Where can you buy locally tied clousers?


Indi "Ira" Jones
No but you can't dismantle a clipped hook and re tie something else on it. Plus the eyes stay in place better

I really like the looks of these shanks and then you don't have to worry about cutting the hook after the tie. How do you put them in the vise?
First of all, Pat, great ties! I picked mine up this morning at Avid.
If you are going to do more, you and Ryan might want to go with some with the hook on. Saw a customer walk away from buying a 1/2 dozen or so because he had trouble mounting a #2 hook. On the other hand, you'll sell them all anyway. Beautiful.

Thanks for tying them up!

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
Yeah we talked about that, my thinking was that the flies will definately out last the trailer hooks, so its might be easier to just sell 4 flies w/o hooks at the lower price and they can just buy a pack of owner 2s which is the hook I favor as they are fairly heavy wire.
Also in the hopes of making these extra sturdy for a first batch, I put 25lb p-line as the loop which worked for those hooks when I tested them, but I guess I can go down to 20 or 15lb if its difficult for some, after all it is replaceable, and maybe that would allow for a better range of hooks.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like them.
Pat, personally, I like the 25# loop. And I like being able to change the hook out. That probably tells you something about my backcast.
Keep them coming...


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One trick is to use thinner mono to pull the stinger loop through. Thread the mono backwards through the hook eye, throught he stringer loop, back through the hook eye, and pull. I've added a really crappy illustration incase someone hasn't seen this trick before. Easier to pull a rope than push a rope!

That said, I'd probably include the flies with a hook to start with but that's just me.