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The GT apparently stands for "Go To". Designed to "imitate natural mayflies struggling from their shucks on and below the surface" (pulled that of the MFC site). Looks to me like Rich forgot to tie the tail in first and is just covering up his mistake; nice save. Tied here in PMD colors; change to suit your needs.

hook - Dai Riki 125 #16
thread - MFC 8/0 light olive
shuck - biot PMD
tail - hackle fibers ginger
wing post - Congo Hair white
hackle - ginger
thorax - Spectrablend PMD

mash barb, start thread and wrap halfway down the bend

moisten biot; I prefer the raised rib so I tie it in notch-side down

wrap biot to point above point and tie off

even tips on some hackle fibers, measure for length (gap width past bend) and tie in

tie in a hank of CH; post and tie in hackle, shiny side out

dub thread, dub thorax

wrap hackle down the post, cup side up

tie off hackle at base of post; take one thread wrap through thorax, half hitch x 2 at eye, SHHAN

stick a fork in it


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