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In fairness it has been several years since I have seen you at Orvis. Four or five years ago when I bought my first Poppers from you and you explained how to cast/strip them to me. Before that you fitted me for my first Orvis waders...2000, 2001, 2002 ? No idea. I'll be back probably this early fall...time for new waders. Had two pairs from Orvis and they are top notch in my book. Other visits to Orvis you were absent.


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bandy, you nailed it in a sense, cure or treatment is getting out, camping, hiking, fly fishing, etc. and absolving your mind of everything that might be considered important. I love being out on multi day trips and eventually having know idea of time or what day it is. Life is simple then. Life is good then.


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The first time I met Leland, he and Jason straight up laughed at me for wanting to start fly-fishing for steelhead. I started anyway, and just look at all the chromers I've roped! Hahahaha!

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the only reason jim teeny pattented his teeny nymph was to keep commercial entities from copying it and profitting from it ,he always encoraged the private guys that tie their own flies though

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