NFR So you want to hunt hawgs...

Vladimir Steblina

Retired fishing instead of working

My California Hawg Hunting story....

Eastman Lake has plenty of wildlife. Though we were there at 1:00pm we saw a coyote loping along the ridgeline just south of the trailhead. At the trailhead, we noticed the posting for keeping an eye out for the "resident" mountain lion. And less than a 1/4 mile down the trail we heard a loud noise in the draw. Suddenly, three pig sows complete with litters burst out of the draw and up the hillside. Now, Bugaboo took one look at the 300 pound pigs and just watched from the trail. Snowpatch on the other hand, had them on the run! All ten pounds of him raced up the hillside trailing the sows and their 20 pound piglets.

An English vet study on the death of dogs listed cancer and heart disease as the leading causes of death in large dogs. For small dogs it was trauma. As we watched him race up the hillside, we realized that he just might end up in that statistical category at under one year of age. Fortunately, he turned around before the pigs realized just how small he really was!! A dog trapped in a lapdogs body.