FS Greys Reel Rio Line

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Kyle Smith

DBA BozoKlown406
I have a well-used Greys GRXi+ reel. Works well with 4/5/6/7 lines, balances best with a 6wt. This is a cassette reel with four spools. It has been a workhorse for me. The drag is very light on the light setting, never needed more than that but it is smooth. I am only selling because I replaced it with something similar but shinier.
$45 shipped. Or 60 shipped with Rio line described below on one of the spools.

Rio Nymph line WF4F. This line is green with an orange indicator tip. Great line for roll casts and long line nymphing on smaller water. I've used it three times, so it is in great shape.
$20 shipped.

Pictures to come soon, thanks!
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