Largemouth & spinning rod

Chad Lewis

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So, I've been hitting it pretty hard this year for largemouth on a fly. I've tried every presentation I've read about and can think of bit there's just not much going on. I know some of you folks dabble in the black art of spin fishing. I know how one works, but that's about it. Recommendations? What lures/jigs/plastics? Line? Should I really be considering a bait caster? I'm hoping that getting some experience with gear will translate into better catching with a fly rod.

I need to catch largemouth. At this point it's a pride thing.


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they are possibly the most aggressive predator in fresh water. i doubt your fly/technique is the problem if you are throwing the things you've been told to throw. i'd focus more on the where and when of it, that may be why you aren't having success.


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When I was too young to know enough to be a native fish species snob, a friend at the ranch I worked at taught me a little about LM bass fishing. I bought a knuckle-buster bait casting reel made by True Temper (reels with star drag thingies were a tad on the expensive side, and this reel had a lot in common with hammers and other tools made by TT.). Topwater plugs near lily pads or overhanging cover along the shoreline was my favorite way to fish and catch bass.

Never have fly fished for bass, but have caught a couple accidentally while trout fishing in lakes.

Chatt I am not sure of the technique you are using but I have taken a bunch of Largemouth useing an unweighted wooly bugger, grease the crap out of it so it will stay on the surface, make long, slow pulls while twiching the tip of your rod. I have found this works best early morning and just before sunset. I like white with a little crystal flash but have also used black, purple and olive with good succes. If done right the bass with explode on the surface more often then not.......hope this helps :)

Bruce Baker

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When I gear fish for bass in the pond in my parents' neighborhood, the go-to lure for me is a Senko worm. I have also used a Mister Twister grub tail on a jig head, but it was not as successful as the worm.

If you tie flies or know someone that does, perhaps you can create a Senko like pattern and give that a go.

Jim Ficklin

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As hot as it's been, Chad I'd throw topwater plugs just before & into dark. Fish are largely out of the backwaters & in deeper water during the day. I like 7' one-piece medium heavy rods for plastic baits/plugs/and topwater lures and a softer rod for Rapalas. I prefer 14# Fireline on the heavy rod &10# on my Rapala rod. I make go back to mono next year & spool-up 14# red Cajun line; uv isn't supposed to affect it.


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Do not give in to the temptation... buck-up and take your skunking like a man ;). Are you fishing around any structure or moderate water vegetation...even seeing any fish? Stop in at the local fly-shop... odds are they will have the scoop. Stick with the fly rod and figure it out.
This time of the year, fishing for largemouth at night is good. Fish a location where you know they are and use top water baits that make lots of noise and churn up the water. Then, hang on. Otherwise, stay in the dense, shaded areas with plastics on the bottom.