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A little Gink and a couple false casts will keep this thing on top all day long.

hook - Dai Riki 320 #16
thread - UTC 70 tan
abdomen - dubbing tan
rib - Krystal Flash pearl
thorax - dubbing tan
underwing - Congo Hair tan
overwing - Congo Hair white
legs - rubber fine barred tan (Krystal Flash would be cool, too)

Mash down barb, attach thread at head and wrap back gap width

tie in white CH, trim butts

repeat with tan

tie in rib, wrap back to bend

dub thread, dub abdomen (take a few wraps behind ribbing) up to wing butts

rib abdomen, tie off

dub thorax; finish where you started

pull underwing back, tie down

repeat with overwing

tie in legs; whip finish, SHHAN

trim legs and wings


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