Experimental PMD Emerger - success

I finally had a chance to field-test an experimental PMD emerger I dreamt up last year. I started getting tons of strikes and eliminated the refusals I was seeing before I tied it on. I landed a mess of fish on this fly yesterday evening.

CDC Bubble-back PMD Emerger


Hook: #16 TMC 2487
Tail: Pheasant Tail
Rib: One strand of pearl flashabou, twisted tight into a thin cord.
Body: Pheasant tail
Wing Case: Pearl flashabou, enlarged loopback
Under Wing Case: Natural CDC
Thorax: Peacock
Thread: Black

The idea is that the bubble is an enlarged loopback of pearl flashabou, with CDC under it as a loopback also, tied so the ends stick out like legs... this "bubble" traps a ton of air, resulting in a fly that just floats with the bubble in the film. It works great, is visible, floats when dry. But the real proof was in the pudding, tons of strikes and fish landed when they were being finicky and showing many refusals to other patterns.



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Awesome tie.....I was into some fussy browns sipping PMD emergers in the lower surface film recently. Would have loved to try that one. I also dig your use of CDC as usual....you got me hooked on it last year.
That's the way it's done, good on ya! Have you tried different colors? Purple?
Ha! Purple! As much as that color is effective (eg purple haze) I wouldn't sully this pattern with it.

However, now that I've verified it's effectiveness for PMD hatches I plan to do some variations, like a bubble-back pattern for baetis emergers... olive biot body and a cream antron shuck.

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