Need to reward myself with a new 3wt


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I have a 2wt 7'6" and like it fine.
I would buy the 6pc 8' 3wt, if I found one.
My current 3wt is an older Loomis GL3 2pc, other than portability, it is wonderful.
FWIW, I do not have nor have I ever fished the CT. I do have a sage blank that was made into a rod, that is 7'9" two weight. I am not all that satisfied with the handling of the rod and am thinking of up lining it to a 3 wt. As it is, it is ok, but to my thought, it does not SING. Perhaps a line up with tune it up some.

About you recovery, I hope it is fast and complete.

Jim Wallace

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I have both the 8'6" and the 7'6" Redington CT. The 7'6" has a noticeably faster action than the 8'6". They are two different rods. I really like the way my 7'6" casts, though. I lined it with the same DT 3 wt floater I use with the 8'6" CT. I suspect that it might load up nicely at shorter ranges with a wf 4 wt line, but I haven't tried that yet.
I have just cast this rod in my yard on the grass, and am dying to go fish it.


John or "LC"
Get a 1 weight.
Actually, Ive, you might want to consider this, or a 2. The CT 3 wt. 8'6" is probably my favorite of all I have, but I love my little Orvis 1 wt. Superfine too. I have a friend with the Echo Carbon 2 wt--it's OK. I like my CT and 1 wt. a lot better. For that size I'd be looking at glass too.


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I already have a dandy 7 1/2' 2 wt that I could use, several 4 wts and enough 5 wts to finish my fly fishing career with. There isn't a 3 wt in my quiver right now though and I want to fill in that blank. Deciding which length is the issue at this point. In past trips I have driven 5-6 hours, got out of the truck and fished a 9' rod till dark. The next day I would often start off with the little 2wt and it would be a tremendous relief after swinging the long rod a day earlier.

Thinking back about how easy it was to cast the shorter rod and how much easier it was to handle around streamside brush and trees I'll probably opt for the 7 1/2' option. If some of you young guys are still fishing and pounding the banks at 76 you will no doubt notice that a lightweight fly rod doesn't feel as light as it used to. Or maybe there will be fly rods made of helium infused nano fibers by then and it won't make any difference. But for now it seems like the best way to go light is go short.

Thanks for all of your savvy inputs.



John or "LC"
Here you loud and clear on the weight. Honestly, the CT 8'6" doesn't weight anything. Really no different after a few hours than my 7'6" 1 wt.

Old Man

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What I have noticed with any fly rod is what you or anybody is using is the one. What is the cat's meow for one might not be the cat's meow for somebody else. That is why there is such a big choice of fly rods out there. When ever I got a new rod I made the choice, I never asked for a consensus here. After all it is me using it.


John or "LC"
i like it, but i do business that way. I ask anyone who will listen what they think of a business plan. I've found you learn more by asking questions than by offering opinions. I seem to do a lot of both;-).

Ed Call

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This one was on the CT 3wt. Others were taken on my tenkara. Beers in the backcountry were good. Beers at home good and colder.


John or "LC"
Ive, if you haven't made a decision, do yourself a favor and cast the Echo Glass rods. I casted the 7''6" 4 wt. yesterday and OMG. I casted it along side the Superfine and liked the Echo much better. Light, smooth, and distance if you want it. $200, but try it. I'm hooked, you may be too.