Swap Sparse Summer Steel Swap

David Dalan

69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E
****Swap full for now. I want to start a group PM and work out timing and how many flies everyone is up to tie. May open it up for more tiers, but gonna go with the group.****

Here's my thought, each tier whips up some sparsely tied steelhead bugs. No marabou speys, bunny leeches, intruders, etc.

Anyone game? Not sure how many takers, so 8 slots to start?

Something a little different...Everyone ties two (2) flies for each other tier. 10 slots means you tie for 9 others, or 18 flies total.

1 - David Dalan -- Claret and Copper -- DONE
2 - Stilly Stalker -- Summer Stilly Spey
3 - Pat Lat -- DONE
4 - Underachiever -- DONE
5 - Matthew LaBret -- Green Butt Purple -- DONE
6 - Alexander -- DONE
7 - Golfman -- DONE
8 - Wayne Kohan -- DONE
9 - rwbailey05 -- DONE
10 - ComeOnSounders
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Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
Put me down Dalan.
Ill make sure to send them early this time so if they get fucksored by usps again you won't have to hold up the swap for the second batch. Also sturdier packaging this time. :)