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Amazing, inspiring and a bit sad at the same time... we're all under going carbon dating, so get all the fishing in you can before it gets to this point.


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Last year I bumped into an older Gentleman who was using crutches to get back to the lot at Lenice. He said he was in his 80's and he was having knee issues. He had his tube on his back, his fins attached to his crutches and had his rod strapped to the tube. It was blowing in the mid to high teens and he said it was too tough to kick into. I offered to help him get his stuff back to the lot and asked me "why I would mistake him for a bait fisherman". My hat is off to him and people like him that go to nearly any length to fish.

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Smells like low tide.
I like it! This sot of thing could be in my future. Don't laugh, it could also be in yours!
Right now I just dug out my telescoping hiking poles. Ordered a 6-pc Stowaway 8.5' 4wt backpacking rod. It will fit inside my day pack. This is just for easy day-hikes back into go fishing.

On my estuaries, lakes, and tidal creeks, I might have to go easy on the paddling and get some kind of lightweight stitch'n glue hybrid pram/skiff and go back to electric power.:eek:

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No, I use a cane to get around with.

My battery died on my ATV one time. I had to hoof it back home from the park. About a mile. Since I was riding my ATV, I left my cane at home. I had to stop about every 100 yards or so to rest my bad back. It took me about a hour to walk that mile. Now when ever I go some place on it, I take my cane along with.

But when I fish I'm not to far from my Truck so I don't need the cane to move around.


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The next time someone starts to complain about the wind, weather, difficult conditions then they need to look at that photo again and see how easy we have it.

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