Need to reward myself with a new 3wt


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My physical therapist says I am making remarkable progress and should be able to fish again by the first of October. I am gullible enough to believe her and determined to prove her right.

I have a quiver full of 8 1/2 and 9' rods but suspect that they will still be a little more than I want to swing by that time and want to get a 7'6'' 3wt for stream fishing. The Redington CT 7'6'' 3wt looks like exactly what I need. I have several other CT's and hear rave reviews about the 8'6'' 3wt but very little about the shorter model. Any comments on this stick? It is on sale again at $99 so it certainly won't break the bank.

This will be my reward for being a good boy and doing my reps!


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Way to go, Ivan! My only Redington is a 10' CPX 8 wt, so I can't speak to the rod you referenced. My 3 wt is a TFO finesse; I can say that I like that rod. October will be here before you know it; keep healing.


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Tell me again what part of fly fishing isn't an exercise... both physically and mentally. Glad to hear you are getting well. I think you will really love the CT; October aligns with St. Joe time... just saying :D.

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I have two 3wt's one is a TFO Finesse rod that is 7'9" and another that was put together by Flybill it is a 7'6" Blank forgotten. This happens when you get over 78. They get a lot of use when the sun is warm on my back.
I paid $179.95 for the TFO. I figured it was good money spent. The other one was free. You can't beat a free rod no matter what.
I have a 2wt CT and fished it Thursday. Great little rod, especially when you factor in the cost. I don't think you'll be disappointed, pull the trigger on it.


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The CT is a great rod. I have the 8 1/2' 4 wt. When I want to do some nymphing I appreciate the length. Having had my own experiences with shoulder and back injuries I know going with a light graphite rod is the way to go when you're recovering from an injury. Of course in a 3 wt 71/2' rod fiberglass and bamboo should not feel heavy.


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Ive, I can't help you with the 7.5' 3wt CT but I absolutely love my 8' 3wt CT. I bought the 8" as it is a 6pc and I wanted it for travel and backpacking otherwise I'd have purchased the 7.5'.
Other than for spey, I fish either glass or bamboo these aging days. LCParks made a superb 3wt bamboo but has ceased production this year. If you can find one, give it a serious consideration.
I had CBarclay finish a Dennis Stone made FE Thomas "Fairy" blank for me that's a beautiful gem. His glass rods are top shelf.

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