the water to us.


Guess none of us will be buying one of the fly testers anytime soon...

Besides, I rather watch how fish react to fly patterns than how fly patterns react to water...
Leaf blower isn't going to show how the materials will react when wet. Ostrich herl for example, looks great dry. No where near the same wet. Sink or glass of water works for me.


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I made this one for myself. Used fish tank $15.00, pump $80.00, cleat tubing $30.00, hardware to put it all tighter about $5.00.$130 + my time. It will show you if your fly is balanced correctly or turns over when you strip. I had that problem whin I tried a man made fur, it didn't act the same as buck tail. It will also tell you if the Clouser eyes are turned to one side. I'm in Poulsbo WA if anyone would like to stop by and give it a try. image.jpg it will not tell you if the fish will take your fly, but you will at least let you see how it swims. You should see what a correctly tied flat wing looks like as it swims in the current.

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