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Madam X all dressed up for a night on the town; my apologies to our friends across the pond for the name (obviously an older pattern). Original just had a red band at the leg tie-in; hot pink goes so much better with blonde hair.

hook - Dai Riki 280 #10
thread - UTC 140 Hot Pink
tail - elk bleached
body - peacock herl
head- same as tail, semi bullet-head
legs - rubber fine black

Mash down barb and attach thread at head (gap width)

cut a clump of elk hair; clean, stack and measure for length (shank + gap)

hold clump on top of hook and tie in with 2 soft loops, pull tight while holding; let it flare, don't let it spin

pull some of the butts up, take a wrap; repeat a few times (locks the hair in place)

pull butts back and wrap, creating base for head; trim butts and smooth with thread

clean, stack, measure (gap width past bend) another clump of elk

tie down, run a few wraps through the butts, then spiral up to junction with head butts; trim and smooth with thread

tie in some peacock, wrap to back of head

pull hair at head up and back over the top; tie down

add legs

whip finish, SHHAN, trim legs




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