Names of two best beaches for sea-run cutthroat and coho in Marine Area 13

This post is in respond to naming beaches in a recent post;) !

The two best sea-run cutthroat beaches in Marine Area 13 are: (1) Yellow Sign(cuz there was a yellow sign on a tree which is now gone) and (2) pink house pt.(cuz there was a house under construction and it had pink wrap around it before siding was put on).

The two best coho beaches in Marine Area 13 are: (1) Rowboat pt.(cuz once there was a fly fisher in a rowboat there) and Sailboat beach(cuz a sail boat use to be bouyed there).

Seriously, my fishing buddies and I use code names for fishing locations since it is easier to tell/explain which beaches are fishing best. Plus, it is easier to make entries in my fishing journal of what was happening at specific beashes each outing. I have a map and legend which shows and names all of my fishing locations. But I would have to be on my "death bed" to freely give out names and locations:p .

A couple of more appropriate fishing name locations are: Moon beach(cuz a shoreline homeowner yelled at us for fishing out of my boat in front of his property so we mooned him as we left). Whiz point north and south(cuz they were the only places in Hale Passage that we could go ashore to take a piss away from any homes).

I am sure that most of you have given your own names to many of your fishing locations.


Tacoma Red

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Rock Beach
Sand Beach
Shell Beach

Hah 3 beaches!

And a bonus...
Crowd Beach

Still looking for Topless Beach but the only one I've found in the PNW is in Victoria. Damm Canadians!!!! St. Marten not so bad tho.


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Many years ago at the marina I worked at the standing joke reply to the oft-asked question about "where did you catch 'em?" was either "Myrtle's Inlet" or "Point No Fish"!


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I have frequently fish Point No Fish - great place to practice casting!

As for Topless Beach, Chester Allen writes about one in his excellent SRC book.
Red Buoy Point on BI had been red hot for SRC's feeding on pink and chum smolts. Millions of smolts lead to the best fishing I have had in years, maybe ever. The smolts have moved on and so have the cuffs. Not too worried about crowds in a couple of years. There is no shore access.

Dan Cuomo

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Topless Beach would be Evergreen Beach. that place is too funny. Years ago, while fishing from my sit-on-top kayak I gave a lift from one part of that beach to another, to a naked women and her daughter after they'd gotten stranded by a particlarly high tide.