Naches mud

Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
Jebus!, I just drove over the Naches today and it's completely blown to mud. Must have been more rain than I thought up in the foothills yesterday.

It looks like most of the bump in flows came from the Little Naches and the Tieton, so more than one cell.

I was just enjoying snorkeling last week in the clear and almost comfy mid 60s water last week.


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I wondered, saw the Yakima today in town and it's chocolate milk. Didn't figure it was coming from the Yakima though.
Tons of rain and tons of lightning strikes. The rivers were clearing as of 1700 this evening. Fishable saturday? Maybe... we will see. We got at least a half inch of rain in the mountains. It flat out pissed up there.
My son and I started at the confluence (Naches and Tieton) and fished up a few miles yesterday, nothing interested and it looked like chocolate milk. We decided to go up the Tieton and hit a few spots, what an excellent choice that was. Plenty of hungry fish and a few with some weight behind them.


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Hit up the Naches yesterday a bit below Cliffdell and had a good day. Water clarity was a bit off but not too bad. The flows were good and the fish were willingly. Caught mostly small bows and cutts on a hopper/dropper set up but did manage to swing up this guy with a sculpzilla. Beautiful fish and put a hefty bend in the 4wt. It was my first time on the Naches, another fantastic resource in our great state. I'll be heading back soon.


Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
There are no big fish in the Naches. They all got killed by the landslide. Also the snakes are really bad. Poison oak, nettles, yellow jackets. Ticks as thick as ticks! The locals never have seen "Deliverance", they're living it. Everyone from Seattle would be better off fishing the Yakima. From a boat.

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