Where can you buy locally tied clousers?

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
Rhetorical question.
Dropping off 4 dozen at The Avid Angler later today. Fun to tie, but now my hands hurt. Next time I'll try to tie space out my tying sessions instead of doing them all in a couple nights.
Hopefully these will help put some coho on the beach for a few people out there.
Im calling them the SF beach clouser. Get em while they're hot.


Future WFF Mod
I might have to grab some pink ones today. I got some of these flies from Pat a few weeks ago. They are very well tied, they don't fall apart and fish great.

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
Nice. It looks like they come hookless? What did you use for the stinger loops?
Yeah they are hookless for now unless Ryan at avid wants me to add them, then they will be with standard owner 2's. I figure most people like different size and style hooks.
I tie them on SS waddingtons (backwards so the stinger loop comes off the back straight.) to make up for it, that way if you pop the 25lb p line the fly isn't ruined, you can just clinch knot a new hook on, or there's also a way to attach a new stinger hook as a loop to loop. Ill show the guys at avid and they can show customers.And the flies are friggin bomb proof, i almost always replace the hook multiple times in an outing before the fly/stinger is torn up.
Also the mono thread head and bucktail under the eyes is coated with hydro tack free uv resin.

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